Southeast Pennsylvania Merged Branch
Item to the October 2019 Postal Record

Eric K. Jackson, Branch 725 Scribe

Sometimes we must look in the mirror. That time is now!  The NALC is in negotiations for your next
contract. That fight looks to be a long and arduous one. But at the same time, Postal Management has
made their intentions very clear (discipline).

Some of our offices are up for inspection. Les Dillman is running training for EVERY office that will be
inspected. He invites any carrier to attend (even if your office is not inspected). This training has resulted
in great benefit to our branch. The numbers bare out that people who attend these trainings do better
during the actual inspections.

Attendance and safety have been our Achilles heel lately. While most of you do such a great job with these
issues, we are in a “crisis” mode! And we are asking our family to look out for one another. One of the best
forms of love is touch love! We must put out the word that we are not holding up our end of the bargain.
The result has been our brethren losing their jobs for attendance, and so many more being “taken off the
clock’ (yes that means fired until we can hopefully get them back) for safety (i.e. earbuds, no seatbelts, etc.).

The district has been out and pulling people off the clock for being out of uniform, wrong footwear, etc.
Yes, they are sending a message! But being a proud letter carrier encompasses all those things. We
should look professional, act professional, and work safely. And we damn sure never condone carriers
doing embarrassing things like throwing away mail! We are proud, professionals who are the best at what
we do. Let’s keep OUR standards high. And while management sucks, we can’t let their inferiority
permeate our family.

#TakeControlOfOurDestiny          #EachOneTeachOne

Eric Jackson, Branch 725   
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Kids are going back to school.  The weather will be changing.  A lot
of different hazards to be aware of.  Stay focused on safety and
those changes.
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Rhonda Massari

November 6, 2019

Thank You Veterans!

I just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge our Veterans and to publicly thank those who sacrificed
so much so that we all can live in peace and security.  
We so often take your sacrifice for granted. Thank you for your sacrifice! Thank you for your Bravery!  
Thank you for your Service!.
To all who have served, past and present, Happy Veteran's Day!

August 30, 2019

Retirements - Upper Darby Office

Celebrating the retirements of Bill Staiber,Jay Staiber and Carl Washington of the Upper Darby Post Office,
was highlighted by the love and affection shown toward these three long time Letter Carriers. The
celebration was filled with well wishes and kind words by all, but most notability by Dan Staiber, brother of
Bill and Jay. The event was filled with laughter and some tears. It was truly an honor to celebrate with the
employees of the Upper Darby Post Office.  The District Manager Judy Herrick,  POOM Danielle Candelora
along with former Postmaster  Joe Sheehan were present to share in the celebration.  Former NALC
Branch 725 President Jim McCullough, and Stewards past and present, Steve Grassi, Karen McPoyle and
Ellen Tarasca helped with the presentation of the NALC watch.  The watch is given as a token of  
appreciation for many years of Union membership. Please join me in Congratulating Bill, Jay
and Carl on their retirement and in wishing them a very Long, Happy, and Healthy retirement.

Photos left to right

Bill Staiber, Jay Staiber, Carl Washington

Retired Postal Workers Bill,Jay and Carl
Goodbye Tension...
Hello Pension!!!

Not only did Jay retire today, he was presented with a Million Mile Award highlighting more than 30 years
of accident free Driving. Congratulations Jay!  So
proud of your accomplishment!

July 24, 2019

Action Needed

Please phone your member of congress TODAY and ask them to COSPONSOR HR 2382 and
repeal the Prefunding Mandate.  

You can do so by dialing
202-224-3121 and ask for your congressperson by name.  

This is vital.
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Lansdowne / Springfield Office
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Upper Darby

West Chester
Retiree Bob Zigmont at Independence
Mall Rally of Federal Employees that
want to go back to end the
Government shutdown and get back to
work and those working without pay.

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October 24, 2019

Breakfast Was Served In Glenolden

Andy Kearney - Webmaster

Today the employees of the Glenolden Post Office were served breakfast by District Manager Judy Herrick
in appreciation of their office going accident free for a full year.   That is a tremendous achievement
and worthy of the recognition .  Well done Glenolden!
Chester Mail Carrier Larry Elliot's
Final Salute