Southeast Pennsylvania Merged Branch
Item to the March 2017 Postal Record

Eric K. Jackson, Branch 725 Scribe

Why? What is the reason that we all do WHAT we do? The company seems to drain us with all their daily BS. But
it seems to deter us from our main reason for working.

In the recent past I had the privilege of attending retiree parties for two carriers (Mr. Jerry O’Neill and Mr. Nick
Citrone). These small get togethers were more than just an acknowledgement of them finishing their postal
careers but an affirmation of the friendship and fellowship that we enjoyed along the way.

The other side of the coin is the CCAs. They are young and finding their way through this vast culture of the
PO. But if you talk to them and LISTEN, you will harken back to when you started your journey and the lasting
implications that have made you who you are. The members have families, health issues, funerals, doctor
appointments just like we do. They often ask questions about buying a house etc. Wow, it warms the heart.
They will progress, grow their families and become the senior carriers in their office one day. That is why we
are obligated to nurture them and give them the same tough love that we got when we started. It’s THIS
bonding that we celebrate at the retirement parties.

At a time when the PO pays so much money to send out surveys that ACT like they are concerned about our
wants and needs, their actions show differently. They now, customarily use PDIs as a discipline tool rather than
an investigatory process. Years ago, they would have “discussions” to get simple information. Okay, no
problem. Now, the pressure is overtly, very intimidating to our brethren.  
Know your value. Carriers are the most important cog in the postal wheel!!!
Together we stand…
Eric Jackson, Branch  725
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January 28, 2017

Branch 725 Steward workshop Tuesday February 7, 2016 @ 7:00 PM

All stewards are encouraged to attend this workshop that will focus on the Dispute Resolution
Process. (DRP)  We will have a sign-up sheet at our next meeting on February 1st for those that have
not signed up.  Stewards can also contact President Rhonda Massari @ 610-461-8333.  

The focus on this workshop will begin with the ins and outs of the Pre-Disciplinary Interview (PDI) and
will carry through each step of the DRP process.  This training will be designed to answer any
questions or concerns that our Shop Stewards have regarding the grievance process.  We will have a
wealth of
knowledge on our panel to include President Massari, Vice-President Les Dillman, Recording
Secretary Rick Murphy, Marcus Hook Shop Steward Belinda Tridente and myself to answer all
questions and address any area of concern that stewards may have.  I look forward to seeing you on
February 7th.

Joe Pease,
Branch 725

March 18, 2017

Legislative Update From National

House committee advances two postal reform bills

On March 16, the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform approved the Postal Reform
Act of 2017 (H.R. 756) and the Postal Service Financial Improvement Act of 2017 (H.R. 760).

Click here to read more.

White House releases FY2018 budget request outline

The White House has released its Fiscal Year 2018 “Budget Blueprint to Make America Great Again.”

Click here to read more.

House to consider repeal, replacement of ACA

The House of Representatives has introduced the American Health Care Reform Act of 2017.

Click here to read more.

Social Security Fairness Act reintroduced in House

The Social Security Fairness Act of 2015 would repeal the Government Pension Offset (GPO) and the
Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP) titles of the Social Security Act.

Click here to read more.

‘Official time’ bills introduced in House, cleared in committee

Two pieces of legislation regarding the use of official time were introduced and passed by the House
Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

Click here to read more.
Center City Philly letter bomb
victim speaks out
2 postal workers indicted in
marijuana distribution ring in
West Philadelphia

The President's Report
Rhonda Massari

March 28, 2017

Million Mile Awards Clifton Heights Office

They say you can never go home again, but I disagree!  I was very proud to return to my home station
Clifton Heights to celebrate Million Mile Awards for Bill Grazel, Mike Klick and Dave Press. I would like to
congratulate each one of them for reaching this milestone. Thank you for being an example to all letter
carriers by driving safe for over 30 years!  Congratulations!!

Left to right : Postmaster Mark Glenn, Million Mile award winners Bill Grazel, Dave Press and Mike Klick,
with Shop Steward Colleen Haynes and supervisor Dan Grady

Million Mile Award Recipients

Bill Grazel, Mike Klick and Dave Press     Dave Press and Mark Glenn

  Bill Grazel and Mark Glenn                 Mark Glenn with Mike Klick

February 10, 2017

Thaddeus Harris Retirement - West Chester Office

It was my pleasure to welcome Thaddeus Harris of the West Chester post office to the February
meeting to celebrate his retirement after 31 years.  On behalf of his Brothers and Sisters of Branch 725
we congratulate Thaddeus and wish him well in his retirement.

February 9, 2017

Goundhog Day Breakfast

Thanks to the Carriers of the Media Post Office for hosting the first Groundhog Day Celebration and
NALC Branch 725 Scholarship Fund Fundraiser.  What a great testament to those who participated in
the early morning hours before clocking in to work.  We had a great turnout and a great time.  
Unfortunately, Punxsutawney Phil predicted 6 more weeks of winter. ​Special thanks to Matt Heavens
for putting together this awesome event.  Same time next year??

April 19, 2016

Director of Route Inspection: Les Dillman
Vice President Branch 725


I thought we were done with the fss adjustments but here we go again. I want to remind everyone that
fss is a management program and not endorsed by the NALC.  The review process however is.  How
fss has worked in the past is management would select a period and add up all of your case able flats
and come up with a percentage that was going to be placed on the machine. They would then make
adjustments in the offices off of these numbers. After 60 days you would review the office and if
changes were need they would be made at this time. This time around management will implement fss
with no changes being made and in 30 days review the office. If changes are required they will be
made at this time. Once the changes are made and implemented than your 60 day
review will begin.


We are finishing up our reviews in our last couple of offices. Once again CDRAPP was very good for
our letter carriers in our district. Newtown Square originally was receiving one full time route and a
aux. Through the review it was determined that the aux will now become a full time position and this
would also create another Q2 position. Hats off to the letter carriers in Wayne they did a nice job
during their review period maintaining their street time. We will be doing some minor changes to
territory in Wayne.

February 20, 2017

Branch 725 Newsletter
Andy Kearney - Webmaster

Retirees Fighting For Our Jobs

I got this picture of Retiree Bob Zigmont protesting outside Senator Tommey's office in Philadelphia
February 7th for economic equality and Union rights.  I want to thank Bob and others like him for not
turning their backs on us after retirement.  Tommy Mullin and Bill Mellon represent us well when asked
to show up at a rally or write letters to the editor about the misinformation the public receives about us
or unions in general.  There are more like them and I am sorry if I didn't mention your names.   But, we
all appreciate your efforts and making the rallys we can't attend.  Too often these rallys are scheduled
on Saturdays which is a regular work day for us.  Other Unions don't have that problem and can get
more of their people to attend since they are not working that day.  We depend on our Retirees to
show we are just as concerned as they are and an important part of the AFL-CIO.  Thank you all for
doing that.  And I hope more Retirees join your ranks.  I know I will be once I retire following your
Neighbor Steals Mail, Then
Steals $10k
Man tracks package thieves
down to get his stuff back
Video Captures Mail Carrier
Running Over Trash Bins
Postal Worker Shot At After
Startling Would-Be Burglars
PA Online Voter Registration

January 9, 2016

Gerry Gallagher

Health Plan / MBA Director

NALC Mutual Benefit Association Rates for 2017

MBA Retirement Savings Policy

Current rate for 2017 is 3.25%

If you had the policy before 2015 your rate for 2017 is 3.50%

If you had the policy before 2000 your rate for 2017 is 4.50%

All things considered these rates continue to exceed the
interest rates offered by most if not all financial institutions.
Law Enforcement Can Track
Your Mail