Southeast Pennsylvania Merged Branch
Item to the August 2016 Postal Record
Eric K. Jackson, Branch 725 Scribe

August 2016

Happy summer to the best workforce in the world. I don’t say this in jest. I fervently mean it!  Sometimes we
tend to forget our self-worth. And we as carriers are the best of the best. This is particularly important in
light of how our company tends to exhibit bi-polar tendencies in how they deal with us. So, instead of
focusing on them, I still say we have to encourage each other.  Recently, our district management had
some national training. That person was dumbfounded on how they did business. One point was why they
needed to have those bullying telecoms. But those very same abusive telecoms are being held daily. A
recent point was made to “treat the CCAs with dignity and respect”.   But in the next breath, the manager
blasted one of the postmasters for speaking up for his carriers. Now, postmasters are told to “come down
hard up to and including removal” on carriers. They are ordered to walk at least two routes a week and do
daily street observations. Is this not “unbalanced behavior”?  One thing they fail to understand is that we
have a great union. And we won’t back down!  Personally, I am tired of their threats, putdowns, and lack of
empathy during the most trying times of the year. Not only the heat, but primetime vacations present
challenges to us all. But we endure  and all we hear is their bitching. So, bring it on! It will only make us
better at avoiding you clowns in your air-conditioned vehicles. We don’t have a choice BUT to be out there.
So, get up  off your lazy butts and come see us or treat us as the MVPs of this company that we are.

Letter carriers will always adapt and prosper. UNITY!

Eric Jackson, Branch 725  
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August 23, 2016

2016 NALC 70th Biannual Convention
Director Of Education
Joe Pease

Solidarity in Action was the theme for our 2016 NALC National Convention in Los Angeles Ca. last week.  It
was a great honor for me to be among the nearly 5,500 delegates gathered at the Los Angeles Convention
Center.  The convention week started with a major outdoor meet and greet outside of the convention
center on Sunday night.  There was plenty of food, drink and games as the delegates and their families had
an opportunity to say hello.  On Monday morning NALC President Fred Rolando asked the delegates to
look around the hall during his keynote address. ““Every union is like a family,” he said.”  “Families often
have disagreements.  We may disagree with each other from time to time, but we are one.  We are family.  
We are a Union.  We are the NALC.  “While the NALC has real adversaries in postal management, in
Congress and in the media” he said, “you have no enemies in here.”  “The President said that one of his
goals is to take this convention’s theme- “Solidarity in Action”- and use it to develop ways to improve the
lives of America’s Letter Carriers.”  President Rolando’s keynote address was the beginning of a fantastic
week for all of the delegates to come together as one united family.  The week was filled with a diverse
group of speakers such as members of Congress State Rep Maxine Waters (D-CA), Loretta Sanchez (D-
CA), Judy Chen (D-CA) and David Joyce (R-OH).  There were more speeches by key Union leaders such as
Richard Trumka, President of the AFL-CIO, Cecil Roberts, President of the United Mine Workers
Association, Mark Dimondstein, President of the APWU, and others including Chrystine Neff of the United
Food and Commercial Workers Int’l and UNI Global Union Secretary Phillip Jennings which represents
employees in 150 countries and other international organizations including the NALC.  There were many
other speakers all united with the NALC in our quest to represent and stand with all of our Sisters and
Brothers of the NALC.

I feel an enormous sense of pride while standing shoulder to shoulder with my Brothers and Sisters of the
NALC.  The NALC does an excellent job in providing education as well as historical information of our
great Union.  The classes and workshops are the backbone as to why we are able to stay united and
continue the fight for the strongest Postal Service possible.  The diversity of workshops and classes range
from City Delivery, Contract Administration Unit, OWCP, negotiating techniques, retirement, Thrift Savings
Plan, Dignity and Respect and many more.  NALC Officers and staff along with outside experts, present
more than 40 workshops over the convention week.  There is always so much to learn and the NALC
provides the resources for all of the delegates to be educated which allows us to pass the information on
to all the members.  There is also a new app available for IPhone and Android phones so that we can have
all necessary information at our fingertips.

There is so much emotion swirling around the convention hall as the speeches are made and the business
of the convention is conducted.  There are videos of heroic carriers and also the history of our great
Union.  We had an opportunity to salute Executive Vice President Timothy O’Malley a fond farewell as he
announced his retirement from the Executive Board.  We also saw a glimpse of the future when Allentown,
PA Branch 274 Letter Carrier Jason Nelson, a former CCA and Marine Corps Veteran gave a powerful
speech about the sense of brotherhood and comradery he felt as being part of this convention.
Brothers and Sisters we are all a key ingredient as to why the NALC is one of the strongest Unions in
America.  We can feel a great sense of pride in knowing that if one of us falls, there will be one of us to pick
you up.  Thank you to Branch 725 for affording me the opportunity to serve as a delegate to the 2016 NALC
National Convention.

Joe Pease,
Branch 725

July 9, 2016

Legislative Update From National

NALC comments on House committee’s draft postal bill

On June 15, following release of a discussion draft of the Postal Service Reform Act of 2016, the House
Committee on Oversight and Government Reform asked postal stakeholders—NALC among them—to
submit comments to gauge support for the measure.

Click here to read more.

House passes spending bill maintaining six-day provision

The House has voted 239-185 to approve a $21.7 billion Fiscal Year 2017 Financial Services and General
Government spending package. In another major victory for the NALC, the measure preserved
longstanding language continuing six-day mail delivery.

Click here to read more.

Veterans related news:

House spending bill would increase spending for veterans programs. More…

Senate votes to limit veterans’ preference in federal hiring. More…

Congress invests in suicide prevention for female veterans. More…
America's letter carriers:
Letter carriers: Delivering

The President's Report
Rhonda Massari

July 27, 2016


The PA State Convention will be held on October 27-29, 2016 in State College PA.  Any delegate wishing to
attend should call the Union office at 610-461-8333 to notify us of your commitment to attend.    If you have
any question or comments, please call the office.

Thank You!


For the first time in 12 years, CAREER Letter Carriers will have the opportunity to enroll or increase their
coverage in the Federal Employees Group Life Insurance (FEGLI) without taking a physical exam or waiting
for a ‘qualifying life event”.   Please take this opportunity to assess your family’s needs and take advantage
of this rare event. Open season is September 1, 2016 and runs through September 30, 2016.  For more
information, please go to or call the Union office.

Rhonda Massari

The President's Report
by Rhonda Massari

July 14, 2016        


Today marked a very special day for the members of Branch 725.  We are now the proud owners of our
very own Union Hall!  Settlement was made on the property at 613-617 W MacDade Blvd Milmont Park, Pa
19033. The renovations will begin very soon. Our plan is to have all the work done and moved in to our new
space by September 1, 2016.  The September meeting will still be held at the Cheese Club in Havertown
and the Retiree Luncheon will still be held at the Lamb Tavern on Sept 15, 2016 at 12 noon. We will begin
our regular monthly meetings at the new Union Hall beginning Wednesday October 5, 2016. Stay tuned for
updates along with pictures of the progress made.   I would like to personally thank all who worked so hard
and displayed such an amazing positive vision to make all this possible. To the Executive Board, thank
you for seeing the vision and supporting our goals with a steadfast devotion.  A special thank you to Eric
Jackson who went above and beyond to make sure the financials were in order and for coordinating the
communication between the realtors, lawyers and the members of the committee. To the Facilities
committee, Chairperson Belinda Tridente, Gerry Gallagher, Rick Murphy, Tim Grover, Gary Smith, Bill
Mellon, Les Dillman and Eric Jackson, thank you for the hours and hours of tedious work pouring over
listings, giving of your time after a long hard day of delivering the mail to look at the many properties and
finally finding our new home!!  Words cannot express the gratitude and appreciation for the work you did
for your brothers and sisters of Branch 725. Finally, thank YOU, the members of NALC Branch 725 for your
continued support. Without it, none of this would have been possible.
"Don't wait for the  PERFECT MOMENT, take the moment and make it PERFECT"!!

Rhonda Massari
April 19, 2016

Director of Route Inspection: Les Dillman
Vice President Branch 725


I thought we were done with the fss adjustments but here we go again. I want to remind everyone that fss
is a management program and not endorsed by the NALC.  The review process however is.
How fss has worked in the past is management would select a period and add up all of your case able
flats and come up with a percentage that was going to be placed on the machine. They would
then make adjustments in the offices off of these numbers. After 60 days you would review the office and
if changes were need they would be made at this time. This time around management will
implement fss with no changes being made and in 30 days review the office. If changes are required they
will be made at this time. Once the changes are made and implemented than your 60 day
review will begin.


We are finishing up our reviews in our last couple of offices. Once again CDRAPP was very good for our
letter carriers in our district. Newtown Square originally was receiving one full time route and
a aux. Through the review it was determined that the aux will now become a full time position and this
would also create another Q2 position. Hats off to the letter carriers in Wayne they did a nice
job during their review period maintaining their street time. We will be doing some minor changes to
territory in Wayne.
Branch 725 Newsletter
Andy Kearney

July 18, 2016

2nd Annual Branch 725  Phillies Outing

My wife and I had the pleasure of attending the Phillies outing yesterday.  Everyone had a great time.  
Thanks to Colleen Haynes, Steve Curry and Joe Pease for all their hard work organizing this event and
making it happen.  A special shout out to Ryan Anderson who was the grill master for most of the day.  
There were many others who jumped in to help and ensure that this day was a success.  That is what I
love about this branch.  You don't have to ask people to get involved.  They just do.  It was a time for us to
sit down and just talk about families, vacation plans and sharing personal thoughts.  We are a family and
sometimes it seems like a dysfunctional one but events like this help to bring us closer together.  I
encourage everyone to take advantage of these outings.  You won't be disappointed.

For more photos of this event
click here and look at the smiles.  That says it all.  
America's letter carriers:
Delivering COURAGE
AFL-CIO President Richard
Trumka at convention in LA 2016
Letter Carriers: Delivering
Letter carriers: Delivering
Cecil Roberts, UMWA President at
LA Convention