Office Bowling Night
Office Christmas Party
December 27, 2014

Good time had by all.
Jammie Ward Never Looked better
MLK Day 2015
Jammie Ward Celebrating the holiday with Dave Press and
Tim Grover and John Powell at Chima Philadelphia.
Who said Neil doesn't like to have fun?
Lunch with the guys May 2013
at Joe's Crab Shack in Bala Cynwyd
MDA Benefit
April 11, 2015
Crabs and beer for breakfast
Rick Conner's Retirement party July 4,2015 with Clifton Heights Employees
Tim's 50th Birthday
Fred Makes Regular
Brian Makes Regular
Some think Jamie wrote this

March 8, 2019

Rhonda Massari Retirement - Clifton Heights Office

Andy Kearney - Director Of Retirees

Congrats to President Rhonda Massari on her retirement from the Postal Service after 30 years and 1
month. I would say enjoy your retirement to most people but Rhonda will still be our full time President.  
While she will be still be dealing with Postal Management and their treatment of Carriers, she will never
have to be on the receiving end.  I guess she can enjoy that much.  Thanks to Clifton Heights Shop
Steward and Branch Trustee Colleen Haynes for the photos.