The Director of Education's
Joe Pease

January 31, 2019

Branch 725 Shop Steward Training Tuesday February 12, 2019 @ 7:30 PM

All Shop Stewards are encouraged to attend this training session that will focus on the Dispute Resolution Process. (DRP)  We will have a sign-up
sheet at our next meeting on February 6th.  Stewards can also contact President Rhonda Massari @ 610-461-8333 or Joe Pease @ 610-724-2144.
I would like to thank you all for taking on the job of NALC Shop Steward.  We all appreciate the effort and the dedication it takes to represent your
brothers and sisters.  The Shop Steward’s job is difficult and demanding, this training will aid you in understanding the Dispute resolution

The focus on this training will begin with the ins and outs of the Pre-Disciplinary Interview (PDI) and will carry through each step of the DRP.  This
training will be designed to answer any questions or concerns that our Shop Stewards have regarding the grievance process.
I look forward to seeing you on February 12th.

Thank you.
Joe Pease

January 28, 2017

Branch 725 Steward workshop Tuesday February 7, 2016 @ 7:00 PM

All stewards are encouraged to attend this workshop that will focus on the Dispute Resolution Process. (DRP)  We will have a sign-up sheet at
our next meeting on February 1st for those that have not signed up.  Stewards can also contact President Rhonda Massari @ 610-461-8333.  

The focus on this workshop will begin with the ins and outs of the Pre-Disciplinary Interview (PDI) and will carry through each step of the DRP
process.  This training will be designed to answer any questions or concerns that our Shop Stewards have regarding the grievance process.  We
will have a wealth of knowledge on our panel to include President Massari, Vice-President Les Dillman, Recording Secretary Rick Murphy, Marcus
Hook Shop Steward Belinda Tridente and myself to answer all questions and address any area of concern that stewards may have.  I look
forward to seeing you on February 7th.

August 23, 2016

2016 NALC 70th Biannual Convention

Solidarity in Action was the theme for our 2016 NALC National Convention in Los Angeles Ca. last week.  It was a great honor for me to be among
the nearly 5,500 delegates gathered at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

The convention week started with a major outdoor meet and greet outside of the convention center on Sunday night.  There was plenty of food,
drink and games as the delegates and their families had an opportunity to say hello.

On Monday morning NALC President Fred Rolando asked the delegates to look around the hall during his keynote address. “Every union is like a
family,” he said. “Families often have disagreements.  We may disagree with each other from time to time, but we are one.  We are family.  We are a
Union.  We are the NALC.

“While the NALC has real adversaries in postal management, in Congress and in the media” he said, “you have no enemies in here.”  “The
President said that one of his goals is to take this convention’s theme- “Solidarity in Action”- and use it to develop ways to improve the lives of
America’s Letter Carriers.”

President Rolando’s keynote address was the beginning of a fantastic week for all of the delegates to come together as one united family.  The
week was filled with a diverse group of speakers such as members of Congress State Rep Maxine Waters (D-CA), Loretta Sanchez (D-CA), Judy
Chen (D-CA) and David Joyce (R-OH).  There were more speeches by key Union leaders such as Richard Trumka, President of the AFL-CIO, Cecil
Roberts, President of the United Mine Workers Association, Mark Dimondstein, President of the APWU, and others including Chrystine Neff of the
United Food and Commercial Workers Int’l and UNI Global Union Secretary Phillip Jennings which represents employees in 150 countries and
other international organizations including the NALC.  There were many other speakers all united with the NALC in our quest to represent and
stand with all of our Sisters and Brothers of the NALC.

I feel an enormous sense of pride while standing shoulder to shoulder with my Brothers and Sisters of the NALC.  The NALC does an excellent
job in providing education as well as historical information of our great Union.  The classes and workshops are the backbone as to why we are
able to stay united and continue the fight for the strongest Postal Service possible.  The diversity of workshops and classes range from City
Delivery, Contract Administration Unit, OWCP, negotiating techniques, retirement, Thrift Savings Plan, Dignity and Respect and many more.  
NALC Officers and staff along with outside experts, present more than 40 workshops over the convention week.  There is always so much to
learn and the NALC provides the resources for all of the delegates to be educated which allows us to pass the information on to all the members.  
There is also a new app available for IPhone and Android phones so that we can have all necessary information at our fingertips.

There is so much emotion swirling around the convention hall as the speeches are made and the business of the convention is conducted.  There
are videos of heroic carriers and also the history of our great Union.  We had an opportunity to salute Executive Vice President Timothy O’Malley a
fond farewell as he announced his retirement from the Executive Board.  We also saw a glimpse of the future when Allentown, PA Branch 274
Letter Carrier Jason Nelson, a former CCA and Marine Corps Veteran gave a powerful speech about the sense of brotherhood and comradery he
felt as being part of this convention.
Brothers and Sisters we are all a key ingredient as to why the NALC is one of the strongest Unions in America.  We can feel a great sense of pride
in knowing that if one of us falls, there will be one of us to pick you up.  Thank you to Branch 725 for affording me the opportunity to serve as a
delegate to the 2016 NALC
National Convention.


January 18, 2016

Let me start off by thanking the members of Branch 725 and President Rhonda Massari for allowing myself and Rick Murphy to attend the NALC
Advanced Formal A and Beyond Training last week at the Maritime Institute in Linthicum MD.    The training was very intense with some very
interesting and useful information.  The training was led by National Vice President Lew Drass along with 4 Regional Administrative Assistants
from across the country.   The training started by teaching us how effective writing can help with the statements that we use to back up our facts
and contentions is very critical in filing a strong grievance.  We were taught how to look at each grievance from both the Union and management
point of view.  This will help us protect our brothers and sisters from management when we are under attack.  The knowledge that we received
will be used in our drop in steward workshops on Thursday nights.  I look forward to Thursday night training and thank you Rhonda for putting
the program in place.

January 3, 2016

I would like to take this opportunity to thank President Jim McCullough for helping me learn the ins and outs of being an effective Shop Steward.  I
wish President McCullough the best of luck in going forward into retirement.  We will continue the fight that he taught us all to protect each other
in each and every office.

Brothers and sisters the new year brings us an opportunity to grow as a union.  We will all work together to make sure that each and every Letter
Carrier is protected and treated with the dignity and respect that we all deserve. We will introduce a new form of training at the meeting on
January 6th at the Cheese Club in Havertown.  The training will be called the Steward’s Workshop and will take place on select Thursday
evenings at the Union office in Holmes PA.  Steward’s workshop will be open to all Shop Stewards of every level of experience.  We will all work
together to make sure that every office is protected in the Branch 725 family.  More details will be given at the next meeting.  Thank you for the
opportunity to serve as Director of Education.

In solidarity,

Joe Pease