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July 20, 2017

3rd Annual Phillies Outing

Steve Curry - Events Committee Member & Wayne Office Shop Steward

On Sunday July 9th branch 725 held its 3rd annual Phillies tailgate and game. We were blessed with great weather. Each year it gets bigger, we had around 30 more people then last year. Kids of all ages had a great
time playing, beanbags, ring toss , wiffle ball and other yard games, and of course eating those burgers and dogs. On top of it being a great day with awesome people we raised over $900 for our branches
scholarship fund. I want to thank Colleen Haynes and her team for all of there hard work getting there early to set up tents and cooking the food so it was ready when we got there. The Fightins actually won and the
kids got a nice windbreaker. Looking forward to seeing everyone again next year, and hope to see more members and their families next year.

July 27, 2017

Newest Member Of The Last Punch Bunch - Richard Davis - Bala Office

Andy Kearney - Webmaster

Congrats to Richard Davis on his retirement from the Postal Service.  May you have many years of enjoying it.  Your experience and dedication to the job will be missed.

August 8, 2017

Customer Connect Breakfast in West Chester

Beth Lloyd - Shop Steward, West Chester Office

West Chester carrier Jim Lyle submitted a lead to Customer Connect that generated over $700,000 in annual revenue. District Manager Chu Falling Star and other customer connect representatives served
breakfast to the West Chester carriers to show appreciation for the lead.

August 23, 2017

Wage Increase Update

Andy Kearney - Webmaster

Finally they have announced when we should see the changes to our pay and the dates we should expect them.  The back pay is still being worked on and we need to be patient with that.  It is a lot of work since
they have to figure out each Carrier 's pay differently.  There are OT hours, CCA issues etc. that have to be calculated  before processing the payments out to us.  You don't have to ask the Steward or anyone else
when this will happen.  When we know, you will know.  We don't know the exact date yet but it will be announced soon.   Just relax and know it is coming.  I am proud of our Union in getting us this contract and it
just goes to show you that collective bargaining and working with each other to get a good contract is better then going to an arbitrator.  Keep fighting for your rights to collective bargaining.  People will always
say it could have been better but don't understand it could have also been a hell of a lot worse as well.

For more see this at
Wage Increase Update

November 2, 2017

Margaret Polite Retirement - Chester Office

Andy Kearney - Webmaster

Last night at our General Meeting President Rhonda Massari had the honor of awarding Margaret Polite with her watch in recognition of her retirement.  Margaret has been active in this Local for a long time and still
remains active after her retirement attending Union meetings and encouraging all our members to vote and use their voice to get members of Congress to understand the needs of all Postal Workers and Union
members as a whole.  She also goes to Capital Hill every year for the Congressional breakfast to show support for those ideals.  Margaret mentioned in getting the watch from Rhonda that it was special to her
because Rhonda had the Route next to hers.  They where from different Offices, she was from the Springfield Office and Rhonda from the Clifton Heights Office,  but met each other from time to time.  Rhonda was
the one who encouraged her to get to Union meetings and get more involved.  The rest is history.  While we celebrate her retirement we know that Margaret will still be around to be that voice of reason and
encourage our members to get out and vote and make the Public aware of what Congress is trying to do to the Postal Service and what the Customer expects from it.  And we are not just a better Local but a better
Union because of the efforts of people like Margaret.

January 12, 2018

Million Mile Awards - Media Office

Andy Kearney - Webmaster

Letter Carriers Mike Neuman, Alexander Georges, Douglas A. Linker, Joseph F. McWilliams, Robert H. Westbrook, Michael M. Bradley, Tim J. Griest, Mark J. Sharkey and Richard P. Wagner were recognized
for having 30 years without a vehicle accident this week in Media.  Congrats on such a tremendous feat.  With all the conditions you face on the roads on a daily basis it is something to be really proud of.

Click Here To Watch the Video

February 24, 2018

Day Of Action In Philly

Andy Kearney - Webmaster

Thanks to all who attended the National Day of Action  in Philly.  Especially two of my mentors while I was a CDL.  Our own Bob Zigmont and Clay Smith from Philly Branch 157.  Andrea Goodwin from Branch
2572 was also there.  I worked very closely with all of these people and their dedication to Unions and their protection is embedded in their hearts and minds.  It doesn't surprise me that these people were there
today.  They are fighting for Union rights on a daily basis.  Strong hearts and minds and determined to see that Unions are there for those that come after them so that people might have a decent working
environment in the future.  Thanks for your efforts and you have shown us all that the fight never stops.  We need to protect our jobs and retirement benefits we worked so hard for and make sure those same
benefits are there for those that come behind us.

March 11, 2018


By Eric K. Jackson. Branch 725 Treasurer & Scribe

For many of our members, the thoughts about how the union works and who is who, is secondary to them getting the service when they need it. That service is the main function of the NALC. But to get to that
excellent service to our beloved membership the NALC is constantly training and communicating to serve to needs of the membership.
The National office directly gives training and communication through the rap sessions. Each region puts their best foot forward to get the message out to the leadership that attends. Region 12 consists of all
NALC members from the state of Pennsylvania, and central and south New Jersey. State officers from both states attend as well as all stewards and branch leaders.
A big thank you should always go out to all that attend because they use their own annual leave to attend and usually only receive per diem (for meals and incidentals) to attend. That is quite a sacrifice that not all
leaders can make.

But the primary function of the Regional Rap Session is training. This year, under the new leadership of NALC Region 12 Business Agent David Napadano, the training was increased. Another day was added,
and a Sunday class was added. That net two more days of training. This allowed leaders to attend more classes as some of the classes were repeated.
Along with the individual classes, a general session is held with the keynote speaker being a national executive board member if not the NALC National President. This year, NALC national executive vice-
president Brian Renfro spoke to us to satisfy the literal “rap session” part of the week. To remain effective and viable we must past down our message from the very top to the last CCA member hired. Our rights
and responsibilities are paramount to our knowledge base to combat the misinformation and out right lies that postal management gives us daily.

March 19, 2018

PA State Association Trip To Capital Hill, Washington DC

By Eric K. Jackson. Branch 725 Treasurer & Scribe

The 2018 Congressional Breakfast was an exercise in how times are changing.  From the schedule to the unified lobbying efforts, the NALC has improved it's approach to lobbying Congress on behalf of the
more than 300,000letter carriers across the country.  Each month a NALC state association comes to Washington, D.C. to talk face to face with each representative and senator about the issues that face letter
carriers.  All year long, communication takes place between the NALC liaisons and at the local level.  These year long efforts are galvanized when we meet them in their office and then have a sit down breakfast
on the final morning of the three day event.  At the breakfast we get to hear them verbally show their support when they address the body.

The NALC is a non partisan organization.  Therefore, we support any politician that supports the agenda of letter carriers.  The national office has a staff of people that work full time to get out our message and to
also train the local NALC leaders on how to get our message out to every concerned.

In past years, only the higher level lobbyist would attend all the preparatory meetings.  Now we all convene and together go to as many members of congress as possible as a united front with an organized
approach.  It is amazing to watch this all get better and more streamlined over the years.

Also, the unified approach allows us to work hand in hand with other brethren from across the state.  By doing so, we foster relationships with each other as unionists as well as build on the relationships we
have with our local congressman.

I don't know what course the congressional breakfast will take in the future, but if  the 2018 version is any indication, it will continue to evolve as a part of our legislative efforts.

March 23, 2018

Retirement Media Office - Mike Neuman

Barbara Kearney Branch 725 Trustee

Congrats to  Mike Neuman who retired from the Postal Service after 30 years of service.  Mike was a good friend and mentor to a lot of people when they first started, including me.  A good Union man who knew
the contract and made sure we all knew our rights.  It is scary coming into any new job and Mike was always one to help put you at ease.  People like Mike are hard to replace.

April 6, 2018

Retirement Wayne Post Office - Paul Kincade

Andrew Kearney - Webmaster

Wayne Shop Steward Steve Curry - Paul Kincade - And President Rhonda Massari

Congrats to our Branch's newest member to the final punch club.  Paul Kincade of the Wayne Office out of Southeastern.   It was a long road and we all know it was not well paved.  Hope you will stay in touch
and join us at the Retiree's luncheons .   Many retirees used to come back and visit their old friends and coworkers at their offices.  Grab a cup of coffee and talk to all their old friends and share some stories
with them.  That is not a good idea anymore. The Retiree Luncheon is a relaxed place and time for us to sit back and talk about all the funny and bad times we experienced  with Carriers that are also retired and
with some that come just to hear those stories from those who are still working.  They love to hear them and just see how you are doing.  With all the changes the Postal Service has done to our Craft the one
thing they can't change  is how much we care about each other.  Our Retiree Luncheons allow us to keep in touch, get a good meal and have a little fun.  The Retirees also get updated on issues they may not be
aware of but are important in order to help them enjoy the retirement they worked so hard for.   I hope you feel the same Paul and will join us to have a few laughs and let our hair down without fear of someone
watching your every move.  We promise you will enjoy it and come back again.  I am not retired yet but will be in a few years and it is great to talk to some people I used to work with and share personal moments
with them.

April 25, 2018

Branch 725 Newsletter

Retiree Luncheon

Eric Jackson - Branch Treasurer and Scribe

The retiree luncheon held on April 25, 2018 was a smashing success. This is all thanks to President Rhonda Massari who led a great staff to pull off an event that this branch is very proud of. Barbara Kearney not
only worked on her day off to serve the retirees, but she actively sought out someone who actually made specialized USPS cookies. The cookies were facsimiles of mail trucks, stamps, and other memorable
postal items. The retirees enjoyed them. And thanks to the board for approving them for this event. Several other carriers used their very valuable days off or took annual leave to serve our valued members and
their spouses. They were Beth Lloyd, Eric Jackson, and Joe Pease. Also, Vice-President Les Dillman helped out before and after work. The branch graciously thanks you guys for your dedication and

The luncheon was well attended and a few special members added to the luster. NALC Region 12 RAA Leo Z (as we call him), Branch 725 President Emeritus Don Coughlin, and recent past Branch 725 President
Jim McCullough all shared their valuable time and wisdom.
Whether you are a new, old, or in between retiree, please plan to attend the next one. We look forward you serving you.

In unionism,
Eric K. Jackson

April 27, 2018

Branch 725 Newsletter

Newest Last Punch Member - Lou Dellarcipete, Springfield - Lansdowne Office

Barbara Kearney - Branch Trustee and Springfield Shop Stewart

Congrats and good luck to Lou Dell on his retirement from the Postal Service.  We will miss you and the Postal Service will miss your experience and dedication to your customers.  We hope you stay in touch
and see you at some of the Branch functions.  Even if it  is just to brag about not having to deal with Management anymore and how much your golf is improving.

April 29, 2018

MDA Benefit

Andy Kearney - Webmaster

Last night we had our annual MDA benefit at Tip O'Leary's in Havertown.  Everyone had a great time as usual.  A lot of prize baskets thanks to all the hard efforts of our members and a great job once again by our
events committee.  Colleen Haynes, Joe Pease, Belinda Tridente, Shirley Hagner and Steve Curry did a great job getting this event together but it was the membership that really came through once again.  Both
by donating the baskets and by coming to the event and showing their support.  There were a lot of winners last night.  Not just those that walked out the door with a prize but those that had a great time and for a
great charity.  The biggest winner of course was MDA which will receive a check from us from the proceeds of this event.  Those of you who don't come to these functions because you are afraid of too much
work talk etc. are only cheating yourselves.  There is little of that and more about just having a little fun with people we all share a common bond with.  All  the people leaving had smiles on their faces.  Stop
making reasons not to come out to these events and see what you are missing.  Next up is the Phillies outing July 1st.  Hope to see you there.

May 15, 2018

NALC 2018 Food Drive

Barbara Kearney, Food Drive Coordinator and Branch 725 Trustee

I want to thank all the carriers of Branch 725 Southeastern Pennsylvania Merged that worked so hard picking up the non-perishable food on May 12.  It is a great feeling when so many customers really appreciate
our participation collecting the food.  I want to thank them as well for their generosity.  With our Branch being so large and spread out the food collected goes to many Food Banks, Churches, The Salvation Army
and other needy organizations.  It is amazing how much our efforts are needed and appreciated by these groups.

Here is hoping next years food drive is bigger and better.  At the end of the day to get a hug and a sincere thank you from the Lansdowne First Presbyterian Church Pantry telling me that if it were not for this food
drive they could not do what they do makes me proud of the efforts by my brothers and sisters and  getting the food to those in real need.

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June 6, 2018

Newest Last Punch Bunch Member - Villanova

Steve Curry - Steward

Last day for our girl Karen  Bissell from Villanova Pa. with our President Rhonda. Enjoy your well deserved retirement

June 22, 2018

Service Award - Bala Office

Eric Jackson - Branch Treasurer And Scribe

Supervisor Tara Townsend-Lough presents letter carrier Richard Coogan with a certificate for 35 years of service.  

June 28, 2018

Million Mile Awards - Tri-County Office

Joseph P. Varallo - Wayne Carrier

It doesn't happen too often; but every once in a while the Postal Service recognizes accomplishments by it's employees.  Take for example this award that myself and fellow Carriers (L to R Steve Lawrence from
King Of Prussia, Steve Curry from Wayne, Kevin Cullen from King Of Prussia, and myself) received for achieving the million mile club; not to be confused with the million mile high club (just kidding), it's an award
for basically driving 30 years without any chargeable accidents and they, the Postal Service, equate this to a million miles driven.  I should also mention that two other are not present; but also received the award.  
They are Joe Rechilongo fron Paoli and Barry Patterson from Wayne.

Congratulations to all of us!

July 2, 2018

2018 Phillies Outing

Colleen Haynes - Clifton Heights Steward & Branch Events Director

Just wanted to say thank you to all those who attended the Phillies scholarship fund outing on July 1st.  It was one hot day and we truly made the best out of it. Together we raised close to 800 bucks for the
scholarship (rough count in my head).  I couldn’t be anymore proud of this Branch and it’s members.  Again thank you to those who came and a huge shout out to the events committee members and our
president who got there early to help me set up and cook.  Also I can’t forget to thank NALC Branch 725 “momma Kearney” for donating the autographed Aaron Nola baseball. To those members who have yet to
experience this outing I highly encourage you to please join us next year.  It’s a great time to share it with friends and family.

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July 18, 2018

Greetings From The NALC National Convention In Detroit

Andy Kearney - Webmaster

Today is the third day of the convention.  Days are packed with classes on a wide range of important issues that our members go to in order to be up to speed in representing you.  There is the General Session
that all members from every Branch in our Union get together to vote on amendments to our National Constitution, resolutions, and items we want our National leaders to press in the next contract negotiations.  
There are guest speakers from other Unions around the world sharing their issues with us and how they are combating them.  A lot of these issues are the same we are facing as well so it helps to hear from them
how to battle them.  There are also a lot of Union solidarity and community reach out like the one both Eric Jackson and Belinda Tridente participated in.  Pictured above you can see them getting ready to stuff
bags of needed items to give out to the homeless Veterans in Detroit.  A very busy, but important week getting both the education they need as well as letting the community we are visiting see how important we
are to the communities we serve.  And not just the mail.

October 4, 2018

Branch Newsletter

Colleen Haynes - Events Coordinator

Our brothers and sisters of branch 542 extended the invite to their first annual beef and beer mda
benefit. I highly encourage our members to come out on the 14th to support our sister branch. We
can always count on branch 542 to come out to our events, so let’s show the same appreciation.
Hope to see you there.

October 9, 2018

Branch 725 Elections

Belinda Tridente - Election Committee Chairwoman

The Election Committee appointed by the President of Branch 725 to conduct the election of the Officers of Branch 725 is overseeing the printing, stuffing and mailing of ballots.

Candidates for President, Vice President, Recording Secretary, Financial Secretary, Treasurer, Director of Education and Director of Hospital and MBA were unopposed and elected by consent at the September
Union meeting.

Two (2) Candidates were nominated for Sargent of Arms.

Two (2) Candidates were nominated  Director of Retirees.

Six (6) Candidates were nominated for the Position of Trustee.

The election is being conducted by mail ballot in accordance with the NALC Constitution.

The Committee has reviewed and approved all nominations forms and has created the ballot for mailing. Official election instructions will be included with all ballots mailed to eligible NALC members.

To be eligible to vote, a person must be a regular member of NALC and in good standing.

Ballots are currently being prepared, inserted and mailed.  All ballots are expected to be mailed by October 17, 2018.

If you are eligible to vote and do not receive a ballot by October 24, 2018 or if you have spoiled your ballot you must notify the branch office to request a duplicate ballot.

Ballots must be received by 9:00 am on November 6, 2018 to be counted.  The counting of the ballots will be counted November 6, 2018.

Nominees who will appear on the ballot (in the order that they will appear on the ballot) are:

Tim Grover
Tommy Mullin

Gene Dolan
Andy Kearney

John Schneider
Bill Mellon
Colleen Haynes
Miles Revis
Margaret Polite
Barb Kearney

The election committee, as appointed by President Rhonda Massari is made up of Belinda Tridente, Shirley Hagner, Keith Bailey, and Steve Curry.

October 18, 2018

Retirees Luncheon

Gene Dolan - Director Of Retirees

Congrats and thanks to all who made our Retiree Luncheon another Great success, our President Rhonda Massari, the Executive Board and the members who volunteered their time and talents and who did
such a great job.  Many compliments were given to the fine food and hard work to honor our retirees.  A small talk about what we face with the effort to privatize the Post Office was given by:  Tony Perconte, the
legislative and political advocate from the National Union.  Also, Union membership pins were awarded to some of those attending.  Including a 60 yr pin, two 55 yr pins, two 45 yr pins a 25 yr and 20 yr pin.  A 50 yr
Gold Card was awarded to:  Tom Parker.  Again, many thanks to all!

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November 29, 2018

Awards Springfield / Lansdowne Office

Barbara Kearney - Springfield Office  Shop Steward, Branch 725 Trustee

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Click here to see video!

Congratulations to Springfield / Lansdowne Carrier Mike Fynes for becoming our latest member of the Million Mile Club.  This prestigious award was presentend by OIC John McKnight and acting District Manager
Jennifer Vo.  The Postal Service also awarded Carriers with Service Pins and Certificates.  

35 Years
Marty Mills

30 Years
Al Campanile, Kenny Vetter & Mike Fynes

25 Years
Barb Kearney

20 Years
Joe Desiderio
Larry Levy
Tony Cantini
Walter Abele
Betty Stewart

Congrats to everyone for their hard work and determination to making the USPS a success.

January 1, 2019

Happy New Year

Les Dillman - Vice President

I Would Like To Welcome The New Members To The Executive Board

President - Rhonda Massari, Vice President - Les Dillman, Director of Education - Joe Pease, Treasurer - Eric Jackson, Financial Secretary - Beth Lloyd, Recording Secretary - Rick Murphy,  Director of Health
Benefits and MBA - Gerry Gallagher, Director of Retirees - Andy Kearney, Sergent At Arms - Tommy Mullen, Trustees - Bill Mellon, Barb Kearney & Colleen Haynes

I am looking forward to working with our new Executive Board to represent this Branch and provide it with the level of guidance and support it deserves.  You can count on all of us to be there when you need us.  
We are ONE in our hearts and minds in protecting your rights and being there to answer all your questions and concerns.

January 28, 2019

Leadership Academy - Beth Lloyd

Andy Kearney - Webmaster

Congrats to Financial Secretary  Beth Lloyd for being selected to attend the latest class of the Leadership Academy.  It is a great honor to be selected.  You have made all of us in Branch 725 proud.

January 31, 2019

Last Punch Bunch - Paul (Marty) Schmitt, Glenolden Office

Andy Kearney - Director Of Retirees

Today Marty Schmitt joined the Last Punch Bunch.  We wish him a long and happy retirement.

February 5, 2019

Last Punch Bunch - Doug  Linker - Media Office

Gerry Gallagher - Health Plan Director

Congratulations Doug on your recent retirement we all hope it is a long and healthy one ! Enjoy !!

February 24, 2019

Service Awards - Media Office

Andy Kearney - Webmaster

Congrats to Joe McWilliams on his 40 years and Frank Dudley, Mike Knoll and Ed Evans on their 25 years with the Postal Service

February 28, 2019

Carol Zukowski Retirement - Darby Office

Andy Kearney - Director Of Retirees

Congrats to Carol Zukowski on her retirement after 30 plus years with the Postal Service.  I had the honor to present her with her watch.  My wife and I have known Carol for a lot of years and we know how much of
a dedicated union person she is.  We wish her nothing but the best and hope she has a long and happy retirement

March 7, 2019

Tim Stone Retirement - Broomall Office

Anthony Talton - Broomall Shop Steward

I would like to say thank you for getting me involved with this great union, i really appreciate your teaching & understanding of the contract. I will pay if forward to the next generation of carriers, like you
did me. Happy Retirement! Thank you!

March 8, 2019

Rhonda Massari Retirement - Clifton Heights Office

Andy Kearney - Director Of Retirees

Congrats to President Rhonda Massari on her retirement from the Postal Service after 30 years and 1 month. I would say enjoy your retirement to most people but Rhonda will still be our full time President.  While
she will be still be dealing with Postal Management and their treatment of Carriers, she will never have to be on the receiving end.  I guess she can enjoy that much.  Thanks to Clifton Heights Shop Steward and
Branch Trustee Colleen Haynes for the photos.

March 18, 2019

Branch 725 Delegation Visiting Capital Hill

Andy Kearney - Webmaster

From left LCLL Belinda Tridente, Tom Mullin,  Legislative Correspondent Dean Ischiropoulos and Colleen Haynes.  Not pictured Joe Pease.  Small delegation from our Branch visiting Capital Hill expressing our
concerns and needs to Congresswoman Mary Gay Scanlon's Representative.  Thanks to Joe Pease for taking and sending us this photo.

More From Washington

Pennsylvania Delegation Honors Veterans Including Branch 725's Own Tommy Mullin

Joe Peace - Director Of Education

The Pennsylvania Association of Letter Carriers hosted a ceremony tonight to honor six veterans that are Letter Carriers and members of our great union. It was an honor to witness as PA State President Paul
Rozzi detailed the military and postal careers of the six brave men.  Our own Tom Mullin was one of the six veterans honored tonight. Tommy is a humble and discreet man that does not seek the limelight. But he is
a true hero as are the other men that were celebrated tonight. NALC President Fred Rolando and Region 12 NBA Dave Napadano also spoke giving heartfelt thanks and
admiration for these six great men. The NALC is dedicated to recognizing the heroism and bravery for all those that have served our country.  The speakers highlighted how these veterans brought their
experiences to our workroom floor and used those life lessons as teaching tools for all carriers to learn from.  Thank you to all of our members that have served.

March 29, 2019

Retirement Kennet Square - Janet Singer

Rick Murphy - Recording Secretary

Congratulations to Janet Singer on joining the last punch bunch after 42 years with the Postal Service.  I had the honor of presenting her with her retirement watch.  

April 4, 2019

Retirement Glenolden Post Office - Marty Schmitt

Andy Kearney - Director Of Retirees

Congratulations to Marty Schmitt on his retirement from the Postal Service.  Shown here with President Rhonda Massari giving him his watch and fellow Carriers Andy Kearney, George Wright and Bill Morgan from
Glenolden Post Office.

April 23, 2019

2019 Food Drive - May 11th

Barb Kearney - Food Drive Coordinator

I have contacted all the Churches in the areas we serve along with the Politicans to get their support and asking them to spread the word about the food drive.  The cards we deliver can't get that message out
alone.  Please remind your customers about it as well.  Every donation, no matter how small, makes a difference.

May 25, 2019

Andy Kearney - Webmaster

Congrats to Beth Lloyd

Congratulations to our Financial Secretary Beth Lloyd on her completion and graduation from the Leadership Academy.  You have made this whole branch proud.

May 30, 2019

Colleen Haynes - Clifton Heights Shop Steward and Branch Trustee

Million Mile Awards - Clifton Heights

Congrats to 30 year million mile award recipients Jammie Ward and Tim Grover being acknowledged today in Clifton Heights.

June 2, 2019

2019 Food Drive

Barbara Kearney - Food Drive Coordinator

I want to thank all of the people that helped make this year's food drive a huge success.  Our branch collected 80,429 lbs of food which was better then last years donation by 17,000 lbs.
Hopefully with everyone's hard work and determination we can make next year's food drive even better.

Thanks again for your efforts,

Barbara Kearney

June 7, 2019

Retirement - Nancy Benson - Ridley Park Post Office

Andy Kearney - Director Of Retirees

Congratulations to Nancy Benson on her retirement.  Nancy will be missed by her coworkers and customers as well.  Always a ray of sunshine.  She was a mentor to the younger Carriers and an inspiration to us all.  
Enjoy a happy and healthy retirement and thanks for what you brought to the job every day.

June 21, 2019

Branch 725 Visits MDA Camp

Barbara Kearney, Branch Trustee

Several years ago at the National Convention Region 12 Business Agent Bill Lucini talked about the MDA Camp.  He advised us that if we were ever given the opportunity to attend the Camp he highly recommended
that we should visit.  I realized after hearing his inspirational talk I knew this was something I wanted to do.  Hence another item on my bucket list.

This year I was very fortunate to attend with our Vice President Les Dillman, Treasurer Eric Jackson, Financial Secretary Beth Lloyd and Director of Education Joe Pease.

The theme of this years VIP Camp Day was time travel.  Eric's great idea was to pick five different periods of time.  First was Stone age, Prehistoric, Wild West, Space Age and the 1970's.

We all dressed for each period of time.  Representing the Stone Age was Fred Flintstone portrayed by Les, Prehistoric was a Dinosaur portrayed by Joe, Wild West was Woody portrayed by Eric, Space Age was
Princess Leia portrayed by Beth and the 1970's was portrayed by myself.

The children and young adults were truly amazing.  Spinning the wheel was challenging for some but with a little help they did great.  They enjoyed picking a prize or two.

When the kids smiled it brightened my whole day.  One little boy was a pro at the corn hole game even with Les distracting him.

The highlight was a little girl that just loved meeting Woody.  She even came back and found his missing hat.  It made me realize little things do make a difference.

These kids are definitely an inspiration to see the joy in their faces.  They appreciated everything they received even the smallest little trinket.

Hopefully next year Branch 725 can bring even more joy and happiness to all these amazing kids.  One thing for sure is that this experience made me fully realize the importance of our support for the MDA and why
we need to do whatever we can to help these kids.

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July 1, 2019

Million Mile Awards - Glenolden / Folsom Office

Andy Kearney, Shop Steward

Congratulations to Bill Morgan, Jimmy Doonan, Steve Deegan, Jeff Travascio and Randy Waldie on receiving their Million Mile awards today.  With all the times you get told  what you did wrong, this is something you
did right.  And for over 30 years!  Missing from photos is Randy Waldie.

August 21, 2019

Unclaimed Veterans’ Remains Honored by Local Motorcyclists

Andy Kearney - Webmaster

Coatesville letter carrier   Dion Carotenuto organized this event.

Click Here For The Full Story

September 18, 2019

Route Adjustment Training

Andy Kearney - Webmaster

In a continuing effort to ensure our members are prepared for the Route Adjustment walks we have offered workshops to the Offices targeted for those walks.  Those that have attended the workshops have done far
better on their walks then those that have chose not to.  We encourage everyone to attend them.  This last workshop was attended by Carriers from Ardmore, Havertown and Sharon Hill Offices.  Take the time to get
trained on what you need to do to protect your Routes and your jobs.

September 30, 2019

2019 State Convention In Pittsburgh

Andy Kearney - Webmaster

Congrats to Les Dillman on being elected to the PA State Association Executive Board.  It was the highlight of the few days we spent in Pittsburgh along with all the other Branches from across the state.  We only
meet with each other once every three years.  What most members don't understand about the State Association is they are the people that get most involved with the Politicians to see that we get the support we
need in Congress to protect our jobs and retirement.  They don't look at the party or other issues they are concerned about.  All they concern themselves with are how they can protect us and our retirement.  People
put out there that they only are an arm of a certain party.  That is not true.  And I say that from personal experience.  I dealt with the State Association as your Liaison to Congress for six years. I have worked with them
to endorse and help elect people from all parties.  Having Les on this board further insures that will continue to happen in the future.  I look forward to helping him do just that.  We need to protect our jobs.  To do so
we need a voice.  For me Les is a good one to see that is done.

October 11, 2019

Branch 725 Retiree Luncheon

Andy Kearney - Director Of Retirees

We had another great luncheon yesterday.  It is always good to see our brothers and sisters after they have left the job.  They don't forget us and we don't forget them.  No matter how hard management tries to divide
us we won't allow that to happen.  The one thing I am most proud of being a member of the NALC is that we don't throw our retired members under the bus when we go to contract negotiations like they are in right
now.  Other Unions do that in order to make better deals for their current members.

We were honored yesterday to have our State Association President Paul Rozzi attend and speak to our retirees at our luncheon.  Paul and I go back a little working together lobbying Congress to protect the rights
and jobs of Letter Carriers.  I know him to be a man of great heart and dedication to not only Postal Workers but Unions as well.  He was a Steel Worker in the Pittsburgh area and saw what can happen if the Unions
lose sight of how important politics are to your job security.  Corporations can sell their businesses to overseas concerns or move it there and get great profits from it.  They are looking at their bottom line and not
your interests.  Paul and I discussed how hard it is to get our members to understand that we all need to be in the fight to protect the Postal Service.

Look around and see those other good Union jobs that once were that are now gone.  The mail may still be delivered but it will be done by someone who doesn't give the level of service you do to them.  Then we
won't need to have a Retiree Luncheon anymore.  We won't need a Union Office anymore either.  The Union will be gone because of you and others that didn't heed the advice of Paul and others like him that work so
hard to educate you on the potential of what you stand to lose if you don't get more involved.  I know a lot of you don't like the idea of giving any Politicians money but you have to understand that those that want to
take away all your benefits and jobs in some cases do.  In order to be heard we need to do so as well.  Think of it as a Poker game.  There is a buy in to even sit at the table.  We need that buy in to be heard.  If you
don't contribute to the Political fund you should think about what Paul said and understand why you should.  If you want to sign up let any one of us at the Union Office know and we will help you to do so.  The more
people we sign up the bigger voice we will have and the better chance we have on protecting your jobs and retirement.