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November 29, 2014

We Help Deliver Christmas

This is our busy season.  We deliver more mail and parcels a day during this period then at any other time in the year.  But, that is not all we deliver.  We deliver  Christmas to a lot of
people.  With all the pressures and volume we encounter this time of year we don't fail our customers.  We get those deliveries done.  Last year our competitors failed to do that and
there were a lot of upset customers.  And a lot of kids.  We do what we have to in order to see that doesn't happen with us.  The smiles on their faces when we deliver those cards,
letters and packages just pushes us to get it all done on time.  Some of you answer the "Dear Santa" letter.  Others are secret Santas to a lot of kids. There is so much more you do then
just deliver the mail.   Keep doing what you do best.  Have a Merry Christmas.

November 16, 2014

Looking Forward

We all got word this week that the PMG is retiring and the name of his replacement.  Let us all hope that this Woman has the vision of any great leader and looks to improve and grow
the great network and foundation she has to work with.  Not the gloom and doom, we are heading for failure outlook of her predecessor.   I don't even want to mention his name.  But,
his departure I have to think comes only through all the hard work of all of you.  The protests at the Plants, Post Offices, Staples and the constant awareness you all brought to the
public had to bring a tremendous amount of pressure on him to make this decision.  The Day of Action November 14th had to be the final straw.  While we are all optimistic about the
change in leadership, we also must be prepared to take action once again if we feel the need to protect the Postal Service.  Not only for our own selfish needs of having a job, but for
the public that depends on us to provide that service.

November 8, 2014

Carrier's That Go Bump In The Night

They closed down some plants.  Moved those operations to ones farther away.  They changed your start time so they could allow for the increased time it would take to get your mail to
you.  Then, something like what happened in our area happens.  There was a power failure at the Philly Plant.  Mail did not arrive to our offices until hours after the normal times.  We
were all forced to be on the street past sunset.  Like our President Jimmy McCullough stated at our last general meeting - darkness is not a good enough reason to not deliver mail.  
But, he stated, safety issues are.  This time of year a lot of people have all kinds of lawn decorations for the various holidays.  You can't see the trip wires that attach to those blow up
ones especially.  Don't be a hero or feel that you have to plow through.  If you can deliver the mail and it takes you more time to do so then please do so.  More money in your pocket.  
But, if you feel unsafe then let your Supervisor know and why.  Let them get you the help you might need or bring the mail back.  Tag it as undeliverable and why using  form 1571.  It
isn't so bad on your own route because you know where most of those hazards are.  But, if you are doing a piece on another route you are in the dark in more then one way.  Be diligent
in getting the mail delivered.  But also, make sure you do it safely.  They created this problem.  Not us.  We are always left with cleaning up after them and making their new ideas work.  
We have to stop that.  They are trying to force that square peg through a round hole.  Do your job the way it is supposed to be done and take the time to do it SAFELY.

Branch 725 Newsletter October 31, 2014

NALC endorsed candidates for election Click Here!

AFL-CIO endorsed candidates for election Click Here!

The NALC does not endorse candidates for State elections.  Only in National elections.  The AFL-CIO does both.  This is where you can find out who Labor feels is the best candidates to
protect your jobs and future.  Vote for whoever is best for you and your family.  It is our job to get this information to you.  We won't tell you who to vote for.  But, please take the time to

A Message from Southeastern PA AFL-CIO

Dear Union and Family Members:

This year we have the tremendous opportunity of electing a member of our union family to the State Senate in Delaware County.  As I’m sure you’re aware by now, John Kane from
Plumbers Local 690 is running for the open State Senate seat in the 26th District that has been represented by State Senator Ted Erickson for more than a decade.

The campaign that has been run against John Kane has clearly shown all of us what his opponent thinks of unions.  John, and the entire labor movement, have been attacked.  The
disrespectful, anti-union campaign that is being waged against John in this race is disgraceful.

We want to clear up some of the lies that have been hurled at John by his anti-union opponent.

Unions have to file extensive reports with the Department of Labor to show how all of our money is spent.  John’s opponent has used these reports and taken them out of context to
claim that John Kane makes $276,000.  This is blatantly false.  In the past few years John has borrowed from his retirement account to pay for his children’s college education.  On the
Department of Labor forms this is classified as income even though this is money that he’s borrowed from his very own retirement fund.  

John Kane’s opponent has also accused him of taking money and being cozy with organized labor when the reality is that John’s opponent has accepted money and endorsements
from the very same unions.

In the past several years we have seen repeated attacks on working families in Harrisburg.  Harrisburg politicians are continually trying to privatize our jobs, gut our pensions, end job
protections and pass right to work legislation.  Just as the State Senate session ended last week, there was a concerted effort to move legislation to eliminate union dues deductions
for public employees.  

With John Kane as a State Senator we know that he will never take a vote that will hurt the issues that we believe in for the simple reason that he is one of us.

John Kane will work to restore funding for public education.  He will work to grow our economy in a way that benefits everyone, not just the wealthy few.  He will be a friend of working
families and a voice of reason in Harrisburg during a time when we are under constant assault.

Election Day is Tuesday, November 4th.  We believe that John Kane, candidate in the 26th State Senate, is the candidate that best represents us as working families.

In Solidarity,

Carol Carvalho
Executive Director
Southeastern Pennsylvania Area Labor Federation, AFL-CIO

Branch 725 Newsletter October 27, 2014

Benefit for Bob Paxson

The benefit was a huge success.  Thanks to all of you that went or donated money to help this brother.  His family was overwhelmed by the support that you all showed
along with family, friends and customers.  It is a mixed feeling I get when I see things like this.  Some of us don't know how much we mean to others until tragedy strikes.  
We should express that more often to each other.  Michele DeFelice did a great job organizing this event.  So great we didn't get any pictures.  Too many people so there
was no room to get good shots.  But, that there were so many people there to support Bob is all that matters.

Branch 725 Newsletter October 22, 2014

Postal Service wants to go Green

Did you read that card we received in the mail from the Postal Service the other day?  It was asking us to do our Health Care changes online.  We are going green.  Wow,
how clueless are these people?  We are trying to encourage people to use the mail and the importance of what we do.  And here they are telling us that we shouldn't use
the mail.  It just baffles me that we have Daffy Duck type people running this company.  Where do they get these people from?  Mars? I am betting Uranus.

Branch 725 Newsletter October 14, 2014

They had a political walk in Philly yesterday.  Encouraging people to get out and vote.  Like President McCullough mentioned at our October general meeting about the
importance of voting for our Union's National officers, it is equally as important to vote for future leaders of our local areas, State and National offices.   These people will
have huge control of our lives during their terms in office.  So many people don't think their vote counts.  It does.  It does because so many people don't vote.  The best
person for the office doesn't always win.  It is the person that convinced enough people to vote.  About 50 to 55% of registered voters actually vote for the President of the
U.S.  Much less in midterm elections.  So those that get elected do not really represent the "Wish of the people".  What they represent are the wish of those who cared to
take the time or G-A-S to vote.  Please take the time and vote.  Whoever wins, let it be because enough of you G-A-S to vote.

Branch 725 Newsletter October 2, 2014

We had two guest speakers at our Union Meeting last night in Glenolden.  Leanne Krueger-Braneky who is running for the 161st District in PA and William Mellon from the
APWU.  Leanne is very pro Labor and deserves our support from the members living in that district.  William Mellon is the son of our own Bill Mellon and I count him as a
friend from all the hard work we have done together to protect Postal jobs.  He even came out  with another clerk from Glad Wynne to help me unload trucks at Loaves and
Fishes during our last food drive.  It is important to note that all four Postal Unions are now in lock step towards just that.  Working with him is easy.  Never have to explain
why.  Just when do you need us, what time and where.  

Branch 725 Newsletter September 30, 2014

Get out and vote.  It is important to exercise your right to elect those people that will make so many decisions that will effect your life and the people you love.  If you are
not registered then here is the link in Pennsylvania to do so.  Make your voice count.  Don't assume your vote don't count.  Let the other person think that.

Click Here!

Branch 725 Newsletter September 13, 2014

Mail was light as usual during the summer months.  It has started to pick up recently as normal.  The Political mail varies in volume depending on the districts we work in.    
Parcels have been very steady all the time.  That volume will only increase.  Not only because of Christmas but the recent decisions by Fed-Ex and UPS to increase their
prices while the Postal Service has stated they are lowering their prices to large volume shippers like Amazon.  Experts are predicting that the Postal Service will be
unable to handle such a rise in parcels.  Management began tracking how many parcels the Carriers get each day and dropped that once they realized how much time
they would have to adjust your route for.  This is our best source of revenue for the future and they need to understand it takes time and we need that time in order to keep
that business.  We are willing to adapt to the changes in our jobs but need them to adjust their idea of the time it takes to do it.  Most crafts start at one time and clock out at
the end of their shift.  Their job is done.  The Carrier's job isn't done until that last delivery is made.  We can't shut the door and turn off the lights.

Branch 725 Newsletter September 4, 2014

Congratulations to Kevin Loomis from Kennett Square office on his retirement.  Kevin received his watch from Branch 725 President Jim McCullough at our September 3, 2014 meeting
at the Cheese Club in Havertown.  Good luck Kevin and enjoy your retirement.

Branch 725 Newsletter July 26, 2014

In this edition of the Newsletter, we would like to discuss the National Convention 2014 in Philly. There were some great speakers and supporters of ALL Postal Workers like Bernie
Sanders and Ed Shultz. It is good to listen to them on TV or the radio but to see them in person was really awesome. The training was intense and gets better every Convention. The
Steward's training and Safety and Health were of great value to me and those I attended them with personally. Social Security, Route Adjustments, City Delivery and other classes to
other members as well. Many said they didn't go because it was only in Philly. We can go to Philly anytime. But, you can't get the training or exchange ideas and experiences with your
brothers and sisters from across the Country anytime. Only when you make that commitment to do whatever it takes like a lot of our members did. Special shout out to Joe Pease who
did a great job handing out materials to every one for a lot of classes. It was a very hard and time consuming job. And to Gary Smith who is new and was eager to get all the training he
could and did. Members like you are our future. Keep encouraging others to get involved. Lastly we all got together and signed a card for a little boy from Foxboro, Mass. who has
inoperable brain cancer. His only wish was to have his mailbox full of birthday cards. Kudos to Barb Kearney for getting cards for all members in our branch to sign individually as well
that were in attendance the next day. I was touched deeply by the video of him getting more cards and packages from all over the world then the rest of Foxboro combined. Watch that
video and you will see the power a letter or card still has over an email

Branch 725 Newsletter July 14, 2014

In this edition of the Newsletter, we would like to discuss why you need to get more involved. I have heard it said many times how the Postal Service will do what it wants to so why
bother going to a rally or making a phone call. Saturday delivery has been on the chopping block so many times I can't count. It has only been through the hard efforts of those that did
bother that we still deliver mail on Saturday today. Now comes the news that Staples and the USPS have backed out of a deal to have mini Post Offices inside Staples stores. This only
came through the hard efforts of Postal Workers from all four Unions and the support of other Unions. The threat of a boycott and the protest showed Staples this would not be in their
best business interests. So, the Postal Service can't do what they want to do. They will only do what we, and the public, allow them to do. Next time we ask you to get involved -
remember it can make a difference. Thanks to all of you who are there whenever we ask.

Branch 725 Newsletter June 30, 2014

I heard a lot of people complain about Management's use of MSP points against them. What these people don't understand is they can be used to our advantage. First off, they tell you
where they expect you to be and when. So, when they say you should be leaving the office at 9:15 AM but you can't leave until 9:30 A.M. because of the mail or parcels not up in time
then that is not possible. Maybe you had to wait for that pivot or extra piece to be pulled down. Later in your route you are supposed to hit an MSP at a certain time and maybe even see
yourself farther behind due to whatever you faced on that day. Every day is different right? We encounter different challenges every single day. But, my point is these are
approximations of what times we should be at these delivery points. At each one of them we know what reasons we have for being behind what those exceptions are. Call the office
and tell them you aren't going to make it with those reasons. Fill out a 3996 when you get back to the office with those reasons listed and keep a copy for yourself. Every day is different
and I can't remember the problems I had on a day a week ago. Keeping a record of that will refresh your memory. Too often I hear Carriers complain they had to run to get done in time.
There is no reason to. They gave you the times you are supposed to be at a certain place and if you are running late then there are reasons behind them. Legitimate reasons. They
have established gateways that show where and when we should be. Use them to your advantage to explain what issues you faced on any given day. Stop being abused. This job has
enough stress with everything we deal with. Allowing things we can control to be controlled by others is just adding that more stress to our job and lives.  
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