The Scribe's Corner

By Eric Jackson

October 2019

Sometimes we must look in the mirror. That time is now!  The NALC is in negotiations for your next contract. That fight looks to be a long and arduous one. But at the same
time, Postal Management has made their intentions very clear (discipline).

Some of our offices are up for inspection. Les Dillman is running training for EVERY office that will be inspected. He invites any carrier to attend (even if your office is not
inspected). This training has resulted in great benefit to our branch. The numbers bare out that people who attend these trainings do better during the actual inspections.
Attendance and safety have been our Achilles heel lately. While most of you do such a great job with these issues, we are in a “crisis” mode! And we are asking our family to
look out for one another. One of the best forms of love is touch love! We must put out the word that we are not holding up our end of the bargain. The result has been our
brethren losing their jobs for attendance, and so many more being “taken off the clock’ (yes that means fired until we can hopefully get them back) for safety (i.e. earbuds,
no seatbelts, etc.).

The district has been out and pulling people off the clock for being out of uniform, wrong footwear, etc. Yes, they are sending a message! But being a proud letter carrier
encompasses all those things. We should look professional, act professional, and work safely. And we damn sure never condone carriers doing embarrassing things like
throwing away mail! We are proud, professionals who are the best at what we do. Let’s keep OUR standards high. And while management sucks, we can’t let their inferiority
permeate our family.

#TakeControlOfOurDestiny          #EachOneTeachOne

Eric Jackson, Branch 725   

September 2019

Bye bye summer! Your dedication is applauded. This summer recorded two of the hottest months recorded in history. But letter carriers always endure. That is why our
branch is working harder than ever for the membership. Imagine this; during the aforementioned heat of the summer postal management has quietly declared war against
us. The numbers don’t lie. Everyone sees all the driver observations, write ups for expansion of street time, etc.

Imagine this; you give us floor talks about hydration and the negative effects of heat exhaustion/stroke. But then when we work safely, you write us up knowing very well
that the discipline is not for merit. We obviously will need more comfort stops from drinking fluids. Ironically, comfort stops are also meant to serve us to get our body
temperature down in the event of heat issues. I personally know of many carriers who had to go to the hospital and miss days of work because we ignored our heat related
symptoms. But the crime by management is that they talk out both sides of their mouth when they tell us to be safe, but carriers hear that others are being disciplined. And
don’t forget, they only “care” when a carrier dies on the job. This latest “concern” is a result of another letter carrier’s death.

We must do better regarding attendance. The district is very hot on this issue. And frankly speaking, we have not done well. We are losing jobs due to our unscheduled
absences. There is a point where us calling out sick (be it for a legitimate reason or not) will result in removal. So please be careful. Attendance, and those damn earbuds will
be the death of us if we don’t be more careful.

We are proud letter carriers!


Eric Jackson, Branch 725

August 2019

Thank you! Thanks for being the best at what you do. Our district has been very aggressive towards us (especially considering our recent bad financial quarter). But they
always act as if it’s us. The truth is we are better than we’ve ever been. But our workforce is changing at the same pace as the management staff.

But the new carriers face unprecedented challenges. With DPS, FSS, low mail volume, and a lack of guidance from management our CCAs take longer to catch on to this
very challenging job. That’s where I’m asking all of us to continue to nurture them into professional carriers. One of the most important things we can stress to them is the
importance of coming to work. Our job requires staffing. And the district has put an emphasis on attendance. They are now trying to make lateness an occurrence equal to
missing the whole day.

They are also focusing on “stationary time”. Please be careful. They are always watching us. But we are resilient. We will endure. But we don’t want to give them the
satisfaction of disciplining us and ultimately having us lose our precious jobs. Let’s pay special attention to the earbuds too. If we make these adjustments, maybe
management can focus on something other than us!  

On June 19th, Branch 725 participated in the Variety Club Camp for MDA. This camp is provided for kids with Muscular Dystrophy. It’s a chance for them to participate in fun
times with other kids like them. At the urging of President Massari, our branch participated for the second year in a row. Les Dillman, Barbara Kearney, Beth Lloyd, Joseph
Pease, and I gave of our time to volunteer for these kids. But I think WE all benefitted more!

#LookOutForYourBrother/Sister     #KnowYourWorth    #RespectYourselfAndOthers  

Eric Jackson, Branch 725

July 2019

Happy July! A month that signifies heat, fireworks, and independence. The temperature is real this time of year. We must do our best to stay hydrated through these “dog
days”. The threat of heat exhaustion and heat stroke are real. Have you noticed the PO’s emphasis on hydration lately? Yes, because it has had a negative affect on their
bottom line. But that makes it more offensive that they would turn up the “heat” on the carriers at this time of the year. Carriers are being harassed on the street as well as
the office this summer to make numbers that are unrealistic. In fact, these numbers are so unrealistic that they have to be shoved down our throats. Now does this
aggressive approach make sense when the heat is at record highs? How are we to drink more to stay hydrated and not have to have more comfort stops.
And how about the comfort stop to cool down your body temperature when you face symptoms of heat related illness? The PO’s actions never match their words.

With the new aggressive approach by management (couched as cost saving measures), their actions are consistent with fireworks because they are causing people’s lives
to explode (metaphorically). We should not have to put up with this.

The independence that this month represents is apropos. We still have control of our actions. They can try and pick at us with their tactics, etc., but the overriding notion is
that if we do the right thing, they will be working hard only to get an empty result. And you know that they don’t like to work. This is our reality, so complaining only serves to
make us feel better, but it does not help our existence.

So, stay strong and united.

Eric Jackson, Branch 725

June 2019

The best days of branch 725 are yet to come. I know that sounds odd but that is the attitude we all must have if we are to get where we need to go as a branch. We must stay
hungry and work harder and (more importantly) smarter in order to serve our members in this ever-changing USPS.

Last month, Vice-President Les Dillman held a class at the Coatesville PO for our members for their full inspection. The training was well attended.  The subject matter
addressed almost every aspect of the process. If you have ever talked to Les, you know he has a passion for route inspection. His knowledge and experience greatly benefit
Branch 725. Kudos to the members who attended. Management has made no bones about it that they are coming for routes. And in this environment of reactionary and
alarmist management we have to fight for what’s ours. #Fthem!  

We had another successful fundraiser for MDA at our annual event. The fellowship and family fun reign second only to the money raised for MDA. Great job by the events
committee (chaired by Colleen Haynes. Members are Shirley Hagner, Joseph Pease, Steven Curry, Belinda Tridente, and Joe Benning). The upcoming Phillies outing
promises to be another chance to share time together as a family. The Phillies game proceeds benefit the Branch scholarship fund.

We also held an event organized by NALC Leadership Academy class #24 member Beth Lloyd to reach out to our CCAs. It was a big hit and well attended. Our future rests
on the backs of our CCAs. We will continue to invest in their growth because the next branch leaders will move forward from the seeds of knowledge that we plant amongst

But currently, our focus remains on you!   
Eric Jackson, Branch 725        

May 2019

Thanks to all who attended the retiree’s luncheon on April 11, 2019. It’s always nice to break bread and have fellowship with our highly valued members.

President Massari always said “our routes are being inspected daily”. The USPS is always looking at the numbers. They instantly try to take out routes when given the
opportunity. So, when our routes are “overly pivoted’ daily, these opportunities are created. This ends up costing us routes. And when bad financial numbers come in for
the quarter, the super squeeze commences. But we all know that when routes need to be put in offices, they drag their feet. This has always been the approach. So, we
must take advantage in those circumstances with our other options (271-g special count inspections) if it benefits us.

The prevailing thought has always been that full-blown inspections were too much of a risk. But our branch has always left it up to the carriers in their offices to decide. But
now, the PO is just coming in for the inspection with no pre-walks in some cases. My office just underwent an inspection. In retrospect, I agree with all the retirees who said
“years ago we used to do inspections yearly. And it taught us how to walk routes better”. This notion could not be truer. While and inspection is uncomfortable, it’s nothing
to FEAR. We provide training (if needed) and guidance from Vice-President Les Dillman. And we have an aggressive disposition. Basically, let’s fight for ourselves, for our

The best thing we have going is each other. The more that management gets us arguing or disrespecting one another, the more they negatively affect our union.  It doesn’t
matter what we face. Rest assure, we will face it together and directly.

#NextStopContractNegotiations #EachOneHelpOne #PowerInNumbers

Eric Jackson, Branch 725

April 2019

While the most apparent fight that our members face is the day-to-day “battles” with management on the workroom floor, the NALC is fighting for you on all fronts.  So, as
we move through these challenging times let’s be mindful of how each of our letter carriers play a vital role in the future prosperity of the NALC.

The national leaders are gearing up for negotiations for our next contract. So, if you get a survey from the NALC, please give them your feedback as they are gathering
information for a possible arbitration (if needed) to settle the next contract.

Many national level grievances are always in the works. In the last contract more attention was payed to the workroom floor issues that may arise. That will continue. Those
very issues are also being addressed at the regional level through training that takes place at the regional rap sessions. Your stewards sacrifice their time to get essential
training to help you. But none of us are perfect. We need our members to help us help them.

We are always vulnerable to attendance because its finite. We were there or not. We were late or not. Management is seeking removal for almost anything now. So please be
careful. And stay the hell off social media if we have called out!

The most IMPORTANT thing right now is our contributions to the Letter Carrier Political Fund (LCPF). The best thing that the NALC has going is its relationships with our
elected officials. With the simple stroke of a pen, most of our long fought for rights can be gone! Consequently, most of the ideas that are proposed yearly would cost us so
much more than our chosen contributions. I respectfully implore you to contribute.

Branch 725 will always fight!

March 2019

While driving home from jury duty last month, I stumbled onto a short but esoteric conversation with President Rhonda Massari. After having sat through a long trial, I
expressed the impact that we have on the USPS as unionists. For three weeks I served while handling a union situation in between breaks, and during lunch because I
(obviously) couldn’t have my phone on in court.

But this is what union officials do daily. We are so used to doing five things at once that sometimes we forget how much we matter. You may not think your steward is
“great”. But He/she is doing their best. Or you may not get the answer that you would like, but when you compare us to any union in the country, the NALC is the very best.
We practically hold this company up just by our pride, determination and love for our members. That same pride is sometimes crushed by management when their lack of
foresight and insistence on a management-by-numbers style conflicts with our realities. Let’s keep fighting, scratching, and most of all, staying unified in the face of our
daily adversities. But it’s the members who inspire us!

Much of the years long work that culminated in our new contract is working its way to our members. The CCA back-pay was recently paid. While money is usually the focus
in a contract. All the “other” provisions that lead us to getting more money and a better quality of life must be enforced. The fool’s brigade (postal management) are always
looking for a few sellouts, lazy, and soulless people to do their bidding. But at some point, we must ask ourselves “are they getting dumber or are we getting more educated
to their BS?”

Congratulations to Richard Murphy on his completion of the national branch officer's training


Eric Jackson, Branch 725

January 2019

Best wishes for the upcoming year go out to each member.

Your resiliency has shown it’s face again. Up against the new “aggressive management” you have endured what weak people would crumble from. This new style of
management first spoke of by USPS Postmaster General, Megan Brennan has filtered its way down. They are using the route adjustment team to go to “underperforming
offices” and do what they are supposed to do per the handbooks and manuals. However, if they say or do things to us that infringes on our dignity and respect (while doing
their “aggressive management”) then they are violating the same handbooks, and manuals that are covered under the contract.

The very supervisors and upper managers who prey on some of our members inexperience are the very same ones who internally envy us. How many times have you
heard references to the money we are making? How many times have they judged us in saying something so wrong contractually? The level of ignorance is appalling! But
they still look down on craft workers. In fact, this whole “crackdown” on letter carriers and references to us the being in ANY way the problem with this company is absurd!
They want to make our money, but they don’t want to put in the hard work that we do. Why? Because that’s why they went into management (to sit on their asses and
criticize what they couldn’t do).

But YOU must know your worth. You are the backbone of this company. You do amazing things daily better than all your competitors. And the thanks we get can ONLY
come from our peers. So, thank you family! You had an amazing year. And your national union is already at work on your next contract.

#TeachTheCcas #StayUnified #LetterCarriersRock

December 2018

Thanks to everyone who voted in this round of elections! Your concern and intellectual investment in not only your community but also your branch sets you apart from the
others.   Our next action is to “convince” others to get involved in the process. I believe every vote counts, and that those very individuals can count tenfold when we realize
that they talk to their family and friends about issues important to them. For the NALC, the issues are those that relate to our jobs. The NALC does not support any party but
instead supports individuals who best serve our interests.

Congratulations to those elected by our branch to serve on the executive board for the 2019-2021 term. And now, as we organize for the business of the branch, we refocus
on our mission to serve the membership and uphold the contract between the NALC-USPS.  For those not elected we say, “there are no losers in a Branch 725 election”. By
running, you have shown that you CARE enough to get involved. And THANK YOU for your participation.

This all contrasts with Postal Management refocusing their energy on letter carriers because of their financial situation. In a recent meeting at the area level, management
stated that they can save money by “going after letter carriers”. Please be aware that they will engage you with more demands and tactics to intimidate you into skipping
breaks, lunches, and using “pivots” as a vehicle to do this. Nothing new right? Please use your form 3996 and phone calls to meet our obligation to notify them when we are
unable to complete our assignments. Our fight never ends.

Congratulations to Les Dillman and Joe Pease on completing the NALC Advanced OWCP training.
Stay safe, stay vigilante, and most importantly, stay #725STRONG.

November 2018

Many chants were yelled at the top of our voices in unison as Branch 725 was among the many union members (and their families) who came out last Columbus Day to rally
against the privatization of the postal service. Along with the overt attack on the whole labor movement, the Trump administration is considering privatizing the U.S. Postal
Service. At risk are residents, businesses and organizations that rely on the most cost-efficient postal service in the western world.

The rally has effects that most of us don’t even think about. One, is to energize us on the ground floor activism level. Two, is public visibility. And thirdly, the exchange of
discourse between the politicians and those who help get them elected. For me it was inciteful walking side-by-side with congressman/women and talking/laughing as
equals as we marched down the street. Also, it’s always nice seeing friends in the union movement that we have known for over 20 years. The moral is when we let our
guards down and talk with common interests, we can move mountains. I’m so proud!

Another surprise I got was on my way to my car, a man at a newsstand asked me “what was that all about”. What followed was a conversation between me, him and the lady
working the stand. We discussed the postal issues, and what we were rallying for. To my surprise, the lady advocated so much for letter carriers that I only needed to add
some facts and perspective. She “loved what the speakers had to say”.  Yes, they love us! Why wouldn’t they?

#WeHaveToFightForOurRights #KeepOurFeetOnTheirNecks

This past month our branch also held another retiree seminar which NBA David Napadano attended. Later in the month, we enjoyed the great company of our retirees at our
semi-annual luncheon.

October 2018

Congratulations to Branch 725 President Rhonda Massari and Vice-President Les Dillman on being elected for another term by acclamation at our last branch meeting. In
challenging times it’s always good to have a stable executive board to counter what is postal management.

As time has moved on, our first class of CCAs has grown in seniority. NALC National President Fred Rolando foresaw these times when he urged us (then) to take them
under our wings as “they are the future”. I really want to emphasize that point now as we continue to gain new members. The more we empower them with correct
information, the better we all become. As a group, we are only as strong as our weakest links. And we don’t want ANY of our members to be taken advantage of.

Our branch fought long and hard during the local negotiations last year. The disagreements have now reached arbitration. Whatever the results turn out to be, I am very
proud of this branch for always fighting. When the next contract arrives, we will fight even harder (2019 is right around the corner).

At the national convention our leaders informed us that a new alternative route adjustment process would be coming by the end of the year. Please be mindful that when
that comes your actual clock rings will count as a part of the process. Stand strong in protecting your route and your wellbeing.

None of the things that management throws our way are a surprise. But their lazy, arrogant, and juvenile ways continue to hurt our members. And some of this “stuff” can
be prevented just by our communication with one another.    

We are looking forward to seeing our beloved retirees at the next retiree luncheon on October 18, 2018.

#UntilThenWeFightOn! #ProudToBeALetterCarrier #UnitedBehindTheBlueShield  

September 2018

Congratulations! It’s another long, hot summer of great letter carrier service to our customers.  We must never sell ourselves short. The amount of dedication and
perseverance that we display daily is not a common thing.

We returned last month from another successful convention energized. So, if you were thinking, “oh, management is not so bad. I like my supervisor”. The latest thing
going on is that the postal service is under siege across the country for stealing letter carrier money. That’s right, changing clock rings to not only take away letter carrier
penalty time, but also overtime and to meet manufactured time lines. As usual, the NALC has addressed this. The NALC is putting out booklets out to keep track of your
time. It’s just that simple! Like old times. But they are also putting out an app that will allow you to track your time worked. From my perspective, NALC president Fred
Rolando has had his hand on the pulse of what is going on daily with us. If you just search “USPS stealing time” you will see what is going on around the country. The
NALC will always be at the forefront of attacking, exposing, and the result has also been JAILING some of these fools. And many years ago, we got training at a national
convention on management stealing time. We ALWAYS must be vigilante.

The other big highlight of the convention was our brother Bill Mellon presenting branch 725’s MDA contribution of $6,000 to the body. This meant a lot to us because we
love Bill so much.

If you notice, all our gains are through the grievance/arbitration process. The power of a grievance is immeasurable. Just like the power of binding arbitration.

The next retiree luncheon is October 18, 2018.

July 2018

About six months ago I received an email that contained an attachment with the training that management had for attendance.  Many of us had heard that this training had
taken place.  Upon going over it, I observed generalities that basically said how to get us on attendance but also had protections for the company or “outs” for management
to rely on should their people go too far in applying the rules against us.

We know that attendance is high on their list every year.  The surprise is that they have had success in this incarnation.  We have had some carriers fired for attendance
lately and many others put up for removal.  But I say this now only to say that this can’t be taken lightly.  When someone’s job is on the line, we lose sleep!  The union has
always told members that attendance is one of the few things that will get us fired simply because it is an absolute thing.  It’s easy to prove that you had an unscheduled
absence.  Now, lateness has been exaggerated, and along with unscheduled absences, presents some of our most challenging fights in the grievance process.  So, please
be careful.  Consult your steward on all your rights.  But particularly as it relates to attendance.

This brings me to an interview that I recently read with Postmaster General Megan Brennan.  In the article she stated that the post office would be employing “aggressive
management”.  What does that mean?  Well, we can put it all together when the top postal executive speaks in these terms, we can think back to what is currently
happening.  So, please be careful and understand that we are one of a few companies where most of the employees know more than the people “managing” them.

#StayAwareAndBeSafe   #BeProudToBeALetterCarrier

June 2018

It’s that time of the year. Not letter carrier appreciation season. No, it’s nice weather, so the fleas that we call management take time out to drive around and “observe” us
doing our job. Sure, we are not perfect, but we are the best thing going in the USPS.

But this shouldn’t surprise us. First, we get a new district manager. Then a new head POOM. Then a new temporary POOM to fill that position. This is followed by very inept
supervisors moving around into positions that they have twice as much responsibility as the ones they were failing miserably at in the first place. And the 204Bs???.

The tactics employed by this new group are obvious and mean spirited. Let’s look; first they count at least two routes per week for no reason but to intimidate. Then they
add MSP points to every route (after a promise was made to the NALC that the MSPs would be eliminated). Next, they put out an edict to “super pivot” on Tuesdays,
Wednesdays, and Saturdays (because these are supposed to be “light days”). What ever happened to “load leveling? This goes on and on. But now it seems like they are
attempting to limit steward time (imagine that). And oh, it seems that the bidding process has suddenly gotten screwed up as well. Stewards are even having to fight for
documents to investigate grievances. It seems apparent that these things are not a coincidence. But guess what? We are just better, smarter, and more persistent than
them. Let’s support our stewards and executive board.

Over time, all these issues will be rectified. And that’s a tribute to all of US! #StayStrongStayUnited

The branch is sponsoring a Phillies outing on July 1, 2018. Please call the office for information.

May 2018

We recently attended the 2018 Pennsylvania State Association’s Congressional Breakfast. While our political activity is year-round, going down to talk to them face-to-face
is always rewarding and impactful. While there, we always get a chance to “rap” with the national officers in an informal session. To no one’s surprise, one of the most
startling things we heard was that after we signed the last national agreement, Postal management acted as if they misunderstood some of the things we had already
agreed to. Imagine that, the USPS going back on their word. This sums up the character of the people that we deal with daily. So, on the lowest level to the highest, the B.S.
factor remains the same. But the point that I want to focus on most is that the NALC filed grievances on the disagreements that we had with management.

We must take the business first approach when it comes to our disagreements with management. Unlike management, we can walk and chew gum at the same time. To do
that, we must help one another with first employing basic communications. The branch is still having too many occurrences of carriers receiving discipline and not notifying
their stewards. Please help us help you! YOU are the reason we are here, so let’s work together to defend ourselves against these new, 204bs, temporary POOMs, OICs, etc.
These are all people trying to make their names on our backs. To challenge and fight any injustices placed upon us, we need everyone looking out for one another. It can be
that simple!

We had a good turnout last month at both the retirement seminar, and the retirement luncheon and the MDA fundraiser and…

Please tell all members about the Branch 725 Scholarship Fund!!! For information ask your steward.

April 2018

Our branch recently attended the 2018 region 12 Rap Session in Atlantic City. The event was well attended by our leaders and stewards. In fact, our very own Colleen
Haynes taught a few classes and represented this branch very well. Why were we there? To add to our knowledge base through intensive training. While the USPS has
made a recent emphasis on training, our focus has never stopped. Think about it. The best way to reinvest in ourselves is to gain more knowledge and understanding of the
contract and the union way of doing things. One goal is better labor/management relations and more dignity and respect for our members.

The reality is the next wave of management has arrived. And they are more “green” than ever. Fortunately, there is nothing that we are not prepared for. But to help our
members at the lowest level we must remain vigilante because the “idiot” factor will always remain in effect. One of the latest incarnations is they are coming after our use of
sick leave. We negotiate in good faith, sign an agreement, and then some newly hired management type comes to the labor division and “tries” to reinvent the wheel.
Remember a long time ago it was “abuse of sick leave”, then came “not regular in attendance (WTF is that???)”, then “deems desirable list”. But let’s not hate on them for
trying. Lets’ wake up and not be afraid to exercise our rights! These parameters are set forth in the ELM. So, until that changes, we should not let them intimidate us.

The big picture is that we are doing great. Our fight is a one-minute-at-a-time thing. Let’s stay unified. And the best gift you can give this union is to help a CCA become a

March 2018

While driving home from jury duty last month, I stumbled onto a short but esoteric conversation with President Rhonda Massari. After having sat through a long trial, I
expressed the impact that we have on the USPS as unionists. For three weeks I served while handling a union situation in between breaks, and during lunch because I
(obviously) couldn’t have my phone on in court.

But this is what union officials do daily. We are so used to doing five things at once that sometimes we forget how much we matter. You may not think your steward is
“great”. But He/she is doing their best. Or you may not get the answer that you would like, but when you compare us to any union in the country, the NALC is the very best.
We practically hold this company up just by our pride, determination and love for our members. That same pride is sometimes crushed by management when their lack of
foresight and insistence on a management-by-numbers style conflicts with our realities. Let’s keep fighting, scratching, and most of all, staying unified in the face of our
daily adversities. But it’s the members who inspire us!

Much of the years long work that culminated in our new contract is working its way to our members. The CCA back-pay was recently paid. While money is usually the focus
in a contract. All the “other” provisions that lead us to getting more money and a better quality of life must be enforced. The fool’s brigade (postal management) are always
looking for a few sellouts, lazy, and soulless people to do their bidding. But at some point, we must ask ourselves “are they getting dumber or are we getting more educated
to their BS?”

Together we stand….. #EaglesAndNalcAreWorldChamps!

January 2018

To the hardest workers in the world, I congratulate you on another brilliant year.  You are special! I hope that you know this.  You need to be confident in knowing that you
are the cog that makes this engine run. Another great job done through the arduous holiday season. Oh, excuse me. Through the pivoting, hot summer, cold winter… You
get the picture.  After being told so many times that we are not good workers, it can sometimes seep into our mindset.

As carriers we have endured so much this past year.  The patience that we exhibited through the national and local contract negotiations, the effort and pride that we did our
jobs this year is beyond measure.  But what we face presently is always going to be our greatest accomplishment.  We stand ready and invigorated to serve our
membership as a branch.  I do ask that anyone within the readership of this column continue to try and get the next group of leaders pointed our way.  It’s a tough business
but the reward is immeasurable.  To see the look on the face on somebody that you help in any way, coupled with the stupid look on management’s face when they are
proven to be faulty in their thinking and actions is worth it all.

But the arrogance of this new breed of management only makes us better. We must be better to keep them at bay. They will always have the advantage, but we will never
make it easy for them.  We are on the righteous side of this.  We only want and DEMAND our dignity, respect, and (most importantly) that the contract is honored.

If you have a fair PM, just know that eventually, they will be replaced by a dumb SOB!

#LetUsDoOurJobs!  #StrengthAndUnityWillPrevail!

December 2017

Happy holidays from the Executive Board of Branch 725.  During this time of giving, sharing, caring and reflection, one would have to take inventory on all that this
branch has accomplished this year.

But postal management is strategically trying to place their feet square on our necks. They talk the talk, but when the time comes to hiring managers and supervisors, etc. to
apply those newfangled words of progression they come up short. Thankfully, the NALC is always ahead of these fools and therefore, give us the training necessary to
defend ourselves and hold them accountable to the contract.

The branch received training for the just passed local contract negotiations from Region 12 National Business Agent Dave Napadano.  And through the hard work of
this branch, we applied that training to the best of our ability for the membership.  Kudos to all who participated. From the office committee members to the stewards who
ran their negotiations, to Director of Education Joseph Pease.  We thank you all.  But I would especially like to thank President Rhonda Massari for her leadership in not only
stressing the importance of the negotiations but making herself and executive board members available for any and all assistance needed.

The moral of the story is that through unity we can accomplish great things.  And hard work usually ends in positive results.

In our business, there is no grass is greener if we do NOTHING.  We must fight for everything we get.  This organization has done great things.  But our next actions must be
even greater if we are to serve our membership to the level that they deserve. So, let’s look forward to a new year with energy, renewed commitment, and appreciation for
each other.


November 2017

Thanks to the retirees who attended the retirees luncheon last month.  It was well attended. We had the pleasure of the company of NALC health benefit plan Director Brian
Hellman.  Also in attendance was Region 12 administrative assistant Brian Thompson. But the overriding point was the fellowship between the retirees. This luncheon, the
branch presented service pins to members with varying lengths of service.  It’s a small token of how we feel about our members.  For those members who were not retirees,
pins were handed out to the prospective stewards for dissemination. Thanks again for all the service of ALL our members.

While the branch will always take care of our own, we still will remain vigilant of the current issues that affect our branch. The management side of things is changing at a
rapid pace.  For most of the carriers who have “put time in”, there is nothing that surprises us. It’s the same fools that we seemingly came across many years ago.  The
same tricks of the trade.  The good news is we should all be playing with these numb sculls like cats play with their toys.  We do however, owe it to our less experienced
carriers to past down the little “nuggets” of information that can greatly empower them against the bootlicking 204B types/new supervisors (that feel like they alone can
save the PO) that you don’t like because he/she flipped like a pancake on Sunday morning.  These people actually think they have more power than they do.  Please
remember, the worst they can do is make us feel uncomfortable.

The good news is that our branch is ready and able to answer any questions you may have. We are now undergoing LMOU negotiations mandated as part of the new


October 2017

Some of the members of this branch have been around long enough to see many bad postal managers pass through the company.  More are retiring monthly.  But
unfortunately, THEIR culture has not changed with the times.

Some of the new batch of supervisors believe that they are SUPERvisors.  This has and will still be a major thorn in our side.  That is unless we become a major thorn in
their side(figuratively speaking).  The new contract contains for the first time a mechanism that addresses the workroom floor issues more than ever.   This process is called
JWIP (Joint Workplace Improvement Program).  In it's infancy, it will at least add to the tools that we have to fight against a culture of bullying tactics, etc.

President Massari has initiated an agressive approach ahead of the MOU.  But it all starts with us demanding our dignity.  Dignity is something you feel when it is taken away
from you.  You know what it feels like (even the tone in which we are spoken to).  We will give up until we get our dignity and respect.

The old way doesn't work because it is one-sided.  If a carrier acts in any way that offends, disrespects, or embarrasses someone in management, that person is written up.  
Then we must defend ourselves even if their actions precipitated a situation.

Most of us are respectful people who have worked under this uneven system for so long.  In the past, the only thing that got attention was when someone died or was hurt.  
That same precept applied to safety.  But after a couple of heat-related deaths,management is more amendable to the efforts of NALC.  The JWIP MOU finally addresses
these issues.  Let's hope we can move toward a better work environment.

September 2017

Congratulations on completing another successful summer. Hopefully, this article finds us having ratified the proposed contract. This allows us to focus on the next big
things (fighting the political climate that is intent on reducing union rights/benefits and bettering the workroom floor climate). But most of it starts with us. We are the
backbone of this company and we should walk, talk, and expect to be treated as such by Postal management. Demanding our “dignity and respect” should not be so
foreign to us. Everything should start from there.

So please let your steward know what your concerns are so that we may PREVENT violations to the contract and attempt to make your work environment better. We can
achieve progress if we simply become more aware of our rights and responsibilities. Management talks a good game but they tend to be reactive and not proactive to our
needs. The names of postal management are changing fast but their tactics are becoming more “backward” thinking than the people they are replacing

We only ask that they give us the respect that we deserve. But realistically, progress only happens when we demand our respect. We are a loyal, respectful, dedicated and
professional workforce. We hope that management lives up to their end of the bargain!

Congrats to all the carriers who retired this year or are close to retirement. The branch will be holding the next retiree luncheon at the union hall on October 5, 2017.  Please
call the office to reserve a spot. Your attendance will be greatly appreciated. And your knowledge and experience is invaluable to this branch.

A big fist bump goes out to all the Stewards who kept our ship afloat for another summer! We are nothing without you.
Stay strong, stay unified!

August 2017

Sense of urgency is an attribute that every great unionist must have in my opinion. I had the honor of attending the Congressional Breakfast and the National Rap Session
since our last “talk”. NALC President Fred Rolando gave all the leaders in attendance great insight into the process of negotiating the latest contract and his vision for our
near future. The sense of urgency that I formally mentioned is paramount now. The political climate in Washington dictates that we are in for one of the fights of our union
lives. The proposed budget by President Trump has so many anti-union items in it that the fear is that even if we kill most of those items, some may be make it into the
budget.  To combat this, the NALC has added more positions to our legislative staff in Washington and have restructured the way our political machine will work.

While your leadership is poised and ready for the fight of our lives, the question is what can you do? The irony is that your role is done daily with the great job that you do.
The answer is to walk proudly, knowing that you are part of something so great that most of us don’t understand. You will remain professional, and hopefully let the people
that are trained to fight for you go to work. But we ask that you stay aware and participate when asked.

Under the leadership of President Rhonda Massari, Branch 725 has made a point to invest in the training of your local leaders. Now is the TIME for those investments to pay
dividends. Let’s fight for our members until infinity. After all, management has shown that they never frown at any chance to walk over us. Those days are over!

July 2017

One of the worst things in life is to be taken for granted.  Our company does this so well.  Whether we miss a scan, misdeliver mail/packages, or can’t make it to work.
What’s the first thing we hear?  It’s the ole “that is a condition of your job” b.s. talk. We also hear “you get paid to do a job”. This is as if we are machines and can never
make a mistake. The fact of the matter is that they royally screw up often.  And their fear of their bosses makes them try and take it out on us.  But we persevere, we are so
resilient. And the #1 reason is the NALC.

It’s one thing for management to take us for granted but many of us take this great union for granted.  I had the privilege of going down to Washington D.C. last month for
our annual Congressional Breakfast. There, me and our brethren from all over the state spoke with our politicians on behalf of “all” letter carriers. It’s very inspiring seeing
the same leaders that I see at all these events. They just go about the business of helping letter carriers.  That’s admirable, particularly during the vacation season.  To that
end, it was so great to attend with fellow Branch 725 members President Rhonda Massari, Belinda Tridente, , Colleen Haynes, Mary Beth Lloyd, Joseph Pease, and
Margarite Polite. These people used their own AL to work on behalf of letter carriers.

We work at a job that pays well, has many union negotiated rights. So, I say USE THEM!  The NALC (ironically) has worked vigorously to negotiate a contract with vision,
incite and purpose.  If ratified, we will enjoy all the benefits of said contract. But will it be taken for granted?

June 2017

POWER! It’s a word often used but never fully analyzed. Postal management over uses it. However, our membership has tremendous POWER also. But we don’t often
realize it or take advantage.

Our members are smart, dedicated and possess various ingenuities. Yet, our company sees fit to tell us otherwise at every chance. Let’s be clear, Postal management
spends a lot of time trying to “save” the company on the backs of their most valuable assets. US!  And then insult our intelligence with those fake surveys (that act like they
care). They have the GPS in our scanners, MSP points, and when we “DARE” to exercise our contractually negotiated right to call out sick, they accuse us of abuse. Well,
what about YOU? What do you DO? Realize greatness personified. That’s us!

Our POWER lies doing our job correctly. Aside from that, what can they do?  Now imagine if we are where we are supposed to be, we don’t walk around with earbuds
showing, and we always have our seatbelts on, etc. What could they do to us?

This great union simply grieves and wins! If we communicate with our stewards and let them do the great job that they do, then what could management do to harm us? The
most important thing we are not doing is filling out our 3996s to document our requirement of notifying management when we will not be able to complete our assignment.
That, along with calling them will sufficiently satisfy our requirements. We must get to the point of using our POWER to our advantage. Talk to your stewards to gain
knowledge of your rights. That will take away much of the stressors that we endure daily.
And to the 204Bs who sell out to get in the “club”, …    

May 2017

I received a letter from former Branch 277 President Thomas Blythe from the Chester PO. He expressed such pride in his fellow carriers that it warms the heart. His dismay in
how some of us display a lack of that very pride is echoed by many carriers. Forget management, it all starts with us. In my opinion, most carriers have this very pride that
Mr. Blythe talked about, but the company has simply attempted to harass it out of us.

The company doesn’t tell us the fact that we are the best in the world at what we do (we move more mail than the next five countries put together. We do our jobs more
efficiently than all our private competitors at a cheaper price. We also deliver the parcels that they don’t want to deliver). We only get these facts from the NALC. But the
company gives us B.S. and mixed messages about service (until they must pay a little more overtime). We didn’t make these empty promises, management did. It’s like a
parent telling their kid “I’m coming to see you” and never showing up.

But in the end, what can they do to us that they haven’t already been doing? They attack us as if we are the “enemy” and not the most important part of this $67 billion
company. You can GPS us, follow us, try to harass us out of using our negotiated sick leave, and even fail to give us our just due respect. But you will never break us! We
carriers LOVE a good fight. Postal management, respect our greatness or step down to our level and try to carry a route under the same constraints that you try to place on
They are coming, let’s be ready!

April 2017

All members are cordially invited to attended our retirees luncheon on April 20, 2017 at 12:00 p.m. It will be held for the first time at our union hall on 617 W. MacDade Blvd.,
Milmont Park, Pa. 19033-3204. Please call the union office for details.

It’s time we all realize that this company has (for the longest time) been trying to squeeze things out of us that we (frankly) don’t have. First, the company went through
trying times years ago, when they tried to go to five-day delivery. THAT Postmaster General stated “3-day delivery would be even better”. But the company persevered and
slimmed down by cutting a lot of waste (including sending many managers back from some of the cushy district jobs back to the field). At the same time, they placed a lot of
attention on carriers. They put money into rolling out MSP points, GPS, etc. And with all that, they still think we are simply bums when everyone knows that the carriers who
don’t want to work, kiss the right boots, and eventually find their way into supervision.

The new management falls in line with the old. You notice them because they can’t stand for long because of their lack of a spine! Through the years, management has
given their people “tools” (like DOIS, POST and all others) to manage with. The thing is, the “tool” that they use is a hammer. Unfortunately, their small brains are
only superseded by their laziness and condescending attitudes toward us.

They have recently given their team training on “PRIME” which follows “PET” which follows…. These are good tools to use to “get us”. But they are just not intelligent
people. We will always win this fight. We DO our job daily. They can’t say that!    

March 2017

Why? What is the reason that we all do WHAT we do? The company seems to drain us with all their daily BS. But it seems to deter us from our main reason for working.
In the recent past I had the privilege of attending retiree parties for two carriers (Mr. Jerry O’Neill and Mr. Nick Citrone). These small get togethers were more than just an
acknowledgement of them finishing their postal careers but an affirmation of the friendship and fellowship that we enjoyed along the way.

The other side of the coin is the CCAs. They are young and finding their way through this vast culture of the PO. But if you talk to them and LISTEN, you will harken back to
when you started your journey and the lasting implications that have made you who you are. The members have families, health issues, funerals, doctor appointments just
like we do. They often ask questions about buying a house etc. Wow, it warms the heart. They will progress, grow their families and become the senior carriers in their office
one day. That is why we are obligated to nurture them and give them the same tough love that we got when we started. It’s THIS bonding that we celebrate at the retirement

At a time when the PO pays so much money to send out surveys that ACT like they are concerned about our wants and needs, their actions show differently. They now,
customarily use PDIs as a discipline tool rather than an investigatory process. Years ago, they would have “discussions” to get simple information. Okay, no problem. Now,
the pressure is overtly, very intimidating to our brethren.

Know your value. Carriers are the most important cog in the postal wheel!!!

Together we stand…

February 2017

Does anyone know what the Postal Plan is for us as a company? I only ask this question because what postal management says and does are two different things.
At the highest levels, the NALC and the Postal Service are negotiating our next contract. All the “nice words” are being exchanged from them and honest (yet direct) words
are being exchanged by the NALC. But the pure truth comes out when people talk under stressful times. One example of this is this past holiday season. We had just
completed our most successful season of delivering mail, parcels, and SPRS. And we got two communications from management. The District manager (actually) gave us a
nice, complimentary letter for our efforts. However, our POOM echoed those sentiments only to be followed by insulting words about us using more overtime than last year.
Duh! Doesn’t it cost more to deliver more. And don’t take credit for us doing so well then expect us to do it faster and cheaper. Doesn’t that lead to safety issues that you
always talk about. And, also at a time when our revenue is at its highest in years. Please don’t insult our intelligence!

So, our branch will continue to attack these very issues on the surface that they arise. We only ask that each member continue to help us help you. Our meetings are the 1st
Wednesday of each month (excluding July and August). Let’s encourage our CCA’s to attend these meeting even if you may not. They could benefit greatly just from being
in a room with so much knowledge and understanding about the contract, your rights, and responsibilities.

Our retirees have done their part. Now it’s up to the next generation to rise and take their place in this branch.

January 2017

New year, same post office?  Yes.  As much as we would all like to expound on all our great accomplishments like, delivering more parcels than we ever have, and working
endless hours to get it done, we still find ourselves having great success in spite of, rather than because of management in the Philadelphia District.  The results are
indisputable.  The company’s revenue is back up over $70 billion.  That should be applauded, right?

Unfortunately, CCA Workers are being run into the ground and lied to (as usual).  But this has caused an accelerated increase in accidents.  Oh, safety.  That’s the thing
preached about by management but often contradicted when it is time to show it.  Even a five minute safety talk is skipped over on busy days.  Either do it right or tell us you
don’t care.  But you do care when loss of man-hours and OWCP claims increase.  You see, that’s the thing.  They just can’t seem to get out of their own way.

But thank you all the great leaders that this great union has nurtured.  Our leadership has seemed to trump their bullyship.  And we will continue to fight the same fight that
has gone on for more then 100 years.  Thank you to all the members that are not scared of these fools who bury their souls when they become supervisors/204-bs.  Just
know, postal management, we will not feel sorry for you when you complain about your bosses.  Our complaints always fall on deaf ears to you.

We have this document that we both have agreed to.  It’s called the contract.  That’s all we require.

And work on your lying skills while you’re at it.  You’re bad at it.  Buy a backbone and work with us.  Talk to us, not at us.

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