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NALC 1970 National
NALC's 100th Anniversary
News Coverage of the
1970 Strike
President Rolando's key
messages at Convention
2014 in Philly
Stop Staples Rally
NALC 1939 Convention
125 Years Of Delivering
for America
Ed Shultz addresses 2014
Convention in Philly
Remembeing President
Vincent Sombrotto
Saving the U.S. Postal
Service The Ed Show
Postal carriers: A good
friend for those
homebound during winter
Job That Matters
USPS 2014 Holiday
Package Delivery
Already There Promo
City Carrier Assistant
USPS found to be at fault in
metro mailman’s heat death
from 2012
Detroit Letter Carrier
Fights His Way Through
Snowy Streets
Letter Carrier Tosses
Package, Two Days in a
Danny Glover On The
Ed Show
Davis police alert
residents of mailbox
Freaky February helps
smash records for heat —
and cold
Erie, PA Postal Worker
Shot In Ear
Letter Carrier Robbed In
Valdosta, Georgia
Bernie Sanders Addresses National Convention 2014
Bernie Sanders addresses
National Convention in
Philly 2014
Follow the Mail Through
the Postal Delivery
Postal Strike Stories from
Members of Branch 157
How The Postal Service
Systems at Work (Museum
FOX 29 Investigates: Poor
Response To Post Office
USPS Mailman Bangs
Hooker in Van Trenton, NJ.
Trenton postal worker
and hooker? part 2
Trenton postal worker
and hooker part 3
Snow banks present
challenges for postal
Express Mail packages at
the heart of
work-from-home scam
So you want to be a  
Letter Carrier
Danny Glover: Save Our
Postal Service
Mail truck overturned;
neighbors say speed is an
Community thanks
beloved mailman with
notes, money for trip to
Carrier springs into
action after customer
15 Waterbury Mail Carriers
Hurt on the Job Since
Snake problem stops
mail at Denver home
Neighbors Upset Over
Ongoing Problems With
2 injured after crash
involving U.S. Postal
truck near Will-Kendall
Carrier, customers
rescue mail from
burning postal truck
Oklahoma letter carrier
accused of stealing mail
from elderly residents
Detroit: A postal worker
is attacked while trying
to break up a fight
The Village residents tired
of postal problems
Tucson to see new
mailboxes that thwart
OK Carrier Throws
Package Then Jogs
Around LLV
Chicago postal worker
fatally shot on his way to
Convicted sex offender,
mail carrier taken off
school route
Registered sex offender
will continue to deliver
mail despite complaints
Postmaster General’s
Business Focus
Message for Employees
Legal notices go missing
in Hancock County mail
3,000 Pieces of
Undelivered Mail Found
At DFW Postal Facility
APWU President
Dimondstein Appears on
the Bill Press Show
Congressman Steve
King (R-IA) delivers mail
USPS won’t deliver mail
due to neighbor’s dog
Postal Service investigates
missing mail in Myers Park –
Charlotte, NC
Mail Carrier Finds
Child Left Home Alone
Carrier Flips Package Into
Parking Lot on Amazon
Easter Sunday
USPS Carrier Retires
After 50 Years
FSS Output
Diary, Confessions, and
Photo Journal of USPS
Letter Carrier
70-year-old letter carrier
logs two million miles
Behind The Pony Express
Doodle From Google
Postal worker arrested
after landing gyrocopter
on US Capitol lawn
Dogs bite Beaumont
postal worker
Pittsburg Residents
Frustrated Over Mailbox
Dayton tax filers upset
USPS didn’t stay open
FAA investigating
Florida mailman's
landing of gyrocopter
on U.S. Capitol lawn
Who Is Doug Hughes?
Inside the Mind of the
Mailman Who Flew to
Florida Carrier That
Piloted Gyrocopter Onto
U.S. Capitol Lawn Returns
Postal carrier catches
accused peeping Tom in
the act
Pelosi Says Gyrocopter
Landing at Capitol
Sanders scores major
union endorsement
over Clinton
Tulsa neighbors demand
more action against dog
Petitioner arrested for
refusing to move from
post office
Gyrocopter pilot who
shut Capitol released
Time Lapse of Letter
Carrier Delivery
Lindsey Graham: We
should have shot that
gyrocopter guy down
Expect Delays in Erie's
Mail Service
Gyrocopter pilot's wife:
'My husband is a patriot'
The Meters Featured
On 27th USPS Jazz
Fest Envelope
NALC and Coalition to
Stop Fast Track air TV
stealing from U.S. Postal
Service Drop Mailboxes
Ohio Letter Carrier To
Give Kidney To Co-
Worker’s Son
Strange Tire Tracks
Near PA Suburban
Home – Guess Who It
Stamp Out Hunger 2015
USPS Drone Delivery
Sit Means Sit Dog
Training With San Jose
Postal Workers
Thief targeting cash
mailed inside birthday
USPS continues to owe
parking tickets, break
parking laws
How did gyrocopter
breach DC airspace? It
blended in with the birds
Residents On Alert
For Package Thieves
In North Raleigh
Son Let Dad, 90 – a retired
postal employee, Rot to
Heroic Mail Carrier Put
Himself Between Shooter,
Postal Service Offers
Reward For Info On
Attempted Robbery
Dayton postal carrier
accused of stealing mail,
gift cards
Missing mail? Virginia
carriers admit to trashing
thousands of letters
California startup to
offer “World’s First,
True Smart Mailbox
Check This Out: USPS
Drone Delivery
Remembering a mother,
sister and postal worker
killed in a deadly crash
Tips for handling a
dog attack if you’re
a letter carrier
Operations Resume
After NJ Postal Facility
Hazmat Incident
Florida Carrier
Discovers Apparent
Postal worker threw out
Bed Bath & Beyond ads
Postal carrier caught on
tape tossing package
Disabled man upset
about  post office access
Postal inspectors
offer $50,000 reward
Postal union representative
calls out Wisconsin
Retiree sits at super
mailbox every day to
protest Canada Post
Accused Drunk
Driver Slams Into
Felts Mills Post Office
Postal Worker Throws
Package Over 12 Foot
Stealing my USPS
Thousands of pieces of
mail found in hoarding
APWU leader sheds light
on delay of postal
consolidation plan
Apologetic postal worker
blames substance abuse
for late, trashed mail
Neighbors Furious
USPS Won’t Replace
Vandalized Mailbox
Postal worked attacked
by dog in Portland
neighborhood speaks
Pitbull to Be Put Down
Following Attack
Estimated 18 Million
Affected by OPM
Postal Carrier Accused
of Being Drunk While
Driving Her Route
Delivery Halted –
Residents Say No Mail
For Days
National Postal Worker
Day Is Today
Houston second-highest
when it comes to USPS
workers bitten by dogs
Your Mailbox: An open
invitation for thieves?
Memphis USPS Driver
Robbed At Gunpoint
Postal worker hit
woman in face in
road-rage incident,
police say
Several USPS packages
stolen from stoops,
porches in Minneapolis
Mail Carrier
Hospitalized After
Rollover Accident In
Springfield, TN
USPS mail carriers are
getting a “panic button”
Furious Dutch postman
tears down Tour De
France barrier
Federal-Postal Coalition
pushes government in
wake of OPM breach
Postal Employee Dies
After Shooting Firework
Off His Chest
Elderly Father Gets
26-Year-Old Letter From His
Deceased Son
93-year-old woman
drives car into
Albuquerque post office
Woman snaps pic of
postal worker
appearing to steal toy
Why missing mail
needs to be reported
Fire and ice: workers
beat the heat on
extremely hot day
Postal worker, neighbor
save the day after
lightning sparks house
Man steals packages
from Indianapolis front
Pecos, TX Woman
Claims Mailman Won’t
Deliver Mail
LLV Slides Then Rolls
Several Times In Texas
Pile of mail dumped on
Richmond woman’s front
Mail discovered in
Baltimore County storm
Shooting in Portland
parking garage, bullet
holes found in USPS
A Yosemite Post Office
Helps California Hikers
Questions surround
veteran mailman’s
suspicious death
2-Year-Old Girl Flies Out
of Grandmother’s Arms,
Dies After Mail Truck Hits
Them on Street
Florida Carrier Knocks
Mailbox Down and
Keeps On Going
Mail carrier rescues
injured Hope Hull, AL
man trapped for 10 days
Outdoor workers sweat it  
out on the job
Mom stages “nurse-in” after
incident at Janesville Post
Charlotte County, VA
Fed Up With Slow Mail
Growing Concern
Fresno Mail Delivery
May No Longer Be Safe
Carrier finds 2 people
dead at Arizona home
Georgia Letter Carrier
Caught Throwing
USPS testing
Another Georgia Carrier
Tossing Customers
Utah mailman’s plea for
books gets worldwide
Man says postal worker
threw package out of
delivery truck
Dog hit and killed by postal
worker in family’s driveway
Oregon: Statewide
investigation underway
after government offices
receive suspicious mail
Missing package remains
a mystery
Surveillance cam
captures USPS worker
who really doesn’t care
Person of interest in
suspicious Portland
mail case released
Post Office Investigating
Mail Dumped Into Trash
Cans in Carson, CA
Florida Teen Accused of
Trying to Steal Postal
Worker’s Master Key
USPS admits error in
leaving bins full of mail
unattended in Florida
post office lobby
Freight Train Hits Mail
Truck In Addison, IL
Dog maced by mail
carrier, USPS condones
employee’s actions
How Amazon Convinced
USPS to Work on Sundays
Mail Truck Overturns,
Shuts Down Indiana
Highway for Hours
12-Year-Old Boy Gets
Hundreds of Books After
Mailman’s Plea Goes Viral
Postal worker follows
couple, assaulted
over package
The Real Deal – USPS
Blue Boxes Targeted
Postal workers accused
of drug trafficking in
Tuscaloosa, AL
Wanted parolee arrested
on suspicion of package
theft in Santa Ana
Jeweler says package of
diamonds worth $50K has
gone missing in the mail
Ft. Worth postal employee
refutes claims he made
terroristic threat
NY Postmaster Tells
Customers Move Your
Mailboxes Or No Longer
Receive Mail
Meet ‘The Inspectors’ –
Video offers sneak peek
of new postal-themed TV
Detroit mother grateful
for those who helped her
mail carrier daughter
when she was hit by a car
Postal service sends
out false notice to
Unique partnership
between USPS and QCA
Military mom
heartbroken after
heirloom American flag
goes missing in the mail
USPS proposal includes
mailmen checking on the
Pedestrian killed in
Kentucky may have
deliberately dove in front
of USPS truck
Management Is the
Apparent Reason Behind
Mail Theft In West
Investigation: Postal
workers play hooky, get paid
– 36 postmasters on list
Union protests postal
worker’s termination for
being on active military
duty too long
Police conduct a drug
bust at the Holyoke, MA
post office
Managers at San
Antonio PO under
investigation for clock
ring discrepancies
Residents worried
about mail thefts in
North Las Vegas
Heavy bags, long walks,
high heat for letter carriers
Lessons learned from
Kentucky mail carrier’s
tragic death
This week’s first winner is
the USPS – Delivering an
estimated 40% of Amazon
packages annually
Politics paralyzes postal
Postal Service Driver
Spotted Texting Behind
The Wheel In Rush Hour
For Spartanburg
Neighborhood, Getting
Mail Is A Struggle
USPS Impersonator and
Accomplice Hold Up Family
In Texas
Man in Bucket Hat Calmly
Points Gun at Postal
Worker, Robs Northeast
Philadelphia Post Office
Postal Service to
Review Email Use in
Ashley Madison Data
Golden Gate, FL
mailboxes raided and
checks stolen
Houston Post Office
Holds Couple’s Mail
After Chihuahua
Kurten, TX Residents
Frustrated After Post
Office Abruptly Closes
Mailman Caught on
Video Using Pepper
Spray on Small Dog
North Carolina police
work with USPS to
investigate mail and
parcel thefts
DeKalb, GA development
says they can’t get their
Pecos Postmaster
Accused of Racial
Mail thefts in North
Carolina lead to
$10K reward offered in
Bakersfield, CA stolen
mail case
Woman says post
office didn’t know her
street exists
Missing vase has
Chesterfield man, USPS
at odds
Video shows US Postal
Service worker in
Fairfield tossing $1,000
Driver Caught Throwing
Packages On Camera
Driver Caught Throwing
Packages On Camera
Search for missing mail
reveals serious problems
with  postal facility
California TV News Crew
Helps Couple After USPS
Loses Package
Postal Service uses sting
to counter pallet thefts
Florida residents fed
up with letter carrier
they say isn’t delivering
Postal worker charged
with assault, harassment
while delivering mail
The check is in the mail
Package delivery
bedevils business owner
Texas Robber Storms
Home Pretending To Be
Postal Employee
Group mailbox disappears
from South Austin
Alabama postal worker
saves baby
Finnish post office tests
drone for parcel delivery
Finnish post office tests
drone for parcel delivery
Atlanta neighbors say
they are fed up with
mail mistakes
Phoenix neighbors
perplexed by lack of
mail delivery
Pittsburgh postmaster
charged with intimidating
subordinate to cover up
illegal activity
Boy who received
thousands of books after
mail carrier’s plea shares
the wealth
Mail carrier refused to
deliver to couple’s St.
Pete apartment, but won’t
say why
'Mail kid' idolizes his
neighborhood mailman
Your Mail, Your Money or
Your Life?
Chattanooga Woman
Fighting For Wheelchair
Access At Downtown Post
Office Building
First responders say dark
street numbers a safety issue
Postal contractor
suspected in mail theft
Murder Of Beloved
Chicago Postal Carrier
Hits Neighborhood Hard
7-year-old girl allegedly
pepper sprayed by postal
Postal Worker Jumps In
To Halt Dog Attack
Against UPS Driver
‘Mail Kid’ goes to the post
USPS Says It Tried To
Deliver My Package
Rio Rancho, NM
neighborhood concerned
after attack on mailbox
Pittsburgh postmaster will
stand trial on charges of
intimidating subordinates
Postal Inspectors investigate
racist postcards mailed in
Milwaukee’s south side
Geneva mail carriers
honor colleague with
procession following his
Geneva route
Georgia carrier honored for
saving customer
“Never leave outgoing
checks in mailbox to
be picked up by
Man in serious
condition after USPS
semi runs over Prius
California postal carrier
gives folks the finger
Cluster boxes or ‘return
to sender’
Police looking for mail
thieves caught on-camera
in Berlin, CT
USPS worker says goodbye
through song
USPS carrier accused of
stealing thousands of
first-class mail
Top Tips To Spotting
Fake US Postal Money
Officials searching for
man previously
convicted of mailing
pipe bomb
Terrifying moment a
tornado ripped right
THROUGH a postal truck
on a Florida bridge
Postman helps neighbors
during brush fire
Pic of neglected mailbox
says mouthful about
Headlamp bearing letter
carriers deliver late into
the night in Colorado
Senator Jon Tester:
“Montanans tell me that
there are serious delays
in mail delivery….”
USPS loses dozens of
Maryland student’s ACT tests
Tilton, IL asks for federal help
with mail problem
Hero Mail Carrier
Honored with
Congressional Certificate
Thieves Rig Mailboxes
Across Eagle Rock, CA
Las Vegas Neighborhood
Outraged Over Mailbox
Postal peeve pesters
Columbus, GA couple
USPS Carrier Drives Into
Man who shot mail carrier
with BB gun gets 7 years
Oklahoma Carrier Accused
Of Stealing Money, Gift
D.C. Based CBS Teen Drama
“The Inspectors”
USPS provides bizarre reason
for denying insurance claim
Colorado letter carriers
say they’re over-worked;
USPS says  they’re hiring
Woman makes strange
discovery after
receiving package
Web-Shopping Deluge
Boxes In Landlords
Reward offered in robbery
of Memphis carrier
Postal worker accused of
intentionally hitting
woman with mail truck
Police release booking
photo of woman arrested
in connection with
package theft in Omaha
After 25 years of service,
postmaster says
mailboxes are now too
Thief steals packages with
family steps away
Wyoming, MI Carrier Calls It
Quits After 52 Years On The
Company rethinks policy
after refusing to print stamps
to honor late veteran
USPS Driver Backs Into
Best Buy Is Trying Out
One-Day Delivery in San
Francisco Area
Postal Service’s holiday TV
ads debut
Count on USPS
Georgia woman says
postal worker damaged
her package
Dad, a postal employee,
thinks his son is taking
him to Niagara Falls.
Racy flyers showing nude
women OK in U.S. mail?
Former Pennsylvania Postal
Employee Pleads Guilty To
Stealing Cash
Absentee voters miss
mark: Why the mail may
be to blame
Bernie Sanders Plan to
Transform the USPS
Postal Service Expects to
Deliver More than 15
Billion Pieces of Holiday
USPS Worker Throws
Greensboro, NC Man’s
Package to Front Door
FOX25 Investigates fraud
within the US Postal
Caught on cam: Kenmore
mailman ‘air-mails’ package
from Jeep
California residents
upset postal service isn’t
protecting their mail
Frustration mounts as
Vegas post office lines
stretch over two hours  
Santa Fe woman: USPS worker
drove through my yard
Payments from NH and Iowa
found stuffed in St. Pete
junk mail
Caught on camera:
Cordova, TN homeowner
says postal worker
manhandled his mail
Off-duty postal police
officer wounded in
shooting in Newark
Jay Leno Shows USPS
Carrier How Delivery Can
Be Sped Up
Transgender employees at
center of controversy over
restrooms at Pittsburgh
North Side post office
Vegas postal worker dies
in crash
Walking A Cold Route
CCA – City Carrier Assistant
– It’s Not As Easy As It
Eyewitness News Looks
Into Complaints at North
Houston Post Office
Dimondstein Appears on
‘The Big Picture’ with Thom
How a new scam threatens
to steal your identity
Vandals target local
Vegas mailboxes
Man Hit by Mail Truck
Tuesday Morning in
Peoria, IL
‘Heart of the Holidays’
Package Pickup Locations
Offer Safe Alternative To
Doorstep Delivery
Turn your post office into
a bank? Idea is on the
Suspect In Custody For
Northeast Philly Post Office
Colorado Neighbors On
Alert After Woman Caught
On Camera Breaking Into
Mail Stolen From
Burlingame, CA Postal Facility
Gyrocopter pilot who
landed at the Capitol
pleads guilty
Gyrocopter pilot admits
he fears prison time but
plans to keep working
Bixby, OK residents
report irregular mail
Porch Pirating – Online
Shoppers Beware
Take a Picture with Charlie
Brown Characters
Postal Worker Wanted In
Alleged Hate Crime
mailman shot at while on
the job
Thieves Break Into Coloma
Post Office Before Holiday
MA USPS clerk admits to
stealing about $10K in gift
cards, cash
Florida Carriers Getting
Extra Security During
Holiday Season
USPS to deliver mail 7 days
a week during holiday rush
Amazon shows off new
prototype delivery drone
USPS Truck Driver Killed in
Crash in Fort Worth
2 Seriously Injured After
USPS Truck Lands on SUV
How To File Claims With
The U.S. Postal Service
Mailman by day, heavy
metal vocalist by night
How to keep unwanted
Grinches from stealing your
Asked And Answered:
Campaign flyers in
mailboxes illegal?
Porch Poaching Is
Popular This Year
Postal inspectors
investigating a rash of mail
thefts in Bakersfield
US Post Office investigating
in Price after mail tampered
with, contents stolen
Feds say postal worker
dumped mail for Ann Arbor
residents in Romulus
US Post Office
investigating in Price after
mail tampered with,
contents stolen
Postal board losing
Sand Springs, OK thieves
break into mail boxes
CBS News highlights South
Dakota carrier’s dedication
U.S. tries to kill
Staples-Office Depot
marriage. Again.
Mail carrier credited for
saving little girl from
dog attack
New Mailbox Design Could
Deter Holiday Thieves
Caught on Camera: Thief
steals packages from Tempe
Vegas parcel thieves enter
primetime during holidays
eBay seller admits to
defrauding USPS of $18K in
unpaid postage
Operation Santa program
helping families in need
Rise in package deliveries
keeping postal workers
busier than ever
Postal worker foils burglary in
progress outside Florida
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