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April 18, 2014
Postal Service worker honored for helping police nab suspect
Deregulate the USPS? Bad idea
Finland’s erotic Tom stamps raise temperatures worldwide
Pennsylvania postmaster sentenced for taking $13K
California's only river route floats Delta mail carrier's boat >/a>
Postal changes leave some without mail
NY Rep. Wants USPS to Stop Selling Off Historic Post Offices Until Better Way to Do So is Found
Preserving Historic Post Offices: A Report to Congress (PDF)

April 17, 2014
The USPS wants to mine and sell data gathered from your mail
Orange Shoes Could Be Key To Solving Postal Holdup
A New Postal Union Leader Really Doesn't Want Mail Sent From Staples
NNA, mailers group says PRC erred by allowing postal rate increase
Postal carrier admits throwing out mail
Is 5-Day Delivery USPS's Way of Saying It's Giving Up on Mail?
Nerves on edge in Chattanooga as mystery box stirs fear
Why Every Member of Congress Gets a Monthly Porn Delivery

April 16, 2014
Winter Postal Woes Tip of Iceberg, Old Irving Park Neighbors Say
CPWU: Photo From Concerned Citizen Shows Carrier Being Followed by Person With Stopwatch
Postal Service investigates Freeport mail thefts
Congresswoman Bordallo Calls on Postmaster General to Correct Problems With Its New Address Recognition System on Guam
Canada Post Richmond plant causing major mail delays says union
Mailman finds man and woman dead in bathtub with empty gallon of vodka nearby
PHOTOS: Car knocks over post office van
Postal carrier robbed during delivery
A Post Office Lifer's 7-Point Survival Plan for USPS
Panic at the post office as hundreds fail to file taxes on time
PHOTO: Still Plenty of People Sending Tax Returns Via U.S. Mail

April 15, 2014
US Postal Service Joins in Federal Ammo Purchases
Union Continues to Resist USPS-Staples Deal
When a mail carrier spends too much time on the cellphone
USPS Plans to Open Hubs to Retailers Competing with Amazon
Mysterious postcard becomes window into past
Post offices: No extended hours for April 15's Tax Day
Crime alert: Don't click on e-mail about a package for you
Postal service to end in one Cape community

April 14, 2014
Lower Pay Rates Are Boosting USPS's Finances
ACHP to report on disposal of historic post offices this week; the sales go on
Canadian mail service to scrap all home deliveries
USPS wants to consolidate bulk mailing services
Tax returns go from post office to digital
VIDEO: Many Complain of Returned Mail After USPS Stops Manual Sorting at Barrigada Main Facility
Pit bull attacks prompt debate over breed’s safety

April 13, 2014
Who’s winning the shipping war?
Maine Congressman Calls on Speaker Boehner to Bring Postal Reform Legislation to the Floor after Recess
Letter Carriers Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive May 10
Investors fear further Royal Mail sale as lock-up expires
Mail carrier’s lawsuit claims husky attacked

April 12, 2014
Goldway Says USPS Dissed Mailers With Load Leveling
Consumers Expect the USPS to Deliver
Postal worker retires after 61 years
Bus Immediately Engulfed in Flames After Collision With FedEx Truck

April 11, 2014
Airport backlog causing delays in mail sent to service members overseas
Amazon Rolls Out Sunday Deliveries, Tests Carrier Drones
Armstrong revealed names of those who helped him cheat, including USPS team manager
Photos: Day Care Drug Ring Used SpongeBob SquarePants As Coke Mule
Cops: Merrick postal worker sold marijuana from mail truck
PRC Chair Urges Postal Service to Tap Its Human Capital
Postal Union Chief: Think of USPS as Asset, Not a Cost Center
Report Commissioned by PRC: Impact of Discontinuance of Saturday Delivery for Letters and Flats (PDF)
What the Quad/Graphics-Brown Deal Tells Us About U.S. Printing, Publishing, and Postal Services
Future of Drones: Delivery?
Car crashes through fence at Farmington Post Office

April 10, 2014
Postal Service is profitable, doesn't need to cut services: column
VIDEO: Customer Confronts Mailman Over Nondelivery of Mail
Government's credential exchange to go live soon
Former Columbia postal worker admits to stealing Secret Service counterfeits, buying drugs
USPS owes us an explanation
A changing of the guard at National Association of Letter Carriers

April 9, 2014
A Census of Post Boxes
Darrell Issa continues war against the US Postal Service
Greeting Card Association and the National Rural Letter Carriers’ Association Call for Meaningful Postal Reform
OMB Deputy Director Statement on Postal Reform
University Place Fights to Keep Post Office
Arson fire disrupts service at Arlington Heights post office
Finally, a Direct Mail Feelgood Story
Netflix DVD-Mailer Rate Upheld by Court in Post Office Suit (2)
Letter to the editor: This might explain why Postal Service is hurting
Condo residents targeted by mail thieves twice in 1 month
USPS: “Load leveling” starts tomorrow

April 8, 2014
Staples Deal Still a Secret — But Hearing Reveals Disturbing Truths
Customer Service at USPS: “Today is Not Your Day”
Video: Postal Service Worker Seen Throwing Package In Drive-By Delivery
Timing is everything: MSPB braces for involuntary retirement appeals
The Real Reason Postal Workers Don’t Trust Paul Ryan
NYS Letter carrier union delivers endorsement to Rep. Charlie Rangel

April 7, 2014
Why do so many cars crash into post offices?
TSP Monthly Returns March 2014
TSP VIDEO: Take FIVE for Your Future
Employers may not engage in coercive surveillance of unions
VIDEO: Postal Police at APWU StopStaples Demonstration
Civic leaders want answers on botched mailing of Juniper Berry magazines
Amazon launches Amazon Dash for delivery of groceries, household items
Package may have ignited fire at Raleigh postal facility

April 6, 2014
Marine Park woman receives letters after 45 years
California letter carrier’s attention to detail helps customer
Letter to editor: U.S. post office responds to Elmwood Park protest news release
Songbird Stamps Take Flight
Postal workers protest Staples pilot program

April 5, 2014
Remember Those Late Holiday Packages? Don’t Blame The Carrier, Blame The Retailer
Is mail dead?
Postal Retirement Q&A April 2014
Driver injured after crash into Cornelius post office
Pittsburgh Mail Delivery is Spotty at Best
Federal Agencies Shed 10,000 Jobs in March
Local post office saves man from getting scammed out of thousands

April 4, 2014
House GOP Budget Would Cut Compensation for Postal Workers
Inspector General Reviewing Postal Service Real Estate Deals
Holder: Postal Service Mail Used For ‘Shocking’ Amount Of Drug Dealing
'It is still a crime': US Postmaster General, Greta face off over government credit card abuse charges against postal workers
PSEs Should Beware Of ‘Voice of Employee’ Surveys

April 3, 2014
Plain Talk: No one hires vets like the Postal Service
USPS could stay competitive in package business by decreasing wait time and improving scan rates, IG says
Group Works to Save Post Office
Kingsbridge Post Office seeks to right wrongs
Postal Service: We strictly adhere to rules for sale of historic properties
Former postal worker sentenced to prison for mail thefts
Residents fear 20-mile round trips to post office may be permanent
UPS dismisses 250 Queens drivers after they protested against long-time employee's dismissal

April 2, 2014
UPDATE: 3 People Hurt in Wreck on Hwy 67, Including Rural Mail Carrier
Harvey Milk stamp design revealed
USPS Trucks Stealing Parking Spaces From Angry Murray Hill Residents
Based on a Falsehood, Ryan Budget Would Plunder Postal Service
Amazon Will Now Allow Returns Using Lockers
Postal Service Dragging Its Feet on Fixing Periodicals
Mail trucks robbed on South Side
Dog Causes Mail Delivery Holdup
Mail Problems Continue, Postal Service Reps Hear Concerns
Glenwood Post Office turns 135

April 1, 2014
Audiobooks for Postal Employees!
VIDEO: The Great American Post Office Heist: The Story Behind the Story
USPS Looking For 50+ New Employees in Midland/Odessa
'Misprinted Stamps Escape Postal Vault'
Postman retires after 30 years of service
Your View: Last chance to save New Bedford Post Office

March 31, 2014
NALC: Memorandums of Understanding Extended, Modified
Address errors cost the USPS millions, IG finds
If You Build It, They Will Come. Maybe.
U.S. Postal Service delivering profitable service
New Nevada-Sierra postal district manager named
Man hides in bushes, Catches Teens Stealing Packages
Canadian Postal rate jumps 35% Monday
To the rescue: USPS letter carrier lends a helping hand to Sault resident
Want a job? Deliver, or protect
Nevada stamp moves up to May
Postal enthusiast traces history
Bamboozled: Mail, wedding gifts, dog's ashes and even pizza not delivered due to USPS, GPS foul up
Video: Linns Stamp News Monday Morning Brief for March 31

March 30, 2014
PRC tells USPS Load Leveling not ready for prime time
New Postal Hires Mean More 'Return To Sender' Mail
Letter carriers recall days at downtown post office
Hundreds gather at central Canada Post building to protest cuts
Post Office snack shack operator calls it quits
APWU: Maintenance Memo Outlines Steps for PSE Conversion to Career

March 29, 2014
USPS CCA Recruiting Video
Co-op City mailbox lock problems
Postal workers protest mini post offices at Staples
VIDEO: The Postal Service’s Amazing Spider-Man Commercial
Chesterland Post Office Hit by Car, Again
Burrus Stops By

March 28, 2014
How Obamacare Could Lead to Better, Cheaper FEHBP Coverage
Postal worker indicted for alleged role in armed robbery
Regulator expresses concern over changes to US Standard Mail
Four Postal Unions Bury the Hatchet to Save Services, Standards
Police: Suspect in shooting fired at mail truck
Police identify man charged with shooting at postal worker
Are Printed Magazines Growing or Shrinking?
Internet To USPS: 'What's Amazing Is This Guy Has A Job'
Allegations grow, as more postal workers send stories of abuse
Former War Vet Turned Mail Carrier Claims Post Office Corruption After Firing
Posties try out electric delivery vehicles
PMG tells employees he doesn’t want to privatize USPS
USPS sets the record straight – but only internally
New Jersey bulk mailer gets 18 months for million dollar fraud
Georgia Postal Worker Indicted for Role in Planning Robbery
In Search of a New Postal Paradigm
PRC Evaluates USPS Performance: 18 Discount Rates Miss the Mark
Migration of eyeballs from traditional to digital is 'myth' says AusPost

March 27, 2014
Chicago woman wants Post Office to recycle rubber bands
PRC Issues Advisory Opinion Analyzing USPS Load Leveling Plan
USPS Twitter Hashtag Hijacked by Disgruntled Customers
Lessons from Canada: Ending Door-to-Door Delivery Isn’t the Solution
Locust Gap mail delivery will be curbside or cluster boxes
Former Md. Postal Worker Pleads Guilty to Making False Disability Claim
Postal service employees use travel cards to gamble, pay bills and go bowling

March 26, 2014
ID thieves may be hitting post office customers
Westville man sold $500K in USPS bins as scrap
It's 2014: Can we save the United States Postal Service? Complaints pour in, money pours out
VIDEO: Lazy USPS driver throws heavy box with hard drive against garage door
A new postal unity
Lowen Color Graphics Transforming United States Postal Service Fleet into “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” Mobile Billboards

March 25, 2014
Southmore post office relocation objections due Wednesday
2 arrested after 8 packages filled pot intercepted in St. Louis County

Four Reasons the Government Isn’t Going to Sell Off the Post Office
Coming to a Postal Carrier Near You: New Scanners
USPS HR Initiative Not Following Established Processes, Says IG
Stamp distribution centers to consolidate; no immediate change in order process
Small fire at Duluth postal facility
'Billion-dollar bet' on Postal Service
Royal Mail faces strikes over plan to shed 1,600 staff

March 24, 2014
Post office hiring 70 in Memphis and Nashville
Jimmy Carter uses ‘snail-mail’ to thwart NSA
World’s Most Decorated Mailman Dies Without Fanfare
Pennsylvania hatchery ignored postal weather warnings, leading to dead chicks for Mercer farmer
Video: Vandals Target Mailboxes At A Denver Condo Complex
USPS seeks help for brand strategy after revenue drop
Video: Linns Stamp News Morning Brief for March 24
Video: Mystery packages tip off identity theft victim to eBay scam

March 23, 2014
Drones to deliver drugstore items in the Mission?
‘Mountains’ of stolen mail recovered from Mother/Daughter team in Burien
Newark residents say Springfield Avenue Post Office is the pits
POStPlan implementation: 9,000 post offices downgraded, 4,000 to go, RIF's coming
What if the USPS disappears?
OUR GOOD DEEDS: Postal workers host fundraiser for coworkers
Sinkhole of bureaucracy: why it takes so long to process your retirement

March 22, 2014
Letter: Somerville Journal shouldn't print Postal Service propaganda
USPS stops delivering Bay Area woman's mail Mail Handlers Union Joins ‘Stop Staples’ Campaign"> Day Of Action - Mail Handlers Union Joins Stop Staples Campaign
U.S. mail lost from Vashon Island creating havoc
Three charged in conspiracy to steal checks from mail and defraud banks in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware
Postal truck overturns on ramp to WB I-70 from 18th Street

March 21, 2014
Angela Carella: Questions swirl around sale of Stamford post office
Vermont’s Sanders stews over post office money problems
TSP Considers Adding New Investments
Kevin Hunt: Why Is My Mail Delivered Now At 6 P.M.? (The Sequel)
U.S. Postal Service postpones initiative to pull 300 jobs from Scranton
Letter carrier robbed, carjacked at gunpoint calling for backup

March 20, 2014
Mail burns when delivery truck catches fire
Catalogs Shrink After USPS Hike
USPS package price rollback for rural Alaska to take effect Sunday
USPS IG Calls for Knowledge Management Strategy
Carrier wins face-off against large dogs
Dead Tree Edition's Best and Worst of 2013 (It's About Damned Time!)
Boston postal worker adds experience with bad treatment to Post Office series
Driver slams into postal service truck, 1 hurt
Mail carriers get new mobile device
Heitkamp: Postal service changes will improve service
Mail No Longer Largest Revenue Source for Postal Agencies, Accenture Study Finds
New Haven postal worker retires after 54 years
The story behind the Harvey Milk stamp

March 19, 2014
Postal Service bailout? USPS billions in the red as lawmakers push reform
Postal Service pushing package delivery into Sundays
Robbery of Mail Carrier in Wicker Park Leads to $10,000 Reward Offer
Anonymous Postal employee writes to JTP: We are NOT this letter
USPS OIG: Officers' Travel and Representation Expenses for Fiscal Year 2013
Mailman wonders how he made it through the winter
USPS Needs Plan B for Flat Mail, Coalition Says
Letter carrier robbed at gunpoint in Detroit

March 18, 2014

Poshmark, USPS collaboration could spell big changes for e-commerce
Resident attacks mailman, mail stops for entire complex
Postal Service worker sues alleging discrimination
Long Island mailman threw out a thousand pieces of mail
Indianola post office building, equipment damaged from car crash>
Wild turkeys terrorize Grand Haven postal workers
Mail delivery issues frustrate Orlando community residents

March 17, 2014
Postal Service to reduce workforce by 10,000
National Postal Forum is This Week
Arrests Made In Postal Theft Cases
eBay Sellers at the Mercy of USPS Tracking
Ulster County town clerks asking for state help for tax bill mail delays
Marketers Giving Mail A Fresh Look, Says Postmaster General
The masquerade continues: Playing politics with the Postal Service's unfunded liabilities
Video: Linns Stamp News Monday Morning Brief for March 17
Video: Postmaster helps victim untangle himself from sweepstakes mess
Slow mail deliveries in two New Hyde Park ZIP codes now corrected
Local literary scholars lament the lost art of letter writing

March 16, 2014
We have no choice in the sale of buildings
Elizabeth Warren's Post Office Proposal
Ulster County town clerks asking for state help for tax bill mail delays

March 15, 2014
Through rain and snow, sure, but try getting mail in some new neighborhoods
Retired postal worker crashes into post office
Video: Stolen collection box leaves Louisville woman questioning USPS
Mailbox bomb investigated
Going Postal: How Jimi Hendrix Got Stuck to a Postage Stamp

March 14, 2014
Clifton residents complain about mail delivery
Jersey City mail carrier finds wad of cash, then its rightful owner
Resident concerned about mail theft from overflowing collection box
3-13-2014 At a Crossroads: the Postal Service's $100 Billion in Unfunded Liabilities
Burralo Letter Carrier Dies on Duty
Georgia letter carrier gets 15 months behind bars for mail theft
LAKE ELSINORE: Post office vehicle stolen; driver arrested
Ardmore area postal employee federally indicted
Cheryl Ganz named to Citizens’ Stamp Advisory Committee
Additional upright Jenny Invert panes found; Linn’s count at 15
Merchant Complaints about Delays in USPS Acceptance Scan Dates
Senator tells USPS to meet with community before choosing buyer for Bronx PO

March 13, 2014
Merchant Complaints about Delays in USPS Acceptance Scan Dates
Key Points From Today's Postal Reform Hearing
USPS Strategic Management Office muffled negative report on workers' comp initiatve
Issa eyes privatizing the US Postal Service
Tuskegee Airmen To Dedicate Stamp Honoring Father of Black Aviation
Milwaukee man charged in robbery of postal carrier
Postal Service: Pot Shipments With Fraudulent Return Addresses On Rise
Caldwells and Essex Fells mail delivery problems reported by residents and carriers
Mailbox Crimes Reported in Areas Near the Brazos Valley

March 12, 2014
FEMA Veteran Takes Over as PRC General Counsel
TSP Tip: Pain is a sign you are doing something right!
Online business boom boosts profit at Deutsche Post DHL
Man held in mailing explosives to Arizona sheriff

Maine: Postal truck driver gets jail time for workers comp fraud
Residents and USPS react to bogus letters
Port Townsend mail thief sentenced to 51 months in prison
What the U.S. Can Learn From Norway’s Postal Reforms
Driver crashes into Edwardsville post office
Dead Tree Edition: A Renaissance for Print, Or Is Flat Just the New "Up"?
Post Office to unveil Jimi Hendrix stamp

March 11, 2014
Ex-Dumas post office worker sentenced for failing to deliver mail
Postal Workers Treasurer in Minneapolis-St. Paul Area Sentenced
Post Office Boxes Burglarized
Identity theft could be behind recent post office break-ins
The Postal Service Outsources Itself to a Company Doing Almost as Badly as the Postal Service
4 Busted For Greenwich Mail Theft

March 10, 2014
National Advisory Council on Historic Preservation to Meet in Oakland on Sale of Historic Post Offices
USPS OIG to Study Postal Service Provision of Cloud Computing Services
Are eBay sellers misusing USPS Flat Rate Mailers?
At a Crossroads: the Postal Service’s $100 Billion in Unfunded Liabilities
Israel Postal service to strike Monday
U.S. Postal Service pays $180,000 for unopened post office
Beaten Postal Worker Gets Help From Friends - Comments
Winter has meant injured mail carriers

March 9, 2014
Canada Post: Community and Carriers on the chopping block
Video: A Portland OR mailman’s last stop is the most rewarding
Postal Service to reverse rate increase for rural Alaskans
Video: Pension Checks To Retired Illinois Teachers Late
Better late than never; Letter from 2005 finally delivered
Postal workers to picket Ben's in Belleville over in-store post office
Carrboro postal workers complain of dizziness

March 8, 2014
How NYC works: A letter's journey is as complex as it seems
Amazon plans revamp of U.S. shipping with mix of private fleet, regional carriers, USPS
UK: News agent launches local postal service, at half the price
Largo post office robbed
USPS sets up website to warn about scams
USPS: There is no 'war' on custodians at postal facilities

March 6, 2014
Cleveland: Postal Service facility manager arrested for taking bribes
Issa Holds 'Absurd' IRS Hearing
Chicago: Mail carriers fret over later shifts
Staples to Close 225 Stores, an Unwelcome Development for the USPS
Canada Post unveils new community mailboxes as post office gets ready to halt door-to-door delivery
Retired postal clerk sues for work records
Is USPS Delivering a Better Deal for Small Parcel?
'See if it arrives' say postal officials after truck fire
Wallingford seeks to create enterprise zone at USPS site
Postal Service publishes Final Rule on service changes for Standard Mail
Sen. Sanders in WSJ: There's No Need to End Saturday Mail Delivery

March 5, 2014
Clifton Heights Carrier busted for stealing cash and gift cards
Drunk woman crashes into Willoughby Post Office
Postal Service official, lawmakers question subsidy for Alaska mail service

March 4, 2014
Postal workers protest mail service inside Staples stores
120,000 Letters Burn in Big-Rig Crash

Postal worker runs stop sign, causes crash
Police: 2 in custody after mailman robbed, assaulted
Dispelling mail carrier myths
USPS mail truck crashes near Ollala, mail flies everywhere>
Milwaukee postal carrier injuries up 50 percent this winter
USPS OIG: Big Changes in Canada
Fixing Mail Delivery in N. Dakota Important
6 Challenges Facing the Commercial Printing Industry
Atlanta: Postal Workers to Protest Staples Outsourcing of USPS

March 3, 2014
Postal Retirement Q&A March 2014 by Roseanne Jefferson
Ecommerce shipping: Fast, free and 7 days a week?
Montclair residents complain about interruption of mail service

March 2, 2014
Save the Post Office: Postal Banking? 'The PMG and his enablers at the BOG have (already) ultimately failed' to manage the Postal Service
Debate Over Post Office Bank Rages On

March 1, 2014
Austin: Customers say mail not delivered for days
Tractor Trailer Driver Transporting Mail Dies in Crash
Drug traffickers turn to Express and Priority Mail
Edmond postal worker accused of trafficking drugs

February 28, 2014
LETTER: U.S. mail delivery delays frustrating, getting worse
Postal increase expected to hurt printers
Amazon to Deliver on Sundays in St. Louis
Milwaukee mail carrier attacked on route

February 27, 2014
Driver crashes into U.S. post office
Maine postal manager sentenced for stealing veterans' drugs
Delivery Drivers Bust Through Berms to Reach Clients
APWU: USPS Declares War on Custodial Staffing Again
APWU: What's Different About Staples?
APWU: 'Stop Staples' Campaign Gets Off to a Strong Start
Stockton: Arrest made in rash of mail thefts
Solvang man accused of slashing tires on mail trucks
Gone postal: Staten Island mail worker allegedly attacks, threatens to kill supervisor
Senior Citizens and Activists Continue to Fight Historic Post Office Closure
Canada: City of Vancouver has larger postage bill in the mail

February 26, 2014
North Dakota oil patch postal workers offered incentives
Miss you, SASE: On Postal Submissions
Lombard residents say they are frustrated by sporadic mail delivery
Woman rams car into Tigard post office
UPDATE: Brutal attack on postal worker in DC
9 investigates reports of USPS employees with criminal convictions
Dallas suburb: Carrier skipped deliveries, marked mail 'return to sender'

February 25, 2014
Postal worker assaulted, robbed in NE DC
Postal worker victim of hit-and-run
Care packages for troops stuck in DeKalb post office for months
USPS rebukes IG claim that flat wage hampers retention
Congress and Backroom Trade Pacts Grease Skids for FedEx at the Expense of the USPS
Activists and union workers fight to stop the Postal Service from shedding buildings and jobs
Catalog Mailers Consider Strategies to Offset Hefty USPS Rate Increase

February 24, 2014
Exclusive: Long Island residents blast USPS over lack of deliveries
Snail mail -- from an app
U.S. needs to pay attention to Canada's delivery decisions
Canadian Postal Workers Battle to Save Door-to-Door Delivery
Vandals target postal service mailboxes in Rio Rancho
Online Buyer Sues USPS for Denying Insurance Claim
INSIDE PITCH: Postal Service defies Congress, effectively cuts back to less than five-day delivery
In reversal, Postal Service to keep Manatee distribution center
Push underway to restore mail processing in Lafayette

February 21, 2014
Arrest made: Postal worker shot with BB gun
Maryland: Officials react to complaints of postal delays
APWU Opposes USPS Proposal to Slow Down Standard Mail
Worst winter has meant injuries for letter carriers
Workers fear Craigslist job ad was scheme to steal stamps from USPS
APWU: Excessing, Job Withholding Due to Consolidations on 'Indefinite Hold'
Police: Post office robbery was hoax
Steve Jobs to be commemorated with collectible USPS stamp in 2015
Q&A: Postal Service CFO Joe Corbett
Water bills not received due to postal error

February 20, 2014
5 Houston post offices closing, but Southmore remains undecided
Americans Cling to the Idea of The USPS' Existence
Opinion: Don't Bank on the USPS
Watchdog criticizes Postal Service for lack of 'arm's length' real estate deals

February 19, 2014
Baltimore: Snowstorm disrupts mail delivery into this week
USPS tells its post offices: Hold local newspaper mail at post offices or send to hub
APWU: Postal Workers Protest Issa at NH GOP Fundraiser Can the Package Business Save the Postal Service?
Seinfeld video: 'The Postal Service's 1630's business model isn't working anymore'
Seinfeld Sticks it to the Postal Service
Crowdshipping business could eat into USPS profits, IG says
APWU: USPS Finally Provides Documentation in Global Settlement Case
Senator Baldwin critical of USPS practices
How Post Offices Can Provide an Alternative to Payday Lending
FOX 4 Problem Solvers discover hoards of undelivered mail in Lee's Summit home
Mail customers would accept service cuts to aid USPS
Looking Past the Exigent Price Increase - Part 2
Westbrook postal worker arrested after argument, shoving match with customer

February 17, 2014
Butte PO back on track after delays
Hallmark spent $500,000 last year lobbying in Washington over postal issues
New Canaan still dealing with mobile post office in middle of winter
USPS Environmental Assessment on historic Stamford post office runs into problems
Soaring mail thefts a headache for victims

February 16, 2014
Sunday deliveries for Amazon sign of major changes for USPS
Atlanta: Post offices to open President's Day to make up hours
Questions raised about post office closures and relocations in Houston
Dismantling the Postal Service is the Wrong Way Forward
VIDEO: State of the Business, with PMG Donahoe
McCaskill sees protections for rural postal services in reform measure
PRC ranks high among very small agencies

February 15, 2014
Even the USPS Stopped by Charlotte Snow - Comments (0 Comments) USPS: Senate Legislation Gets Positive Reviews
Residents Pepper USPS Reps With Complaints and Questions
USPS truck, van involved in crash

February 14, 2014
Mail Problems Lead to Staff Changes Postal Workers Mess Causes Delays for Katy Commuters Near Highway 6
Son-in-Law Arrested For Explosion That Killed Couple in Tennessee

February 13, 2014
Endangered Post Offices, on Main Street, USA
Postal supervisor intercepted package containing cocaine
Alaska Opinion: Mail delivery has gone from great, to good, to bad (and even horrific)
USPS Employees and Community Activists to Rally at NH GOP Event Featuring Congressman Issa
Piled snow prevents mail delivery
How Three-Day Mail Delivery Would Lift You Up
Drones to Deliver UAE Government Mail
INLAND: Postal Service warns about cluster-box mail thefts
A Senate bill offers a good start to addressing some postal woes
Post Office Banking Around the Globe
USPS Weather Updates: Deliveries Impacted Across Georgia

February 12, 2014
Retired Lawyer Killed After Package Sent to Home Explodes
Obama Taps Ted Kennedy's Widow for Postal Board
Vicki Kennedy
FEHB Impact Would Extend Beyond USPS
Postal Hero: Mail Carrier Saves Customer

February 11, 2014
Victorville: 3 People Quarantined in Post Office Hazardous Materials Incident
The Senate Can't Part With Saturday Mail Delivery
Universal Postal Union loses objections to .mail top level domain
Obama's Partly to Blame for the Postal Service's Backward Ways
Akron man accused of biting mail carrier's leg
February 10, 2014
Postal manager apologizes for poor service at public meeting in Chicago. Three assigned to handle complaints, manager asks residents to place MSP barcodes on mailboxes
Hammond resident gets probation for making false statements on USPS job applications
Area letter carriers cope with recent weather problems with proper gear; positive attitude
USPS going e-book with its stamp guide
USPS OIG recommended USPS terminate contract with Obamacare website contractor
Former postmaster won't face federal charges after false report of armed robbery
Thousands of early retirements help USPS cut losses in first quarter
Editorial: Going postal and you can bank on it

February 9, 2014
Postal Reform: Senate committee says no to amendment backed by MPA, but yes to guns amendment
APWU: Now You See It, Now You Don't: Manufactured Crisis Hides Good News
The Senate puts the PRC in the backseat, or maybe not even in the car
Postal Service Acknowledges Delivery Problems in West Utica

February 8, 2014
USPS to End Same-Day Delivery Pilot Program in SF After Disastrous Results
Ex-USPS official lined his pockets with nearly $1 million in bribes
Issa seeks to stamp out Postal Service's move into finance
USPS Sets the Record Straight: Customers Are Protected From Price Gouging

February 7, 2014
Judge: Confession in Post Office Murders Can Be Used
Postal Service Agrees to Rate Rollback for Rural Alaska
Democrats Skirmish With Paul Over Guns on Postal Property

February 6, 2014
OIG Report on USPS Officer Compensation in 2012
Why is the Postal Service Buying Ammunition?
Bankers in a Tizzy Over Postal Bank Plan
Worst Idea Ever
ObamaCare Comes to Banking
Bob Puts Stamp on Career at Park Ridge Post Office
The Pony Express Rides Again
Mixed Reactions to New Tracey Towers Mailboxes
USPS to Announce First Quarter Financial Results February 7th
Montana Postal Workers Braving the Bitter Cold
Mail Truck Catches on Fire in Detroit

February 5, 2014
Democrats warming to idea of post office dabbling in banking
Royal Mail Poll Supports 6-Day Delivery
Mail problems prompt public meeting
Man steals mail, PIN numbers from Pasco mailboxes
Two men arrested for possession of postal key and mail theft
Editorial: Backlog in cluster mailboxes must end

February 4, 2014
USPS selling Topeka downtown office
Mail problems still plaguing N.D.
My Post Office Stacks Mailed Packages on Lobby Floor, Shrugs
A few minutes with ... a mailman who says this winter made him change his shorts
Mail Stolen From Hundreds of South Bay Residents

February 3, 2014
Malden postal worker charged with stealing more than 7,500 pieces of mail
APWU Ramps Up 'Stop Staples' Campaign
USPS Explores Adding Bitcoin Exchanges
Lock shortage delays mail delivery to Houston-area subdivisions
Postal Service unable to keep up with new housing
Can it get much worse? The Senate tries postal reform, again
Rock Valley man stamps, seals and calls it a career
For Canada Post, end of an era as home delivery winds down
SOS: Why did the post office ignore her guarantee?
UPS to invest more than $100 million after holiday service snarl
Editorial: Service is in its name

February 2, 2014
Community Mailbox Stolen in Bakersfield
The Vanishing Postmaster
Mailers Prepare to Deal With a Walloping Postal Rate Increase
Postal Service releases post office closure and suspension lists for 2013
The Postmaster General's Scandalous(?) Salary ($436,540 last year)
Rash of Central Texas Post Office Burglaries Up to 16
Coming to a Post Office Near You: Loans You Can Trust?
Postal Service Does Away With Parcel Post in Alaska

January 31, 2014
"Cynical and diabolical": Issa attracts allies in quest to demolish Postal Service
Postal Service ending door-to-door delivery to new developments
Rand Paul Wants You to Come to the Post Office Packing
Postal Service ignores moratorium on post office closings, shuts down Glenoaks Station
PRC Chairman: Helping Customers Through the Mega-Bureaucracy of the Mail Since 1998
Dems Demand Better Fuel Efficiency From USPS Vehicles
Alaska Senator Demands Answers to Postal Service Problems Statewide
Camera Catches Postal Worker Throwing Package Out of Car Window
C-SPAN Video: Postal Reform Act Markup

January 30, 2014
Miami Postal Truck Explodes on Causeway, Causes Massive Traffic Jam
USPS Moves Towards Clustered Mailboxes
VIDEO: Postal Workers Picket Staples Store in San Francisco

January 29, 2014
Synopsis of Postal Reform Bill Hearing
Is Postal Banking Already Legal?
OIG Report on Self Service Kiosks Recommends More Training for Lobby Assistants
Postal worker's cat video wins $10,000 on America's Funniest Home Videos
Former postal worker pleads guilty to stealing video games sent through the mail
Proposed Postal Reform Bill, Scheduled for Vote Today, Should Be 'Returned to Sender'

January 28, 2014
Richmond residents say no mail delivered last week
Postal worker, 77, critically injured in wreck at 7:45PM: Police plan to charge worker with a stop sign violation
USPS Not Ready to Process Increased Package Load Coming From Online Shopping
Second Arrest Made in Postal Worker's Shooting
>VIDEO: National Review Discusses Union Boycott of Staples
OIG Recommends USPS Offer Non-Bank Financial Services

January 27, 2014
VIDEO: The March in the Dark
All Four Postal Unions Oppose Postal Reform Bill Postal Rates Rise Today; Court Challenges Ahead
APWU: First Staples Protest Set for Jan. 28th in California The disappearing postal workforce: Counting up the losses
Edmonton forum hears concerns about end to mail delivery: Vandalism, falls, litter all issues

January 26, 2014
Rolando: Your Watchdog got it wrong on mail delivery in Dallas
Environmental report on disposal of historic Stamford post office raises questions
January 25, 2014
Third Idaho Postal Worker Faces Criminal Charges
Residents continue to lament Springfield's 'abysmal postal service'
Several hundred KCMO employees find W2 forms cut in half (by sorting machine)
Postal Service Delays New Wave of Mail Processing Closures

Janaury 24, 2014
Help! I'm a Victim of Shipping 'Bait-and-Switch'
At least 20 carriers have been treated for frostbite in last month in Columbus and Cincinnati area
Outdoor Workers Deal With Bitter Cold
Italy speeds up privatization with sale of postal operator
Polar Vortex Halted Mail Delivery Up to Five Days in Some Spots
Competing Appeals Over Postal Service's Upcoming Rate Hike
Six Sigma: USPS Touting Program of Failure to Managers?
The Privatization Ruse

January 23, 2014
Can the U.S. Postal Service be saved?
Try, try again: Postal Service and mailers to appeal PRC ruling on exigent rate increase
Police say man installed skimmer in post office kiosk to steal bank information
As USPS Outsources the Counter, Will Ecommerce Packages Be Safe?
This Guy's Trying to Visit All 31,272 Post Offices
Postal Worker Severely Beaten in Northeast Columbus
Postal Service, Mailers Poised to Challenge Exigent Rate Decision

January 22, 2014
Man Arrested in Connection With USPS Shooting, Another Suspect Sought
Dorchester Man Arrested
Mayor Hopes to End 'Ice Cream Truck' Post Office
The Postal Service's Latest Problem: Dilapidated, Unsafe Buildings
Sweeping Postal Increases Start Sunday, January 26th
APWU: Is Staples Cheating Its Employees?
Outbox was supposed to disrupt the post office, but now it's in the trash bin

January 21, 2014
Stockton Postal Worker Joins 30-Year, Million-Mile Club
Congress Wants Delay in Selling of Historic Post Offices
Australia: A $30 Annual Fee for Daily Mail Delivery?

January 20, 2014
Woman loses control of car, damages post office
Staples' mini post offices draw union ire
Now is the Moment to Save Our Postal Commons
Forever Stamp-ede: Consumers May Hoard Stamps This Week But Stop Buying Next Year
Postal Service Explains Increase in Headquarters Staffing

January 19, 2014
Family, postal workers rally for Rock Hill native gunned down near D.C.
ND post office puts undeliverable mail on display
Amazon Anticipating Orders

January 18, 2014
First female carrier to retire from Tracy post office
Greensboro postal worker wins $1 million in Mega Millions
In a Revised Senate Postal Bill, Exigency is Forever
Postal Service continues to work on delivery issues in N. Dakota
Postal worker recovering after being hit by car

January 17, 2014
Staples' selling postal products without USPS workers stirs fears of privatization
NALC Applauds Congress for Keeping Six-Day Delivery in Bill
APWU: OTDL Employees on Penalty Overtime To be Priority-Scheduled Over Casuals
APWU on Staples: Postal Workers and Customers Deserve Better
Thinking inside the PO Box
USPS denies Canada Post claims over international registered mail
Postal Service honors 28 longtime employees in North Jersey

January 16, 2014
PRC's Goldway Tells What Was Behind the Exigency Decision
Going postal: USPS IG finds sex on the job, stalkers and slashed tires
Bulk mail theft investigation leads to 3 arrests in Bakersfield
Alternatives to the Post Office: Expanded Access in FY 2013
Postal Truck and 2,000 Letters Destroyed in Felton

Janaury 15, 2014
USPS Home to 3 of 10 Fastest-Shrinking Jobs
Jackson Hole Residents Fuming Over Parcel Policy
Female postal carrier first to become president of Roanoke union
Why the Postal Service Can Win the Battle for Same-Day Delivery
Representatives Serrano and Lee: Postal Service Must Halt Historic Buildings Sales
January 14, 2014
Staples-USPS Partnership Causing Controversy
Some Chicago USPS Package Deliveries Delayed
Clerks hit hardest by USPS cuts, stats show. Headquarters grows
Detroit Postal Worker Charged With Dumping Mail
Prosecutor: Photo catches Idaho City postmaster using stolen gift card
Bill Renews Provision Barring USPS From Ending Saturday Delivery
How the Omnibus Spending Bill Cripples the USPS

January 13, 2014
OSHA Fines Champaign Postal Facility $144,000
Fewer Jobs, Longer Wait Times: The New Postal Service Slogan?
New York Metro Area Postal Union Calls for an Immediate Moratorium on the Sale of the Bronx Post Office
Postal Service proposes changing environmental regulations on post office disposals
Why the GOP Wants to Close the Mt. Pleasant Post Office
Alleged Mail Thieves Caught on Surveillance Camera
Rural Post Offices Find Way

January 10, 2014
Terrell Owens to Marry Extremely Busty Postal Worker (Photo)
Talking Innovation With the USPS CMO - Comments (Count) Dallas: Hiccups in mail delivery could be precursor of future
Robbers pose as postal workers in SE Houston home invasion
USPS Considers Selling Main Topeka Post Office
APWU New York Metro Sends Delegations to Staples

January 9, 2014
Extreme cold forced Postal Service to prioritize mail
Staplizing the Post Office: A dozen reasons to just say no
Vehicle Strikes Valley Post Office
Post Office Robbed in Oneida County
Amazon Considering Options After UPS Delays Postal uniform company thrives in shrinking market
Dubai Uses Refrigerator Magnets to Pinpoint Addresses

January 7, 2014
Mail carriers face delivery troubles amid bitter cold
Man found dead by postal carrier in Akron
USPS Truck Catches Fire
A deeper look at Issa's plan to replace military-pension cuts with postal savings br /> The corporatization of the Postal Service: Post office closures, suspensions, relocations and reductions in 2013
Postal workers, city crews brave freezing temps
USPS Exceeded Holiday Package Delivery Volume
How Much Longer Will Netflix's DVD Cash Cow Last?
APWU: Delegations to Staples Stores to Protest Postal Retail Units

January 6, 2014
USPS says mail might be delayed due to winter storm in Ann Arbor
USPS Carriers Brave Harsh Winter Conditions
USPS Board of Governors Meeting Jan. 7-8 in Vegas
Postal Service again restrained on top executives' pay in 2012
Canada Ends Door-to Door Postal Delivery: A Lesson for the USPS?
Despite cold, Postal Service plans to deliver in greater Indiana
Weather not stopping USPS mail carriers
LINK: Postage Rates, An Unofficial Site
The Right AND Left Are Wrong About the Post Office: Let's Not Privatize It

January 3, 2014
Customers surprised to find Salem Post Office out of business
Los Gatos at Work: 'Martin' the Downtown Letter Carrier
Conscientious mail carrier helps law enforcement make two arrests
Cold Jobs: Postal workers push through sub-zero temperatures to deliver mail
Cash-strapped Postal Service seeks DVD-mail price increase

January 2, 2014
Milwaukee Post Office Again Hiring City Carrier Assistants
Historic Downtown Ft. Worth Post Office to Relocate
USPS Experimenting With Mobile Point-of-Sale Tool
Issa Bundles 5-Day Delivery Bill With Bid to Restore COLAs for Military Retirees
Lawmaker pushing for five-day mail service
Idaho City postmaster accused of stealing mail
Deregulating and Privatizing Postal Services in Europe
Postage increase sparks consumer outrage
Or, Postal increase not painful for average household
Rasmussen postal poll misleads again

January 1, 2014
VIDEO: Rep. Defazio joins Ed Schultz to talk about Issa's attack on the U.S. Postal Service
Postal Retirement Q&A January 2014 by Roseanne Jefferson

December 31, 2013
USPS bid to even out Standard Mail loads through the week
Regulators allow 6% rate increase to help USPS cope with recession

December 30, 2013
Businessweek: An Unlikely Star of the Holiday-Shipping Season: U.S. Postal Service
APWU: UPS Christmas Debacle Shows Why We Need a Public Postal Service
LLV Burns at Warren Post Office PBS: Is the postal service going the way of the pony express?
Christmas Delivery Fiasco Shows Why Amazon Wants Its Own UPS
Stamps 'correcting' famous 1918 mistake turns up in NY

December 28, 2013
West Seattle woman and friends deliver thanks to U.S. Postal Service workers
Grand Rapids: Pedestrian hit, killed by mail truck (at 6:30PM)
Postal Service Gloats
Entrepreneur: It's time to free the U.S. Postal Service
Standard Mail slows down: The Postal Service requests an advisory opinion on load leveling DSCF mail

December 27, 2013
Thefts force closure of postal box
Postal Headquarters Issues Clarification on POStPlan Re-evaluations of Level 18 Offices
The Ample Evidence Behind a Christmas Shipping Surge
PMG thanks employees for successful holiday shipping season
Fort Worth: Postal workers file complaint over late deliveries
UPS Glitches Could Boost U.S. Delivery Competition

December 26, 2013
Wisconsin: Rural postal cuts get lukewarm reviews
'UPS and FedEx are good businesses, but they can't replace the USPS'
Senator urges UPS to refund customers whose Christmas packages were late
'Worst Christmas ever' as UPS, FedEx don't deliver
Postal carrier, war vet enjoys delivering holiday cheer with mail on Christmas Eve
Brown Cafe Forums: UPS says some Christmas deliveries delayed
How should UPS fix peak problems?
Postal carrier works first Christmas, says he enjoys playing Santa
) The Demise of Direct Mail? PRC Approves 4.3% Exigent Increase


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