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Joan, Diane and Katie also known as "Marty's Angels" at the Holiday Party 2011

Marty Ferris finally gets a chance to case for his undertime.

Primtime vacation week of 05/27/11

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The Bala Inn

Shop Steward: Joe Pease

January 17, 2010

Transition is the word. It's the word for our office as well as the Postal Service. This route adjustment process is here to stay. We have to remeber that we are being evaluated or inspected on a daily basis. Of course we have to be safe and protect our routes. If you think that you are smarter than everyone else, then you will found out someday that you are not. We have to be where we are supposed to be etc. Or it eventually will catch up to us. And I certainly don't want you to be sitting across from an arbitrator fighting for your job!

We are very lucky to have Diane McGuire take over as shop steward. She is both smarter and better looking than me so we are in good hands! Please give her the respect and understanding that you have so graciously given me for eight years. And although I'm not going anywhere, all things have to respectfully pass through her so she can get acclamated as soon as possible. This is her office now and I'm can asure you that she is as concerned or more than me about holding true to the contract and meeting your needs head on.

My concern for each and everyone of you has not waned, but I have to use my efforts in a more efficient way. When we say Union, we mean U-N-I together to get things accomplished that we could not so alone as well. This office has to remain united and focussed on the thing that is most important to all of us......... our families! So, please be patient and we hope this transition will be as seamless as possible and bring you the service that to deserve and have come to expect.

Respectfully and sincerley, Eric K. Jackson Former shop steward and reformed "idiot" (as we say in Bala)


Work Assignment List - A question recently arose in our office regarding if management can have someone throw mail on a carrier's route when he/she is not in that day or is on the street. The ruling is as follows:

  • If carrier "a" is on "work assignment list" and he/she is off that day, mail can be thrown on their route
  • If carrier "a" is working the day and management has someone throw mail in his/her case it must be a PTF or TE. If someone on ODL throws mail on his/her route on the day they work it is a violation. That is carrier "a"'s O/T
The applicable precedent setting decisions are :
  • M-00911 STEP 4
    February 22,1989, H4N-4G-C 13743

    A letter carrier who signs for work assignment overtime is both entitled and obligated to work any overtime that occurs on the carrier's assignment on a regularly scheduled day, except when the carrier would perform the work at the penalty overtime rate and when another carrier who had signed he regular OTDL could perform the work at the regular overtime rate

    NOte: This settlement does not preclude management assigning overtime to a casual or a PTF rather than an employee on the work assignment list. See C-06103, Mittenthal and C-00675 Zumas.
  • M-00589 Work Assignment Agreement
    May 28, 1985

    Once management determines that overtime is necessary for full-time letter carriers, if the carrier has signed up for "work assignment" overtime, the carrier is to work the overtime as assigned by managment.
Note: A more full and detailed explaination is located on the bulletin board on the Contract Spotlight clipboard. There you will find any applicable answers to your questions. I pride myself on getting our answers right and not only telling you but showing you the answers so that we can all learn the rules together.


Attendance and DOIS. I'd like explain how I will address them to anyone from the union's perspective;


The contract is the contract. By that I mean I will enforce the contract to protect your right to use your sick leave. No carrier should be intimidated into coming to work.

Article 10 LEAVE addresses this. Sick Leave: Article 10, Section 5 provides for the continuation of the sick leave program, whose detailed regulations are contained in ELM Section 513. Section 513.1 defines sick leave as leave which "insures employees against loss of pay if they are incapacitated for the performance of duties because of illness, injury, pregnancy and confinement, and medical (including dental or optical) examination or treatment."

ELM Section 513.65 provides, "If an employee becomes ill while on annual leave and the employee has a sick leave balance, the absence may be charged to sick leave."

Medical certification.ELM Section 513.361 establishes three rules:

  • a. For absences of more than three days an employee must submit"medical documentation or other acceptable evidence" in support of an application for sick leave ("three days" means three scheduled workdays; see Step 4 H1N-5B-C 3428, November 3, 1983, M-00489); and

  • b. For absences of three days or less a supervisor may accept an employee's application for sick leave without requiring verification of the employee's illness (unless the employee has been placed in restricted leave status, in which case verification is required for every absence related to illness reguardless of the number of days involved); however

  • c. For absences of three days or less a supervisor may require an employee to submit documentation of the employee's illness "when the supervisor deems documentation desirable for the protection of the interests of the Postal Service."

My theory to everyone (including management) is that with the increase in pivoting and forced overtime (brought on by management decisions), carriers will become more exhausted, injured on duty and prone to illness because our resistance to germs will be lowered.

So please protect your body (an mind) by using ALL the benefits of the contract that your Union Leaders fought so hard to attain.

As far as DOIS? The Union does not recognize DOIS as the sole measure of a carriers performance For more on DOIS...Click on "I Hate DOIS". Enough said. They have correct your action in the office if you are doing something wrong.

It is management's obligation to provide you with a reasonable schedule (reguarding pivoting). It is our responsibility to notify management when we feel we are unable to complete our assignment or won't be able to complete our assignment

Finally, we all talk and observe each other in our office. That's normal, but let's not let them divide us. Because in the end, that will conquer us!

Family First!


Eric K. Jackson
Shop Steward

Just Breaking um
By Eric K. Jackson


"What happened to the music on the intercom", everyone is overheard asking. "Mr. big" is coming. So let me get this straight, no talking, no music, no phone use, no farting, NO BREATHING!

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Bob W. Dorothy Krysiuk ... The Inside Story
By Eric K. Jackson

One day while talking to coworker Bob Warwzynek, I mentioned that Dorothy Krysiuk, on-air traffic personality at Fox 29 had moved onto my route. Since Bob sometimes covers my route when I'm not there, I usually update him on changes on the route.

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By Eric K. Jackson

On Saturday June 21,2008 the letter carriers at the Bala Cynwyd post office held a cookout/surprise baby shower for letter carrier Kathleen Rannali. But what started out as a day we looked forward to almost became a big disappointment.

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