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Bob W, Dorothy Krysiuk ... The Inside Story

By Eric K. Jackson, Bala Cynwyd

One day while talking to coworker Bob W., I mentioned that Dorothy Krysiuk, on-air traffic personality at Fox 29 had moved onto my route. Since Bob sometimes covers my route when I'm not there, I usually update him on changes on the route.

To know Bob is to love him. Mr "W", as we call him,(his last name is a hand full) came to the Bala office after spending about 25 years in the clerk craft. Many thought this wasn't a good idea. But what do "they" know about his situation. Apparenlty, Bob is truely happy with his decision. "The wokers are so much nicer to each other" he states. His personally fit in great with us and he soon became one of our most respected coworkers.

So, when one day I came across Mrs. Krysiuk while delivering her mail, I explained that she had a great fan in Bob W. I asked if she would oblige him with a head shot (photo) addressed to him. She was a great sport and said she would. Soon there after, I got the photo of her addressed to Bob. The next day we made our best effort to embarrass Bob by presenting it to him on the floor. Now strangely eonough, many people look to Dorothy for their morning traffic reports.

Although, Dorothy is "easy on the eyes", she is nothing compared to Bob's lovely wife of "many" years. And word on the street is Bob's wife does the traffic much better as well!