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by all of you


Got up this morning and saw the conditions outside. Good thing I got up early. Put the TV on and the computer to check conditions and to see if there was any alerts about the post office or a State of Emergency. Nothing yet. Got my shower went out and shoveled a path to the street so I could walk to work. Only a little over a mile each way and not worth looking for a parking spot once I get there. Then having to clear my car out again to get home, park two blocks away, walk back to the house and shovel my driveway again and then park my car. Got to work early and there wasn't any mail. Waited two hours and then Management says we are going to deliver first class and daily mail. An hour later still no mail. Finally they come down and said Postal Operations are suspended. Wanted to know if anyone wants to take annual leave for the rest of the day. Told them no I made the effort to get here and will stay until the end of the day if I have to in order to get paid. They wouldn't commit to allowing us to leave and getting paid administrative time so I sat back down at my case and waited. Finally they said they would do it but did not have approval yet. They would deal with that later but were sure that is what was going to happen. Talked to President Jimmy McCullough and let him know what transpired. Told management that we were leaving but if we don't get paid for the rest of the day we will be filling a grievance for the time. What idiots we work for. Flights were canceled. SEPTA wouldn't let their buses leave their terminals. And they were canceling trains as well. What made the Postal Service not realize that mail delivery today was not going to happen. And then to try to screw the clerks and carriers out of money that made such a sacrifice to make work today boggles the mind. It would have been easy to pick up the phone and say that I tried to make it but can't or I don't feel well today. But no, we got to work and were treated with a "Thanks for coming but we don't need you today. We may or may not pay you for most of your time." Really added insult to a very bad day to begin with.

Hope you had a better experience today but you were probably treated to the same day I was.

Andy Kearney
Letter Carrier, Branch 725

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AJ KEARNEY.......SANTA CLAUSE IT COMING TO TOWN........ november 24, 2009

Redemption for the Carriers! The mail volume has come back! We Carriers all knew it would. Maybe not to the levels that the Postal Service wanted. But high enough to make all their earlier adjustments look out of line. They are not happy because they to pay so much overtime and can't figure out how to move all that mail on the floor. Do your job they way want and collect the overtime or make them get you the help you need. Next adjustment will be in our court. And we will have the first serve!

Don't Run, Run Rudolph to make their figures work. Do it your normal way.

Andy Kearney
Letter Carrier, Branch 725

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AJ KEARNEY.......It's still about us........ June 8, 2009

We are getting hit hard with the route adjustments. Most of it is because our people worry so much of how fast they can get done work they don't realize the harm they are doing to themselves. Or they don't care right now. But then they will scream - how did this happen - when they come in and adjust the routes. It is never their fault. The Union messed up and didn't protect me. Protect yourself brothers and sisters. The Union can only protect you so much. You need to give them the numbers to work with. The game you want to see with your family or the event your kid is in and don't want to miss are important yes. But, if you don't protect your job the money that goes toward them doing these things may not be there. Then what? Work three jobs like your Grandfather did so you can make ends meet? Running your routes to make things happen - especially Saturdays - and bending the rules to make Management make their numbers are not in your favor. They are in Managements. And they will hold it like a dagger at your throat to get what they want out of you later. Forget that you went without a lunch or break that day because you had something to do. You showed them it is possible to do what you did. So you can do it always. If you haven't realized that by now with all the stuff that has happened in the past few years you are either an idiot or at the very least not caring enough to pay attention to what we are telling you. When you are the one that may be displaced or even laid off it will be the worst thing in the world But then again - it won't be your fault it happened.

Andy Kearney
Letter Carrier, Branch 725

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AJ KEARNEY............... August 8, 2008

RE: Going Green...An excuse to cut costs

Everyone is using going green as an excuse to cut costs. Here is a letter I received from BMG concerning the way they would like to handle my account. Reducing their postage fees is more likely their motive and not protecting the environment. However, if they are successful in reducing their mailing costs by "Going Green" then we better be prepared for a lot of other companies following their lead. Of course I won't do this but I will bet a lot of people who hate the amount of "Junk Mail" they receive will jump at the idea. I particularly take exception to their mention of the speed with which they will be able to deliver this service when they are given the lowest rate to mail their packets and then the lowest of all - media mail - to mail these items out. Even though the consumer is charged a lot more then the actual cost.

Andy Kearney
Letter Carrier

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ROBERT MARKUNAS............... October 30, 2008

RE: Delayed Mail

Is it true that they found a tractor trailer with over 200,000,000 1st class pieces of mail in it at Lindbergh Blvd? This mail was supposedly sitting there for weeks. How can this be? If I'm not mistaken,this isn't the first time this has happened.Who in management will be reprimanded for this? What kind of customer service is this? We as carriers are getting sick and tired of hearing that we are costing the postal service money and that most of the problems stem from the carrier craft. Management sends out these SWAT teams to offices to look for problems. God forbid they come to your office and find a single first class letter in your truck from the day before that you inadvertently left there. They surely will try to reprimand or even fire you! Yet day in and day out we have our utf and other cfs mail put back in the dps the following day because they don't have enough people to process the mail.This is intentionally delaying mail and it's done every day. How many times have we gotten circulars 1,2,3 weeks after the dates of sales? I find myself on a daily basis explaining to customers as to why their mail is arriving late or not at all. We have way too many chiefs and not enough indians in this outfit. In this day and age when everyone wants something by yesterday, we can't afford to let our incompetent management continue with this practice. What can we do as a union to call these culprits on the carpet and be held accountable. Our customers deserve better service than our management is allowing us to provide. They can send Metro videos out until the end of time stating that the customer satisfaction rating is high but that is simply not the case! I know the letter carriers in this union do the best they can each day so why can't we force upper management to do the same.They can make us jump through as many hoops as they want but that's just a distraction from what's going on at their end. Can we get management to stop justifying incompetent decisions on their part and start rectifying by holding themselves to the same standard as they do us? I hope we can but I doubt it.

Robert Markunas,
Folsom Post Office, Branch 725

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