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Hold on, I think I'm gonna cry!

Hey Doc, did you put in a good word for me dog?


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The Bala Inn

Shop Steward: Michael Kerins ................................................. Alternate Shop Steward: Eric K. Jackson

Just Breaking...Um
Bala Cynwyd, Pa. May 27, 2009

"My boss might be coming in!" That's the first words everyone heard on this day after walking throught the door. What is typically a relaxed "what's up man" was over taken by a look reminiscent of the look everyone had in the Tom Cruise movie when they were being invaded by aleins. Of course in the Bala office we "break em" everyday. You really have to have thick skin to work in any office of the Post Office. That's where the fun is. It's part of making chicken soup out of chicken Sh@#!

"What happened to the music on the intercom", everyone is overheard asking. "Mr. big" is coming. So let me get this straight, no talking, no music, no phone use, no farting, NO BREATHING!

So as the morning progresses, it's apparent that with no music, it's easier to hear the crazy conversations that go on the workroom floor of a typical post office. Just jokes of course. Or as we say, "just breaking em".

So after "Mr. Big" arrives and casts his veering eyes upon the office, you feel gusts of wind blow across your back and echoes of continuous instructions from the OIC. No, the door was not open, the gust were created by the motion of the OIC walking from point to point. Yes it was fun. Because we knew that we do a great job daily and if anything someone should be coming here to give us an award. So, slowly we loosen up the OIC with our usual comments and I even shared a few with "Mr. Big".

Finally when "Mr. Big" left we got the report from the OIC that all went well (of course). And not only that, I believe his only reason for coming was to present the OIC with his Postmaster's plaque. But just like we at the Bala Cynwyd office, "Mr. Big" never frowns at a chance to "break em". This reporter only wishes that he had let the rest of us in on it.

Hey mr. OIC (excuse me, Postmaster), you know we love your accurate DOIS times, etc. But at Bala (like most other Post Offices) we just have to "break em"!


Eric K. Jackson



1. I knew you could do it. I raised you as if you were my own son. F them, you put them in their place.

Mike S

2. I only left because my feelings for you grew too strong. I am glad to see you have become the man that only I knew you were. Once I retire we can live our lives publicly as the couple that we are! Congrats!


3. Hey Doc, you bastard. How did you get the job I wanted at Morton. You know I'm twice the women that you are. Oh, I mean.............You know what I mean. F you, I'm not happy for you.


4. Hey Doc, you may be in Ray's head now, but remember, I'm always in his heart! P.s. My fingers are always manacured and clear coated


5. Dog, I was never more proud of you than when I saw you with that plaque in your long, thick, curvy fingers. Can I get off next week?


The Afformentioned acknowledgements are not true and only for entertainment only. The names used are not anyone in particular but just to make a comedic thought.


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