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The FoodDrive was Saturday, May 10th 2008. Many thanks to all who participated. Your dedication is phenominal!

Primtime vacation week of 08/25/08

  • Martin Ferris
  • Diane McGuire
  • Dan Broderick

Primtime vacation week of 09/1/08

  • Marriane Nic
  • Nic Marchesani
  • Diane McGuire

Primtime vacation week of 09/08/08

  • Dave Nolty
  • Nic Marchesani
  • Eric Jackson

Primtime vacation week of 09/15/08

  • Richard Davis

Primtime vacation week of 11/24/08

  • Bill Bottinger
  • Marriane Nic
  • Hector Carrasco
  • Steven Morgan

Primtime vacation week of 12/1/08

  • Marriane Nic
  • Steven Morgan

Primtime vacation week of 12/22/08

  • Bob Miller Jr.
  • Diane McGuire
  • Bob W.

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Carrier rotating calendars are being ordered by the branch. The following people have ordered them so far:
  • Mike Kerins
  • Ray Milanese
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The cost is $4.00 each. You will receive them after the branch fulfils their order of 550 calandars. They go fast, so please let me know if you want one.










The Haverford Inn

Shop Steward: Eric K. Jackson


I will be using this space to communicate with you guys. But since I'm not there, I will need you to be my eyes and ears. Ideally, we still want someone from your office to rise up and become shop steward. It is a great advantage having someone on site. But until then, we will do the best with what we have. Again, any concerns, please ask management for union time and call me on the clock. It is your RIGHT! Any emergency, I will gladly accept a call on my cell @ 609-636-7484. please leave your name when you call. All the best.

At this time of year attendance and DOISbecome big issues. So I'd like explain how I will address them to management or anyone from the union's perspective;


The contract is the contract. By that I mean I will enforce the contract to protect your right to use your sick leave. No carrier should be intimidated into coming to work.

Article 10 LEAVE addresses this. Sick Leave: Article 10, Section 5 provides for the continuation of the sick leave program, whose detailed regulations are contained in ELM Section 513. Section 513.1 defines sick leave as leave which "insures employees against loss of pay if they are incapacitated for the performance of duties because of illness, injury, pregnancy and confinement, and medical (including dental or optical) examination or treatment."

ELM Section 513.65 provides, "If an employee becomes ill while on annual leave and the employee has a sick leave balance, the absence may be charged to sick leave."

Medical certification.ELM Section 513.361 establishes three rules:

  • a. For absences of more than three days an employee must submit"medical documentation or other acceptable evidence" in support of an application for sick leave ("three days" means three scheduled workdays; see Step 4 H1N-5B-C 3428, November 3, 1983, M-00489); and

  • b. For absences of three days or less a supervisor may accept an employee's application for sick leave without requiring verification of the employee's illness (unless the employee has been placed in restricted leave status, in which case verification is required for every absence related to illness reguardless of the number of days involved); however

  • c. For absences of three days or less a supervisor may require an employee to submit documentation of the employee's illness "when the supervisor deems documentation desirable for the protection of the interests of the Postal Service."

My theory to everyone (including management) is that with the increase in pivoting and forced overtime (brought on by management decisions), carriers will become more exhausted, injured on duty and prone to illness because our resistance to germs will be lowered.

So please protect your body (an mind) by using ALL the benefits of the contract that your Union Leaders fought so hard to attain.

As far as DOIS? The Union does not recognize DOIS as the sole measure of a carriers performance For more on DOIS...Click on "I Hate DOIS". Enough said. They have correct your action in the office if you are doing something wrong.

It is management's obligation to provide you with a reasonable schedule (reguarding pivoting). It is our responsibility to notify management when we feel we are unable to complete our assignment or won't be able to complete our assignment

Finally, we all talk and observe each other in our office. That's normal, but let's not let them divide us. Because in the end, that will conquer us!

Family First!


Eric K. Jackson
Shop Steward

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