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Who’s paying attention?

By Rhonda Massari, Vice President, Branch 725


March 30, 2011
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BROOMALL, PA. - Letter Carriers were told over and over and over again. Pay attention. The election of 2010 is so important. Pay attention. National and local Leaders of the NALC repeatedly sounded the alarm of the potential ramifications if the right people don't get elected to Congress. Unfortunately, we are now feeling the effects of that election and things are only going to get worse. In far too many cases, the right people did not get elected.
The middle class is under attack from the Republican Party. There is a concerted effort to take away collective bargaining rights of hard working middle class workers. Their goal is to break the Unions. Do you know Why? The Answer is simple…... Republicans =Corporate America
Democrats=UNIONS Hard working middle class families Corporate America has the Republican Party in their pocket and the only thing between them and their agenda is the Democrats. Democrats are largely supported by Unions and their members. Collectively, Union member contributions support those who support working family issues. If the Republican Party is successful in breaking the Unions, then they will be successful in doing away with the competition and then there will be nothing to stand in their way.

So now I say again, PAY ATTENTION!!!!

Look what is happening in Wisconsin, Ohio and Indiana. Collective Bargaining rights are being stripped away from middle class workers. There is anti-worker legislation pending in many other states where the rights of hard working Americans are being attacked.

PAY ATTENTION!!!! Please do not sit there and say to yourself, that this can't happen to us because it is happening right now as we speak.
Senator John McCain(R AZ) introduced legislation to increase postal workers contribution to Health Care Premiums. If this bill should pass, our collective bargaining rights could be stripped away just as easily as those in the private sector.
Rep. Darrell Issa (R CA) is the Ranking Chairman of the House Oversight and Gov't Reform committee. This committee has jurisdiction over the US Postal Service. He has called for full hearings on Thurs March 31, 2011. These hearings are about the pay and benefits of Postal Workers. PAY ATTENTION!!! If all of this doesn't scare you then you are not paying attention.

Representative Patrick Meehan(R PA) sits on this committee. The NALC has sent out the message and has once again requested that the members of the NALC mobilize by calling our Rep. to let him know the truth about our pay and benefits and the reasons behind the Postal Service’s current financial situation. They ask that you call in conjunction with the We Are One mobilization this weekend April 1-4. A NALC fact sheet is available to help you convey your message to the congressman. This fact sheet can be downloaded from Keep checking this website for more info. It only takes a phone call……Please do not take this lightly. Take an active part in this fight.

The job you save may be your own.

In Solidarity, Rhonda Massari