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The Hidden Heart Attack Trigger!
Source: Bottom Line Health

Obesity, High cholesterol, High blood pressure. Everyone knows these are some of the risks factors for a heart attack. But did you know that fully half of all heart attack victims have absolutelyNO advance warning symptoms? That's right. The firstheart disease symptom they experience is the actual heart attack!

And did you know there's a little-known risk factor that doesn't even show up on ANY of the traditional tests? That's right. It doesn't show up on any blood test. You can't detect it with a stethoscope or EKG. And it doesn't show up on any high-tech medical scans, either.

So what is the hidden heart attack trigger? Simplythis:

Several university studies have found that people who interupt conversations are at greater risk for heart problems. In fact,one study at Duke University found that people who interupt are up to 7 times more likely to get heart disease!

Why is this so? The researchers theorize that people who interupt are excessively competitive and controlling--2 hallmarks of the worst "Type A" personalities.

Now here's the amazing part: These high-risk people can lower their risk without totally altering their personalities...and without any drugs, execise or dietary changes. All they have to do is practice being good listeners.

In one study, the test subjects focused on being silent while others talked.

Result: They lowered both their blood pressure and their stress hormone levels!

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