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    Region 12 Rap session

    This year's Rap Session will be held from February 22, 2009 to February 24, 2009 at the Trump hotel in Atlantic City, NJ.

    Registration should be made by calling Trump Plaza at (609) 441-6000 or online at Trump

    Anyone wishing to attend should make their own registrations. The rate for the rooms are $70 plus taxes. The budget committee will determine how much will be allocated for each person attending. You will get the info here as I get it!
    The Pennsylvania State Convention

    This year's State Convention will be held from September 24, 2009 to September 26, 2009 in Scranton, Pa.
    Members hoping to attend these events should put in your leave slips now so that the branch will be able to better make our reservation plans. Please sign up for these events at our general meetings or call the union office.


    Pennsylvania Act 20 of 2008
    Persian Gulf Conflict Veterans Benefit Program

    The Pennsylvania Department of military and Veterans Affairs (DMVA) is accepting applications for the Persian Gulf Conflict Veterans Benefit Program. Any person who served in the U.S. Armed Forces, Reserve component of the Pennsylvania National Guard in the Persian Gulf Conflict during the period of August 31,1991 may be eligible. The program allows compensation to be paid to eligible service members as well as certain surviving relatives of deceased veterans.
    The deadline for applying is August 31, 2015. Details of this program are available on the DMVA website or by calling 1-866-458-9182.


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    This column gives you national news from the nalc and additional filler information so that you know where to go.

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    Five-day delivery not the best economic solution: President William H. Young has released a statement in response to media reports that Postmaster General Jack Potter is seeking to curtail the Postal Service to five-day delivery. "The continued appearance of letter carriers delivering the mail to the doorstep of every home and business and bank and credit card company six days a week is absolutely essential to economic recovery." In his statement, Young makes the case for an alternative economic solution: H.R. 22. Statement | H.R. 22

    Food Drive 2009: Preparations are already underway for the annual drive on Saturday, May 9. Also, the Postal Service has announced that its Priority Mail service will lead the way in supporting the drive this year. Its logo will be included on all food drive promotional literature. Bulletin

    Extension for finalizing adjustment packages: NALC Executive Vice President Fred Rolando has announced that the NALC and USPS have agreed to extend to February 20 the deadline for finalizing adjustment packages pursuant to the Interim Route Adjustment Process. The Memorandum of Understanding, Re: Interim Alternate Route Adjustment Process (M-1695) originally stated that all adjustment packages had to be finalized by January 16. This extension lets Joint Route Adjustment teams at the district and local levels continue working beyond the earlier, aggressive time limits.
    FEHBP belated Open Season permitted! OPM has mandated that federal agencies accept Open Season changes until January 31, 2009. You now have extra time to consider coming home to the NALC's Health Benefit Plan. More | HBP Site
    Layoff report is false:
    A news story that asserts the Postal Service is preparing to layoff 40,000 employees is false. In a press release, national USPS spokesman Gerald McKiernan said the story, originating from Shreveport, LA is not accurate. McKiernan also said 3,685 employees have accepted the voluntary early retirement (VERA) offer to reduce the USPS workforce. USPS press release

    2009 Health Plan rates, benefits announced: FEHBP Open Season runs November 10-December 8. NALC Health Benefit Plan Director Tim O'Malley encourages letter carriers to “come home” to the competitive premiums, quality benefits and outstanding customer service of our union-run plan—“We're your gold medal team." More

    Our branch president, Jim McCullough continues to send our members to appropriate training. With that training, our branch continues to be one of the most educated in the country. For any questions on the NALC Health Plan, contact Gerry at the union office! (610) 461-8333






    The President's Report

    by Jim McCullough



    This section of each page gives you a quick look at which articles you may want to look at. Starting with the Presidents messages. The words are bigger so that we don't have to squint to see the words.

    How the website was renewed
    The website was originally put up through the efforts of Dave Carfagno. It was very well done and a lot of the information that is on the site was posted then. The menu at the bottom of the page, the info page that contains most of our reference materials was posted as well as the congressional directory (which allows you to send an email to your congressman or senator)all was there.

    At some point Sean (the previous webmaster) became more busy and was not able to continue what we wanted. So President McCullough began asking to get the website back up and running for months at the executive board meetings. Finally, I said I could probably could do something with it.

    It is truely my pleasure to dissiminate information to my brothers and sisters. We all are in the information age now! Timeliness is critical for what we do. So I try to get information to our branch that is topical, relevant, and somewhat interesting. The only thing I take offense to is when someone says (kindly) ".....your website". Because it is not MY website. It is OUR website. The purpose of the site is to be interactive. I will post any purposeful information (provided that it meets our criteria). We will not post any negative comments about other union members or things that will reflect negatively upon our branch. The Best Time op Check In

    I try to update the site nightly. Typically, I am updating from 7:30 P.M. to 11:30 P.M. To get the "latest", check in at the time that is best for you! I scour the internet to get anything that might be of interest to you. I have so much more to build this "monster" to the point where I want it, it could take infinity to get finished. You should see where I'm going though. I've been consistent in my changes and try to build through priority. As you are carriers from every level of interests, I try and satisfy those thirsts for information. I ask for your patience as I am only as proud carrier like yourselves.


    The Executive board is working hard to improve your website. More information, more articles, more pictures and more fun. So come back to check out the additions, typos...etc. To submit articles, pictures, etc. send them to the Webmaster. All entries are subject to content review. The timeliness of postings is not guaranteed.

    Thank you!