Glenolden / Folsom Post Office

January 31, 2019

Last Punch Bunch - Paul (Marty) Schmitt, Glenolden Office

Andy Kearney - Director Of Retirees

Today Marty Schmitt joined the Last Punch Bunch.  We wish him a long and happy retirement.

March 30, 2017

Dave Williams Retirement - Glenolden /  Folsom Office

Andy Kearney, Webmaster

Today Trustee Bill Mellon had the pleasure of giving Dave Williams his retirement watch.  I had the pleasure of working with the man for over 25 years.  He is an old school Mailman who
was a fabric of the community he served.  He treated his customers like they were family and friends.  We used to kid him that he was the Mayor of Milmont Park.  Always shaking hands
and joking with his customers.   He has a huge heart and his customers will miss his smile and kind gentle nature.   It was good to see his family this morning to see him honored and
anyone that knows him like I do doesn't have to ask what he is looking forward to most in his retirement.  It is spending more time with them.  His family is the center of his Universe and I
know they feel the same about him.  There is a lesson for all you newer Carriers to learn here.  It isn't just delivering the mail that makes us who we are.  It is the level of service with which  
we do it.  Sometimes the Postal Service forgets about that second word in it's name.  But, service is what our customers like most about us.   Dave delivered that every day.  Good luck
and best wishes in your retirement old buddy.

June 3, 2016

Ray Johnson Retirement - Folsom / Glenolden

Ray Johnson of the Folsom/Glenolden Post Office has joined the coveted “ Last Punch Bunch”!  Today, June 3, 2016 was the last day that Ray will walk through those swinging doors.  
After 48 years of serving his customers with pride and dedication, Ray can now enjoy his retirement from a job well done.  Please join me in wishing Ray a very long,  happy and healthy
retirement.  Ray you will be missed. Congratulation!