November 29, 2018

Awards Springfield / Lansdowne Office

Barbara Kearney - Springfield Office  Shop Steward, Branch 725 Trustee

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Congratulations to Springfield / Lansdowne Carrier Mike Fynes for becoming our latest member of the Million Mile Club.  This prestigious award was presentend by OIC John
McKnight and acting District
Manager Jennifer Vo.  The Postal Service also awarded Carriers with Service Pins and Certificates.  

35 Years
Marty Mills

30 Years
Al Campanile, Kenny Vetter & Mike Fynes

25 Years
Barb Kearney

20 Years
Joe Desiderio
Larry Levy
Tony Cantini
Walter Abele
Betty Stewart

Congrats to everyone for their hard work and determination to making the USPS a success.

Lansdowne / Springfield Office  Mike Fynes Million Mile Award

Springfield / Lansdowne Post Office

April 27, 2018

Branch 725 Newsletter

Newest Last Punch Member - Lou Dellarcipete, Springfield - Lansdowne Office

Barbara Kearney - Branch Trustee and Springfield Shop Stewart

Congrats and good luck to Lou Dell on his retirement from the Postal Service.  We will miss you and the Postal Service will miss your experience and dedication to your customers.  
We hope you stay in touch
and see you at some of the Branch functions.  Even if it  is just to brag about not having to deal with Management anymore and how much your golf is improving.

January 29, 2020

Brother and Sister Join Last Punch Bunch Together

Barb Kearney and her brother Ed Reardon both decided to retire today.  Congrats to both of you.

February 6, 2020

Retirement - Springfield / Lansdowne Office

I would like to congratulate our newest member of the last punch bunch our very own trustee Barb Kearney. Barb congratulations and thank you for all of your work and dedication as
shop steward for the past several years. Please enjoy your retirement and stay healthy. And don't think this retirement in any way is getting you out of working the retire luncheon.
Just kidding.

Thanks Les