Tri-County Post Office

October 5, 2018

Tri-County celebrates the Million Mile Club yet again!!

Wayne carrier Barry Patterson received the coveted award along with Paoli carrier Joe Recchilongo.
Congratulations to both. You’re commitment to safety is an inspiration to all of us!

Pictured from left Joe Recchilongo( Paoli )Barry Patterson(Wayne)

October 4, 2018


Steve Curry - Tri-County Steward

Rich Pepper retires after 30 years as a letter carrier in Wayne  

June 28, 2018

Million Mile Awards - Tri-County Office

Joseph P. Varallo - Wayne Carrier

It doesn't happen too often; but every once in a while the Postal Service recognizes accomplishments by it's employees.  Take for example this award that myself and fellow
Carriers (L to R Steve Lawrence
from King Of Prussia, Steve Curry from Wayne, Kevin Cullen from King Of Prussia, and myself) received for achieving the million mile club; not to be confused with the million
mile high club (just kidding), it's an
award for basically driving 30 years without any chargeable accidents and they, the Postal Service, equate this to a million miles driven.  I should also mention that two other
are not present; but also received
the award.  They are Joe Rechilongo fron Paoli and Barry Patterson from Wayne.

Congratulations to all of us!

June 6, 2018

Newest Last Punch Bunch Member - Villanova

Steve Curry - Steward

Last day for our girl Karen  Bissell from Villanova Pa. with our President Rhonda. Enjoy your well deserved retirement

April 6, 2018

Retirement Wayne Post Office - Paul Kincade

Andrew Kearney - Webmaster

Wayne Shop Steward Steve Curry - Paul Kincade - And President Rhonda Massari

Congrats to our Branch's newest member to the final punch club.  Paul Kincade of the Wayne Office out of Southeastern.   It was a long road and we all know it was not well
paved.  Hope you will stay in touch
and join us at the Retiree's luncheons .   Many retirees used to come back and visit their old friends and coworkers at their offices.  Grab a cup of coffee and talk to all their old
friends and share some stories
with them.  That is not a good idea anymore. The Retiree Luncheon is a relaxed place and time for us to sit back and talk about all the funny and bad times we experienced  
with Carriers that are also retired and
with some that come just to hear those stories from those who are still working.  They love to hear them and just see how you are doing.  With all the changes the Postal
Service has done to our Craft the one
thing they can't change  is how much we care about each other.  Our Retiree Luncheons allow us to keep in touch, get a good meal and have a little fun.  The Retirees also get
updated on issues they may not be
aware of but are important in order to help them enjoy the retirement they worked so hard for.   I hope you feel the same Paul and will join us to have a few laughs and let our
hair down without fear of someone
watching your every move.  We promise you will enjoy it and come back again.  I am not retired yet but will be in a few years and it is great to talk to some people I used to
work with and share personal moments
with them.

June 7, 2019

2019 Scholarship Award Winner

Congratulations to Micheal Millett Jr., the recipient of the 2019 NALC Branch 725 Scholarship Award!!  
Michael is the son of Letter Carrier Michael Millett Sr. of the Wayne/Tri-County Station. Michael  is attending
West Chester University in the fall. Please join me in Congratulating Michael for his outstanding
achievements and in wishing him great success in the future. We are certain that he will continue to make
us all proud. Go out Mike, and conquer the world, The NALC stands strong
along side you. ��‍GO RAMS!!!

January 30, 2020

Retirement - Villanova

Steve Curry - Shop Steward

Congratulations To Chris Kelly on his retirement from the Villanova Post Office 34 yrs of service.  Good luck in your new found freedom