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Decide if this is a traumatic injury (an injury which occurs due to external force, as a result of one action or a series of actions during one day /shift) or an Occupational illness (an injury which occurs over a period of time.. Carpal tunnel/repetitive motion injuries fall under this category). The rules are similar but some of the rights are different and must be understood clearly.

Traumatic Injury

Report the injury to your supervisor at the time it occurs.

Request form CA-1, complete it, check the box for COP (continuation of pay) and turn it in to your supervisor.

Get a copy of your CA-1 on the spot.

If you need medical treatment, request to see your own physician. You have the right to be seen by a physician of your choice. Contact your physician and request to be seen immediately. If you are denied this right, contact the shop steward or Union hall at once! Management may tell you you must be seen by their contract physician first how- ever, this is not entirely correct. Excluding emergencies management may not take you to their contract physician if doing so interferes with your right to see your own doctor. (Animal bites and eye injuries are always considered emergencies)

Management is not authorized to accompany you to your doctor in non emergency situations.

Management is required to provide you with a CA-16 form within 4 hrs of the report of injury, preferably before you go to the doctors. Form CA-16 authorizes the physician to see you and treat you for this injury.

Along with this form, management should provide form CA-17 which will let your doctor know that limited duty is available in case you cannot return to normal duties.

Keep copies of all medical notes, forms and medical appointments as well as your mileage to and from such appointments.

If you are placed off work by your physician complete form 3971 with the dates in question, sign the form, mark the box COP, copy the form, give the original to your supervisor.

Occupational Injuries

If you believe you are suffering from an occupational injury, you should first see your doctor and check it out. Does your doctor think-

A) You have an injury?

B) It is caused or aggravated by your employment?
You cannot file for an occupational injury until you know you have one so it is always best to confer with your Physician.

If the doctor believes you are suffering from an occupational illness/injury, first find out if your physician is willing to handle a Federal Workers Comp case. Many offices and HMO's do not want to bother.

If the answers to the above are all yes, request form CA-2 from your supervisor. Read the instruction page, then fill the form. Turn it in to your supervisor but get a copy first and your receipt,

At this time call the Union hall and we will send you a copy of the medical report format your doctor will need to follow for successful adjudication to your claim.

Keep copies of all forms, notes, reports etc.

One major difference between form CA-1 and form CA-2: injuries, There is no COP paid for occupational Illness. If you cannot work even limited, you will have to use your own leave (sick or annual) until your case is adjudicated !

There are many things to know regarding workplace injuries. There is no way to print all your rights. Most cases vary but there are basic things you can do to help yourself and us resolve your claim as quickly as possible.

The Union will assist members to get the job done right the first time but you must give us that chance! Call us if you get hurt or if you believe you are suffering from an on the job injury.