Postal Articles

April 4, 2020
Coronavirus In Colorado: Postal Worker Accuses USPS Of Negligence
Some express concerns over Hartsville SC post office's COVID-19 precautions
Postal workers keep working amid pandemic, take extra precautions
Postal Workers and COVID-19: A Dispatch from the Front Lines
Manhattan letter carrier passes away
USPS uses plastic to protect postal workers
Postal workers mixing DIY sanitizer and buying gloves online
Reeling Postal Service Faces Coronavirus Financial Headwinds
NAPS Works to Secure Hazard Pay for Frontline Postal Employees and Emergency Appropriations
Postal union fears Pontiac mail center may be a 'hot spot' for spreading coronavirus
Update from UPMA National President

April 3, 2020
USPS Media Statement 4/02/20 – COVID-19
PMG Brennan salutes employees for continued service
Coronavirus Update: Some Postal Service Disrupted Due To The Pandemic
4 Postal Workers In Baltimore Area Test Positive For Coronavirus
Mail groups call for 5¢ postal rate reduction
OIG: U.S. Postal Inspection Service Forensic Laboratory Services
Employees speak out about conditions at Dundalk MD Post Office after employee tests positive
Wyoming PO installs improvised counter to ceiling barrier
Postal employees ask you to wipe mail slots, leave them open
NALC: USPS consolidated casing: The good, the bad and the ugly, part 2 (PDF)
Thousands of Federal Employees Have Contracted Coronavirus
Gothamist: "The Mail Just Stopped"
Ravn suspends air service, including mail deliveries, to most rural Alaska communities
Mail delivery slows to every other day in Farmington Hills amid coronavirus pandemic

April 2, 2020
‘I think we should be shut down’: DC postal employee says he purchased own supplies to protect against

Mail Handlers Union announces death of Detroit NDC mail handler Anthony Smith due to COVID-19
New mural unveiled at Barnesville OH Post Office
Postal workers adapt to a changing world
TSP funds take much expected downturn in March
Mailman leaves $2,200 tip to help employees feeling coronavirus impact
How coronavirus could be the 'final straw' for the USPS
USPS reports postal employees’ deaths from coronavirus, ‘not immune’ to financial downturn
Europe split over handling of postal services while in lockdown
USPS and the Families First Coronavirus Response Act
U.S. Postal Service truck crash with street sweeper kills man
"The Mail Just Stopped": Coronavirus Staffing Shortages And Budget Gaps Push Postal Service To Brink Of

Postal Service: Public faces 'low' risk after Montgomery, AL worker tests positive for coronavirus
OIG Audit: Have You Been Affected by Delayed Mail at the Milwaukee Processing & Distribution Center?

April 1, 2020
April Fool's Day
Congressman Joe Neguse Introduces Legislation to Protect Front Line Postal Workers and Ensure On-Time
Mail delivery suspended at Naperville condominium complexes with no explanation
How post offices are handling the coronavirus online shopping boom
‘There is no social distancing going on’: Ridgewood NYC post office struggles to deliver mail during COVID-19

Bernie Sanders Launches Inquiry into Postal Worker Protections Against Coronavirus | Letter to PMG (PDF) |
Petition cited in letter
Video explains new procedures for carriers
Hazard Pay Lawsuit Filed, Labor Disputes Erupt Over COVID-19 Safety

March 31, 2020
Amazon fires worker who organized strike over coronavirus response
Only 9 out of 61 employees working at a Manhattan post office
Longmeadow MA mail carrier bringing smiles to residents
Bel Air postal worker gives neighborhood kids chalk, neighborhood responds by giving her hand sanitizer
and other gifts
Postal workers among those on the front lines | Postal workers step up in our time of crisis
Mail delivery is safe in Aspen and elsewhere, USPS says
UK Postal Workers Demand End To Daily Deliveries In Bid To Protect Staff From Coronavirus
Postal Employee Suspended After Hatch Act Violation
IRS: Economic impact payments: What you need to know
NPMHU: Postal Service Updates Criteria for Return to Work for Employees with Confirmed Case of COVID-19,
Supervisors and Management Guidance

The Postal Service is providing employees and contractors with an “essential service provider letter” they
can show to law enforcement officers in case they’re stopped and questioned during the coronavirus

Disinfect Your Mailboxes To Stop COVID-19 Spread, Canada Post Union Says
USPS confirms Fairfield, CT employee tests positive for COVID-19
Postal service employee at Hanover Township facility tests positive for COVID-19

March 30, 2020
Postal worker in Northeast Philadelphia tests positive for COVID-19
McHugh: USPS Shows Its Value
NYC's rich are paying limo drivers to deliver their mail to their Hamptons beach houses
USPS employee at Cleveland P&DC tests positive
USPS warns it might have to shutter by June as $2 trillion coronavirus stimulus package provides no funding
Hackers Sending Malicious USB Drives & Teddies Via Postal Service: FBI
Trump Killed Postal Relief
OIG: Looking Overseas for Ideas to Preserve Rural Post Offices
Trump faces pushback for coronavirus postcard prominently displaying his name
About 2,000 U.S. postal workers nationwide are in quarantine over coronavirus concerns, union says
UK letter carrier dons fancy dress to 'lift spirits'
USPS Extends Hold-Mail Period for Closed Businesses
Tornado strikes Jonesboro post office, tears off frame of postal truck and tosses it a block away |  Video |

March 29, 2020
Postal service forced to keep working despite shortages of cash and protection
Postal Workers Say Letter Carriers Are Calling Out Sick in NYC
We're lucky to have jobs, but at what cost? | I'm worried, but no one's freaking out
Plastic shower curtains being placed at some clerk windows
U.S. Postal Service Board of Governors to Meet April 1
The U.S. Postal Service Gets $10 Billion In the Stimulus Act. It Needs The Help
Postal employees install new mailboxes for tornado survivors

March 28, 2020
Congressman says Trump personally objected to any assistance for US Postal Service in virus bill
Postal worker shot, wounded while delivering mail in Chicago
Downtown Santa Fe post office closed after worker contracts coronavirus
Union Leaders Concerned After Two Postal Workers Test Positive for COVID-19
USPS seeks to hire retired employees, temporary workers as coronavirus takes toll on workplace
DFW: Postal Worker at Coppell P&DC Tests Positive for Coronavirus
USPS modifies procedures for carriers
While the US Postal Service fights for its life financially, 2,000 of its workers are in quarantine and dozens
have tested positive for the coronavirus
Congress, Not Coronavirus, Deserves Blame for Postal Service Woes
This is how USPS, package delivery staff are dealing with COVID-19

March 27, 2020
In the fine print of the $2 trillion economic rescue package Postal Service gets special loan help
What the $2T coronavirus stimulus means for federal employees, retirees and contractors
New Jersey lawmakers call for more protections for postal workers during pandemic
Letter Carriers’ Stamp Out Hunger® Food Drive Postponed
Statement by NALC President Fredric Rolando: The Postal Service is vital in this crisis
Bronx letter carrier passes away from coronavirus
What’s in the Coronavirus Bill for the USPS? Not much…
Wentzville MO Post Office employee tests positive for COVID-19
Bristol CT postal worker tests positive for COVID-19
Postal Service Workers Concerned for their Health Amid COVID-19 Crisis
The Postal Service Is Breaking Down
After NY man dies from COVID, USPS tells family to move mail box to curbside
Postal Workers Increasingly Concerned the Agency Isn't Protecting Them From Coronavirus
USPS Creates COVID-19 Response Command
DOL Sues Postal Service Over Firing of Injured Whistleblower
NPMHU: March 27, 2020 USPS Mandatory Stand-up Talks Issued
Royal Mail may reduce postal services as more staff take sick leave
U.S. Postal Service Board of Governors to Meet April 1
OIG: Just the Facts, Please

March 26, 2020
What USPS Got Under The $2T Stimulus Package
Give thanks to postal workers during the coronavirus pandemic
NPMHU and USPS Enter Memorandum of Understanding Re: Temporary Exception Period – COVID-19
UPMA: Temporary Exception for Level 18 Postmasters Performing Bargaining Unit Work
Statement from NALC President Rolando on the COVID-19 pandemic
OIG: Maintaining Rural Retail Networks: Best Practices Abroad and Implications for the U.S. Postal Service
OIG Audit: How Can Use of GPS Improve Management of Transportation Routes for Highway Contract Routes?
Employee at USPS facility in North Syracuse tests positive for COVID-19
No help for USPS in COVID legislation?
Sylvania postal worker tests positive for coronavirus
Two Oregon postal workers test positive for coronavirus
Tyler TX Main Post Office employee tests positive for coronavirus
PRC Releases 2019 Annual Compliance Determination (PDF)
The Postal Service's Surprising Role in Surviving Doomsday

March 25, 2020
AFL-CIO Executive Council's Statement on COVID-19 Pandemic
OLMS advisory on LM filings
UK postal workers in plea for limit to non-essential deliveries
How (Not) to Retire During a Pandemic
Maloney and Connolly Urge Senate to Pass Emergency Funding for Postal Service Facing Bankruptcy
Canada Post to reduce hours, install clear barriers in response to COVID-19
Lexington: COVID-19 Assistance to the Postal Service: Three Things to Know
After 33 years, postal worker takes long walk into retirement
'We're not going anywhere': A mail carrier reflects on the impact of coronavirus
Postal workers hoping for community donations to meet sanitizing needs
Post offices stay open, take safety measures in light of COVID-19
Georgia postal worker hits 60-year-old woman with truck
Postal workers say they lack supplies, training to protect themselves from coronavirus
Macon carrier receives heartwarming note on toilet paper
USPS needs 1,000 workers in the Bay Area to keep up with delivery demands
USPS Paychecks Notice - Employees Encouraged to Use Direct Deposit
New USPS Stand-up Talk Clarifies "Lockdown" and "Shelter-in-Place" Restrictions
USPS restrictions for shipping sanitizers, wipes
UPMA: The US Postal Service will temporarily modify the eligible conditions for sick leave dependent care by
non-bargaining employees

March 24, 2020
U.S. Postal Service employee in Pa. has coronavirus: ‘Risk is low’
Unions fight for bus drivers, postal workers and other essential workers to be classified as 'first responders'
Voting by Mail Would Reduce Coronavirus Transmission but It Has Other Risks
OIG: Management Structure at the Postal Service
House panel warns coronavirus could destroy Postal Service by June
You’ve Got Mail. Will You Get the Coronavirus?
New Hampshire mail truck goes up in flames
November could turn into 'election by mail' due to coronavirus
Virus can linger on some surfaces up to 17 days (cardboard no more than 24 hours)
Pelosi counterproposal includes $20 billion for U.S. Postal Service and forgives USPS debt
USPS Issues Statement on the MOU on Liberal Changes of Schedule and Leave
POSTAL DISTANCING: A Letter Carrier's Plea
Maintenance worker at Hamilton mail center that survived anthrax attacks positive for COVID-19
Employee at USPS distribution center in Bethlehem Township tests positive for coronavirus
Updated USPS Statement on Coronavirus
COVID-19 command - New group to lead USPS response
Letter carriers refused to enter a Brooklyn post office Friday after a supervisor tested positive for
coronavirus, according to a union official
US Postal Service closely monitoring coronavirus
Postal Service, UPS, FedEx and Amazon Look to Protect Customers, Employees

March 23, 2020
Neither Rain, Nor Sleet, Nor...Coronavirus; Mail Delivery Continues
Mail vendors face challenges as Election Day becomes a moving target
USPS employee at Louisville P&DC tests positive
Commercial Flights Won’t Stop Operating Completely—Here’s Why
The million-mile mailman: 50 years and going strong
NYT: As Postal Workers Fall Sick, Colleagues Keep Working. And Worrying.

March 22, 2020
Amazon France stops 'non-priority' delivery
‘Terrified’ Package Delivery Employees Are Going to Work Sick
Postal Workers' Coronavirus Blog - Day 6 (Is a district hiding two positive diagnoses from postal employees?)
The forgotten first responder in this crisis is the delivery driver
Postal carriers appeal to pet owners to distance their dogs
Beachwood, OH mail carrier tests positive for COVID-19
Black Button Distilling delivers hand sanitizer to USPS

March 21, 2020
Rep. Connolly, postal unions back USPS coronavirus stimulus funding to maintain ‘essential service’
As deliveries soar, UPS drivers say company's coronavirus precautions may not keep them or customers safe
Brooklyn Postal Workers Avoid Post Office Over Coronavirus
Metro Detroit postal workers concerned about safety conditions (Same complaints found elsewhere,
including in Dallas, to include close working conditions and no cleaning of facilities.)
Hold My Mail, Please!
Coronavirus in Colorado: USPS Hiring as Thousands File Unemployment Claims
Postal Workers' Coronavirus Blog - Day 5
Mail voting could secure the November election. But can election officials make it happen in time?
USPS official says no cases of COVID-19 among Oklahoma City postal workers despite employee fears
USPS says watch out for coronavirus scams
Here’s what the Postal Service, UPS, FedEx and Amazon are doing to protect customers, employees amid
coronavirus crisis
USPS Briefs the NPMHU on Coronavirus COVID-19
Coronavirus can live on surfaces for days. But it can't travel through the mail, experts say

March 20, 2020
Postal Service employees can sign up to receive informational alerts from the organization during
emergencies, including the coronavirus pandemic
OIG: First-Line Supervisor Resources
OIG: U.S. Postal Inspection Service Handling of Suspected Marijuana Packages
Federal Employees and Union Dues
Oklahoma: Possible issues with mail delivery due to alleged staffing shortage amid COVID-19
Mandatory stand up talk for city carriers on new signature capture procedures
Attention All Rural Carriers: Special Provisions and Instructions for Handling Signature Capture Items During
the COVID-19 Crisis
California governor issues statewide order to 'stay at home' effective Thursday evening
USPS is an essential service in regards to shelter-in-place orders
Postal Service gave me a form to sign - and handed me a pen
USPS temporarily closes two Salt Lake post offices after earthquake
PMG Brennan allows more USPS execs to work from home
Concerns over possible COVID-19 case at Albany NY USPS distribution center
Mail Handler Union President confirms 13 postal workers have tested positive for COVID-19

March 19, 2020
Your TSP in the tank: Now what?
New White House Guidance Says Agencies Should ‘Minimize Face-to-Face Interactions’
Statement From NALC President Rolando on the COVID-19 Pandemic (PDF)
Postal Unions: Stimulus Proposals to Support the USPS (PDF)
NPMHU: New Memorandum Establishes Expanded Sick Leave for Dependent Care During COVID-19
Additional Paid Leave for Mail Handler Assistants
APWU Signs Leave Adjustments With USPS
Nearly 6,000 missing packages: East Bay mailman gets probation for hoarding mail
Letter Carriers Say the Postal Service Pressured Them to Deliver Mail Despite Coronavirus Symptoms
Postal Workers' Coronavirus Blog - Day 3
Coronavirus Diaries: I’m an Amazon Worker Handling All Those Toilet Paper Shipments
An Amazon Warehouse Employee Has the Coronavirus
Coronavirus angst: Amazon drivers get 1 wipe to clean vans
Postal Unions Urge Leadership to Support the Postal Service
PMG thanks employees for service during pandemic
NRLCA and USPS sign MOU on Temporary Expanded Use of Sick Leave for Dependent Care During COVID-19
We are with you a message from LutherSales
NPMHU: USPS Issues Guidance on Social Gatherings

March 18, 2020
St. Louis Woman Sentenced for Aiding in the Robbery of the Richmond Heights Post Office
COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update: NAPS Recommends NAPS Activities be Rescheduled
NPMHU: AFL-CIO Urges Senate to Protect Workers During Pandemic
The Postal Workers Strike, 50 Years Later
Updated USPS Statement on Coronavirus
A Raleigh postal worker tested positive for COVID-19
Costco acquires Innovel Solutions, "Final Mile" deliverer for big and bulky items
Senior community misses mail delivery over the coronavirus
Amazon to suspend non-essential shipments to UK and US warehouses
Search for Next Postmaster General Continues
Two years in prison for postal worker who aided robbery of Missouri post office
West Virginia postal worker charged with stealing mail
USPS: No Evidence COVID-19 is Spread Through Mail

March 17, 2020
St. Patrick's Day
Coronavirus crisis forces states to prioritize mail-in ballots
Amazon’s warehouse workers fear coronavirus spread after European workers test positive for covid-19
USPS Statement on Coronavirus
USPS urges supervisors to grant ‘liberal sick leave’ during coronavirus pandemic
NALC: Coronavirus precautions
Members of Congress demand more action to protect federal workers
OIG: Funding for the Future
Amazon will hire more workers and raise pay as delivery orders surge
Update: After two employees test positive for coronavirus in White Plains, Postal Service issues assurance
mail is safe
Crash involving postal truck in Henrico VA
The Military Can Reinforce The Postal System if COVID-19 Causes Delivery Disruptions
Federal Employees Worry Their Agencies Aren't Keeping Them Safe from Coronavirus
US tells older people to stay home (Should USPS allow special leave considerations for older postal
San Francisco issues shelter-in-place order | Mail delivery to continue
Mail services including USPS and FedEx will continue delivering despite coronavirus
Postal Workers' Coronavirus Blog - Day 1

March 16, 2020
OPM asks federal health insurance providers to make adjustments to prepare for coronavirus
How a Mailman Still Carries On During Coronavirus
Amazon warns of delivery delays, running out of items
USPS is encouraging employees to use videoconferencing and teleconferencing in place of travel when
USPS: Blue, LiteBlue pages to keep workers informed
No, it's not likely you'll catch COVID-19 from your mail
Royal Mail announces changes to delivery practices due to virus concerns
NZ Post couriers stop taking signatures to avoid spread

March 15, 2020
2 White Plains USPS employees test positive for coronavirus
'Temporary national lockdown' being considered to combat coronavirus  |  Post Office remains open in Italy
despite nationwide shutdown
Czech Post to Help the State by Delivering Food
USPS keeping normal operations during the coronavirus pandemic

March 14, 2020
Post offices, banks, water: How the coronavirus is affecting essential services across the region
Suspicious package turns out to be coronavirus hoax
Mail carrier in viral dog chase video calls for increased awareness of postal worker safety
Elderly customer who fell gets help from letter carrier
Royal Mail: Changes to doorstep parcel deliveries to minimize coronavirus risk
London postal workers take strike action over coronavirus concerns
After much community outcry, USPS held its first public meeting for its controversial Oak Creek mail facility
Former Secretary-Treasurer of NALC Branch 536 indicted for embezzlement of union funds in the amount of

March 13, 2020
Environmental Cleaning and Disinfection Recommendations
StoryCorps: A Postal Worker Who Loved His Job Also Found 'Dignity' In Strike
Trump nominates two transportation executives to USPS board of governors
USPS seeks definition of its universal service obligation
Cremated remains update from USPS
Coronavirus could normalize voting by mail. That will create other problems
Kari Wiskow retires after 35 years as mail carrier
How Europe Travel Restrictions May Impact Major Shippers
USPS Will Stick To Stamps
Archives: USPS plan to deliver antibiotics to residences in an emergency
Does the USPS have a plan for mass absenteeism due to the coronavirus?

March 12, 2020
Agencies scramble to protect feds from coronavirus; Concern about the Bureau of Prisons' response to
APWU Announces Contract Arbitration Award
Trump nominates Donald Lee Moak to be a member of the USPS Board of Governors  |  Lee Moak
Mail Handler sentenced for stealing almost 150 Express Scripts packages
Trucker awarded nearly $900K after Lawrenceburg IN post office fall
UPS Board Appoints Carol Tome As CEO; David Abney To Be Executive Chairman
The Man Behind the Plan to Remake FedEx
St. Louis Mail Handler Sentenced for Stealing Opioids From Mail
Blue Cross Loosens Some Policies in FEHB Due to Coronavirus
Visions for the Future of USPS are Aligned in Some Ways, Contradictory in Others
U.S. senators seek to ban federal employees from using TikTok on their phones

March 11, 2020
Postal Banking Is Unlikely to Improve USPS Finances: GAO
Bronx residents in Belmont want post office to clean up
Kansas APWU president pleads guilty to concealing records
Hawthorne residents say postal mail now completely unreliable
USPS provides update on shipments to Italy
Coronavirus update - PMG delivers message to employees
Springfield MA Man Pleads Guilty to Damaging a Postal Vehicle and Stealing Mail
Trump nominates former pilots union president Donald Lee Moak to USPS Board of Governors
Expanding USPS Nonpostal Products and Services Could Result in Benefits, but May Have Limited Viability
USPS Service Alert Regarding COVID-19

March 10, 2020
Nine post office burglaries in seven months: Are they the work of the same suspect?
Post Office offers $25k reward after armed robbery of letter carrier
USPS preps for coronavirus with updated pandemic flu plan
USPS introduces cremated remains container for animals
USPS OIG Audit Report: Options to Reduce Unfunded Retirement Liabilities
Multiple mailbox break-ins in North Austin
Postal worker suspended after harassing his boss
NY Hazmat Team Called for Pet Urine Neutralizer at Post Office
A look at an early 1900s rural mail carrier's experiences
OIG: Accuracy of Surface Visibility Scans and Reporting

March 9, 2020
Postal Service has activated its pandemic flu preparedness plan
Mail bonding: Is the postal service the future of voting?
Lafayette residents deliver post office opinions
OIG to USPS: Improve Scanning Practices
USPS district manager responds to Herald editorial about issues in North Dakota
NPMHU Joins AFL-CIO Coronavirus Task Force
OIG: Scanning Issues Persist

March 8, 2020
NY State Police respond to serious crash involving a postal delivery vehicle
Former Acting IG Indicted for Stealing Federal Employees' Personal Data (including USPS)
Coronavirus: Calls to Protect Federal Employees Ramping Up
Federal Agencies Prepare for Coronavirus Disruptions

March 7, 2020
Oklahoma Postal Worker Sentenced to Jail Time for Embezzling Postal Funds and Making False Records
Mailman goes above and beyond in wake of tornado
USPS Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic Policy – March 6, 2020
Representatives Connolly and Bost Introduce Postal Supervisors and Managers Fairness Act
House passes smaller USPS reform bill to eliminate pre-funding benefits

March 6, 2020
Sealed with a kiss: Morton mail carrier takes final step - retirement after 40 years
Former Kansas APWU official pleads guilty to financial improprieties
USPS isolates section of Southern Maine processing center due to mercury spill
The Outside Collection Box At The Cantonment Post Office Was Broken For Months. We Asked Why. They
Fixed It Before Answering.
Dearborn Postal Annex in Taylor honors carriers with 30 years of safe driving experience
Undelivered packages from West Miami-Dade USPS office causes concern
Postal Service refuses to pay for repairs after mail carrier fleeing dogs leaps on truck
Driver charged in crash that killed U.S. postal worker

March 5, 2020
Oregon postal worker who stole mail sentenced to prison
Union: New USPS sorting initiative at Maine plant slows postal delivery
Battle lines forming over setting of U.S. stamp prices
Postal trucks were parking illegally. So Jersey City started ticketing the postmaster
Amazon tells Seattle HQ employees to work at home due to coronavirus
USPS OIG Audit: Mail Delivery and Customer Service Operations at the Chatsworth Post Office
Man arraigned on charges in postal worker's fiery death
USPS Contractor Purchases Propane Delivery Trucks
Bloomberg, Sanders and Warren want to use post offices as banks
Former Kansas Postal Workers Union President Pleads Guilty to One Count of Failure to Maintain Records

March 4, 2020
Omaha Rural Carrier Convicted of Theft of Mail by a Postal Employee
Mysterious mailboxes appear in California neighborhood
Safety Issues Again Cited at Postal Facilities
Aspen postmaster leaves for USPS position elsewhere
NY postmaster who admitted stealing from USPS charged with defrauding her current employer
Arlington Heights residents are fed up with lost and late mail
Muskegon postal worker sentenced for 'thoughtless, stupid' mail thefts
Major shipping companies taking precautions to avoid spreading coronavirus through mail service
USPS to handle historic census mailing
Golfer Arnold Palmer honored with Forever stamp
Senators Make Bipartisan Push to Better Protect Feds From Synthetic Opioids

March 3, 2020
UPS worker who threatened mass shooting had arsenal, 20,000 rounds of ammo
West Virginia letter carrier sentenced to prison in marijuana distribution scheme
What takes Asheville snail mail so long to be delivered?
Groton MA Postmaster Pleads Guilty To Stealing Postal Funds
Omaha Rural Carrier Convicted of Theft of Mail by a Postal Employee
Ex-OSHA employee gets probation, ordered to pay restitution for fabricating worksite inspections in Nebraska
- including four in Lincoln at the U.S. Postal Service
Bruyneel: I hit rock bottom after US Postal scandal

March 2, 2020
TSP Returns Plummet Amid Coronavirus Worries
USPS fixes broken mail equipment in Florida neighborhood after TV station gets involved
US Postmaster General Reduces Work Hours to Cut Costs
APWU provides updated Coronavirus COVID-19 guidance/information
Woman, two men kidnapped USPS mail carrier over suspected stolen package
Postmaster General Reduces Work Hours to Cut Costs
Washington's new mailbox damage policy delivers in first winter
NPMHU: Coronavirus- Flu Response and Prevention - Mandatory Stand-Up Talk
Navistar to start work on new order of postal trucks in Springfield
OIG: No Letting Up
The Time the U.S. Used a Nuclear Missile to Deliver Mail

March 1, 2020
Seattle NDC postal worker tests positive for coronavirus
The Sky is Falling! Time to Sell Your TSP Stock Funds?
Kentucky postal wotker charged with misappropriation of funds
USPS employee in Washington state tests positive for coronavirus  |  Federal Way USPS employee tests
positive |  Woman in her 50s had recently traveled to South Korea


February 12, 2020

What reporters and commentators are
writing and saying about the Postal Service,
and how NALC members and leaders are
making their voices heard.

What the Post Office’s Earnings Mean for
FedEx and UPS

President Rolando was quoted on Feb. 7 by
Barron’s, the nation’s leading financial
magazine, on the latest USPS quarterly

Click here to read article

POSTAL FACTS: February 12, 2020

POSTAL FACTS: January 22, 2020

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Statement from NALC President Fredric V. Rolando on the COVID-19 pandemic

4.03.2020 -
NALC reports: President Rolando has issued his latest statement to letter carriers covering several evolving
issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Manhattan letter carrier passes way

4.03.2020 -
NALC reports: 63-year-old letter carrier Frank Leong, a member of Branch 36 in New York City, passed away recently
from complications related to COVID-19.

USPS reports postal employees' deaths from coronavirus, 'not immune' to financial downturn

4.01.2020 -
Federal News Network reports: "With the Postal Service now tracking the deaths of its employees from the
coronavirus pandemic, in addition to a growing list of those who have tested positive for the virus, the agency is doing
everything it can to continue normal operations -- even in the most extraordinary circumstances. The USPS Board of
Governors held a moment of silence Wednesday for postal employees who have died of complications from COVID-19, the
illness caused by the current strain of the virus."

Letter Carriers’ Stamp Out Hunger® Food Drive Postponed

3.27.2020 -
NALC reports: The 28th annual Letter Carriers’ Stamp Out Hunger® Food Drive, scheduled for May 9, 2020, has been

What's in the $2 Trillion Senate Deal (for the Postal Service)?

3.26.2020 -
WSJ reports: "The financially strained U.S. Postal Service is getting a $10 billion Treasury loan to help the mail
carrier during the pandemic. The Postal Service is only allowed by law to raise its net debt by $3 billion a year, so the bill
loosens that restriction. But it does come with some strings attached. Mainly, the Postal Service can only use the financing for
operating expenses and not to pay down outstanding debt. The bill also requires the Postal Service to prioritize medical
shipments and allows temporary delivery points to protect workers and recipients of mail." -
Bill lets the US Post Office take a
page from Amazon's delivery playbook

Statement by NALC President Fredric Rolando: The Postal Service is vital in this crisis

3.26.2020 -
NALC reports: In a major public health crisis like the one we face today, the Postal Service is essential and
deserves fair relief

Bronx letter carrier passes away from coronavirus

3.26.2020 -
NALC reports: NALC is deeply saddened to learn that 50-year-old letter carrier Rakkhon Kim passed away

Statement from NALC President Fredric V. Rolando on the COVID-19 pandemic

3.25.2020 -
NALC reports: President Rolando has a statement to letter carriers covering many of the evolving issues related to
the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to contacting your shop steward, branch officer or NBA, NALC has a new resource for
members to ask pandemic questions.

AFL-CIO Executive Council's Statement on COVID-19 Pandemic

3.25.2020 -
NALC reports: “Working People's Demands in the Face of the COVID-19 Pandemic”

OLMS advisory on LM filings

3.25.2020 -
NALC reports: The Department of Labor’s Office of Labor-Management Standards (OLMS) has issued an advisory
regarding the reporting requirements concerning LM filings.

With Dozens of Confirmed Coronavirus Cases, USPS Launches New Measures to Protect Employees

3.23.2020 -
GovExec reports: "As more than three-dozen U.S. Postal Service employees have tested positive for the novel
coronavirus, the agency is taking new steps to protect employees who remain concerned they do not have the proper
resources to stay safe. USPS has struck memoranda of understanding with its employees' labor unions, which give non-career
workers access to 80 hours of paid leave, enable individuals to take leave if they are vulnerable to COVID-19 or to care for
loved ones, and allow some groups of employees to work remotely."

NPMHU: 13 Postal Employees Have COVID-19

3.20.2020 -
NPMHU reports: "There are currently 13 postal workers who are confirmed to be COVID-19 positive. NPMHU
representatives have been meeting on a regular basis with their counterparts to discuss the Postal Service's response to the
outbreak of the virus. Postal management has stated that they will follow the guidance of the "health experts" such as CDC
and HHS."

3.19.2002 -
NALC reports: President Rolando sends letters to branch and state presidents granting dispensation
Dispensation Letters

Statement from NALC President Fredric V. Rolando on the COVID-19 pandemic

3.18.2002 -
NALC reports: President Fredric V. Rolando has issued a statement to letter carriers covering many issues related
to the COVID-19 pandemic.

NALC and USPS agree to two new MOUs on leave during the COVID-19 pandemic

3.18.2002 -
NALC reports: Today, NALC and USPS agreed to two new MOUs expanding leave for letter carriers during the COVID-
19 pandemic.

NALC Bulletin: Coronavirus precautions

3.14.2002 -
NALC reports: Make sure you do your part to limit the spread of COVID-19 by understanding precautions you can
take. This information is based on guidelines issued by the CDC.

NY: Two White Plains USPS Employees Test Positive for Coronavirus

3.14.2020 -
News 12 Westchester reports: "Many employees within the facility (Westchester P&DC) say they are concerned for
their health and safety and are not looking forward to returning. "People have families to go home to," says USPS maintenance
mechanic Harold Brown. "We have kids. We have elderly people that we're around, young people and it's not right." -
Mandatory Stand-Up Talk

APWU Has a New Contract

3.12.2020 -
APWU reports: Three annual general wage increases totaling 3.4% over the life of the Agreement:

- 1.3% effective November 24, 2018 (Retroactive)
- 1.1% effective November 23, 2019 (Retroactive)
- 1% effective November 21, 2020

Cost-of-Living Adjustments (COLA)

- $624 or $.30/hour COLA will be applied retroactive to August 31, 2019
- $166 or $.08/hour COLA will be applied retroactive to February 29, 2020
- Future COLAs will be applied in September 2020, March 2021 and September 2021
- COLAs to date add $790 annually or $0.38 per hour to base pay.

Full Award (PDF) - Dimondstein Video

New date set for dinner to celebrate 50th anniversary of the Great Postal Strike

3.11.2020 -
NALC reports: NALC has rescheduled the dinner to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Great Postal Strike

USPS preps for coronavirus with updated pandemic flu plan

3.09.2020 -
Federal News Network reports: "If coronavirus hits a local community, USPS urges facility medical personnel,
working with installation heads or attendance control officers, to monitor sick leave for "observable trends that may indicate a
COVID-19 outbreak among postal employees. Personnel who arrive at work obviously ill, or who become ill at work with COVID-
19 type symptoms should be released from work," the memo states." -
NALC postpones dinner celebrating 50th anniversary of
the Great Postal Strike - APWU meets with USPS - Coronavirus Pandemic Policy - Postal Service Pandemic Influenza Plan (PDF)

Dinner to celebrate 50th anniversary of the Great Postal Strike postponed

3.09.2020 -
NALC reports: NALC has postponed the dinner to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Great Postal Strike
scheduled for March 21

Turnover high among non-career USPS, dissatisfaction with supervisors cited

2.26.2020 -
FedWeek reports: "Those employees who left in 2019 had worked just 81 days for USPS on average, it added. The
main reasons they cited in exit surveys were inflexible schedules, dislike of supervisors, and the physical demands of the
work. Working too many or too few hours also was cited."

NALC and USPS have mutually agreed to postpone a national-level grievance

2.21.2020 -
NALC reports: A national-level grievance regarding the delay in implementing Arbitrator Goldberg’s Award in Case
No. Q15C-4Q-C 17697250 will be postponed

The NALC Veterans Guide is now available

2.20.2020 -
NALC reports: NALC created the NALC Veterans Group to provide access to information and tools specific to
veterans’ rights and benefits within the Postal Service.

Trump 2021 Budget Proposes $97B USPS Savings Package, Including Pay and Service Cuts

2.11.2020 -
GovExec reports: "The White House included in its fiscal 2021 budget proposal all of the recommendations made by
a task force President Trump created in 2018 to put USPS on a better course, saying the reforms would save the mailing
agency from an existential threat. Absent changes, the administration estimated the agency would lose $7 billion this year and
$8 billion per year through 2030."

Statement by President Rolando on the Postal Service's 2020 Quarter 1 financial report

2.07.2020 -
NALC reports: The Postal Service’s financial report for the first quarter of fiscal 2020 underlines the need for
congressional action on common-sense legislative reform.

USPS Reports 1st Quarter Fiscal 2020 Results

2.07.2020 -
USPS reports: "The net loss for the quarter totaled $748 million, a decrease in net loss of $789 million, compared to
a net loss of $1.5 billion for the same quarter last year. Controllable loss for the quarter was $387 million, compared to a
controllable loss of $103 million for the same quarter last year."

USPS Fairness Act passes House

2.5.2020 -
NALC reports: Today, the House of Representatives passed the USPS Fairness Act (H.R. 2382) in a 309 to 106 vote. As
letter carriers know, this bipartisan bill seeks to end the mandate for the Postal Service to prefund retiree health care
decades in advance.

The Postal Record magazine is now available as a digital flipbook and an audiobook

2.5.2020 -
NALC reports: NALC's monthly magazine, The Postal Record, is now available in a viewable and downloadable
flipbook on the NALC website.

Nolan selected as neutral arbitrator

2.5.2020 -
NALC reports: A neutral arbitrator has been selected

Resources on CCA to PTF Conversion

1.31.2020 -
NALC reports: CAU has compiled a number of helpful links

Mail Handlers, USPS Reach Tentative Contract Agreement

1.23.2020 -
NPMHU reports: "The 2019 National Agreement will cover a period of three years, and will expire at midnight on
September 20, 2022. All career Mail Handlers will receive four general wage increases during the term: the first, retroactively
effective to November 23, 2019, will be 1.1%; the second, effective on November 21, 2020, will be 1.0%; the third, effective on
November 20, 2021, will be 1.0%; and the fourth, called a special pay adjustment, also effective on November 20, 2021, will be

CCAs With 30 Months Will Be Converted to Career Status

1.23.2020 -
NALC reports: "NALC and USPS have settled a national-level grievance regarding non-compliance with the
contractual caps on the employment of City Carrier Assistants (CCAs). This settlement provides that all city carrier assistants in
any size office with 30 months of relative standing on February 15, 2020, will be converted to career status within 60 days from
the signing of the agreement on January 22, 2020."

USPS Overstated Savings of Workforce Shift While Turnover Increased

1.22.2020 -
FedWeek reports: "The Postal Service over-stated savings from shifting to lower-paid and less tenured employees
and reducing services, and did not account for some side effects such as increased turnover, the GAO has said. Meanwhile,
that report said, clerk and mail handler overtime nearly doubled, and the number of grievances rose by 6 percent per year on
average over that period."

USPS Releases Five-Year Business Plan

1.16.2020 -
Federal News Network reports: "In an effort to course-correct from more than a decade of net financial losses, the
Postal Service on Wednesday released its long-awaited five year-business plan. The sweeping document comes nearly eight
months after Postmaster General Megan Brennan told members of the House Oversight and Reform Committee that she and
the USPS Board of Governors would release a 10-year business plan to address a $125 billion shortfall the agency expects to
face over that period."
GovExec: Changes alone will not save the USPS - Lexington Institute Analysis - Broad in scope and
vision, brimming with business management keywords, but short on actual substance or specifics:
Five-Year Strategic Plan

REPORT: Puerto Rico Postal Employees Working Under Dire Conditions After Earthquake

1.12.2020 - reports: " has received a report from a USPS employee in Puerto Rico about damage
and unsafe working conditions following the magnitude 6.4 earthquake on January 7th, 2020."

White House Tasks Agencies With Getting Injured Feds Back on the Job Faster

1.11.2020 -
GovExec reports: "All agencies, including the U.S. Postal Service, will face a requirement to improve or maintain
performance in a series of areas, including total injury and case rates, time lost due to injury and sickness, and filing claims in
a timely manner. Agencies will have to increase the rate of employees who return to work within 45 days after traumatic
injuries and ensure employees get back on the job more quickly in cases of moderate-to-severe injury or illness."

Houston letter carrier shot on his route

1.9.2020 -
NALC reports: NALC is saddened to learn that letter carrier Adrian Jackson, a member of Branch 283 in Houston,
Texas, was shot multiple times on his route December 28.

PMG Brennan to Delay Planned Jan. 31 Retirement From USPS

1.6.2020 -
Linn's reports: "Postmaster General Megan Brennan has agreed to delay her planned Jan. 31 retirement to give the
United States Postal Service additional time to seek her replacement. Postal Service spokesman David Partenheimer said in a
Jan. 6 press release: "The Postmaster General's new retirement date has not been determined. An announcement will be
made at a later date." -
Could indicate USPS is looking for someone outside the organization

USPS Could Privatize As Early As Next Year

12.27.2019 -
Fortune reports: "The new leadership will be handpicked and approved by the Board of Governors: a group of
five men, three of whom were appointed by Trump. Once the new leadership is in place, the board will also be tasked by the
Trump administration with creating a package of large, structural changes intended to help the ailing Postal Service. Those
changes will likely include privatizing and selling pieces of the public service off, according to the APWU."
PRC publishes revised notice of proposed rulemaking

12.5.2019 -
NALC reports: In early December, the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) issued a revised proposed rulemaking
for the system that regulates the rates and classes of the Postal Service’s Market Dominant products.
Senate Introduces Companion Repeal Bill, House Bill Reaches Critical Mass

12.3.2019 -
NALC reports: Sens. Steve Daines (R-MT) and Brian Schatz (D-HI) introduced the USPS Fairness Act (S. 2965), a bill
to repeal the mandate to prefund postal retiree health benefits. The bill is identical to House legislation.

Consolidated Casing Leads to Portland Protest
(Includes Customer and Carrier Statements)

12.01.2019 - reports: Close to fifty residents of North Portland's 97217 zip code area rallied outside the Kenton
Post Office today to protest their erratic, unreliable and haphazard mail delivery. Since late September, North Portland's mail
delivery has been a mess. Mail is arriving days late, in the dark, to the wrong address, and with constantly changing letter
carriers. A "PILOT" project, called "Consolidated Casing," has been forced on residents and businesses in the zip code." -
Community members rally against USPS test program

Penalty Overtime Exclusion Period

11.27.2019 -
NALC reports: Information for 2019

Update on Contract Negotiations

11.22.2019 -
NALC reports: Update on the 2019 contract negotiations

Postal Service records $8.8 billion loss for fiscal 2019
Farewell Bonus for PMG

11.14.2019 - reports: "The United States Postal Service's board of governors convened Nov. 14 with a quorum of
presidentially appointed members for the first time since 2014. "It's a milestone for us," said board chairman Robert M.
Duncan, who noted that a "temporary emergency" board had been overseeing the USPS. But the board's first public meeting
produced little to cheer about because the USPS disclosed it recorded a staggering $8.8 billion loss in the 2019 fiscal year
ended Sept. 30."
...but sales are growing - Losses double from last year - USPS statement - NALC

Statement of NALC President Fred Rolando On USPS Financial Results for FY 2019

11.14.2019 -
NALC reports: The large loss posted by the U.S. Postal Service in Fiscal Year 2019 ($8.8 billion) is largely the result
of external factors, not the normal operations of

Decision in Pay Consolidation Case

11.6.2019 -
NALC reports: The arbitrator rejected NALC’s position that this change meant that employees from other crafts in
grades equivalent to the former City Carrier Grade 1 could no longer be excessed into the letter carrier craft under Article 12
of the National Agreement.

Case Consolidation Lawsuit Dismissed

11.6.2019 -
NALC reports: U.S. District Judge James E. Boasberg concluded that the court lacked jurisdiction to issue the
preliminary injunction that NALC requested, which would have halted the Initiative pending the outcome of the national-level

Six carriers honored as NALC's Heroes of the Year

11.1.2019 -
NALC reports: Letter carriers who saved people from car accidents or home fires, helped rescue a teenager who
had been abused for months by her captors, or turned a personal tragedy into a campaign to help others, were among those
honored on Oct. 30.

Branch Officers Training set for Jan. 27-30 in Washington, DC

10.23.2019 -
NALC reports: NALC Secretary-Treasurer Nicole Rhine has announced that Branch Officers Training will be held
January 27-30, 2019 in Washington, DC.

Post Office Fiddles While Its Mail Trucks Burn

10.21.2019 - reports: "Mail trucks are burning at an alarming rate, and the only people who seem to think it's a
problem are the letter carriers who must drive the aging vehicles. Twenty-six of the U.S. Postal Service's aging Grumman LLV
delivery trucks have caught fire so far this year. That makes 145 since 2014. If the mail truck were a vehicle model that
consumers purchased from a dealer, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration would have long ago launched an
investigation and issued a recall."

NALC mourns passing of Rep. Elijah Cummings

10.17.2019 -
NALC reports: The National Association of Letter Carriers sends its heartfelt condolences to the family, friends,
and colleagues of Rep. Elijah Cummings of Baltimore, following his death today.

Former Region 7 National Business Agent Eugene “Gene” McNulty died

10.17.2019 -
NALC reports: McNulty served as NBA from 1979 to 1994.

USPS Announces Retirement of PMG Brennan

10.16.2019 -
USPS reports: "As Postmaster General, Brennan advanced technology and customer-centric strategies to invest in
the future of the Postal Service and to shape growth opportunities for the organization and the industries it serves. These
strategies encompassed better use of data and technology, improved speed-to-market of product and service innovations,
continuously improved processes throughout the organization, and fully engaged and leveraged the talents of the
organization's 635,000-employee workforce." -
Postmaster general who was target of Trump's ire announces retirement - Linns.

PMG Brennan announces retirement

10.16.2019 -
NALC reports: NALC congratulates Postmaster General Brennan on her retirement.

The printed version of the 2019 Letter Carrier Resource Guide is now available to order

10.9.2019 -
NALC reports: The 2019 Letter Carrier Resource Guide, a comprehensive guide for every letter carrier, combines,
updates, and replaces the 2016 City Carrier Assistant Resource Guide and the 2014 Letter Carrier’s Guide.

How a Broken Pay System Forced Postal Supervisors to Take USPS to Court

9.30.2019 -
GovExec reports: "NAPS went to court because the Postal Service has violated the law's requirement that it pay
managers and supervisors a salary comparable to the pay of their private sector counterparts and that it pay them more than
the workers they supervise. These managers and supervisors help to assure the prompt and efficient delivery of mail and the
reliability of postal operations."

Update on NALC’s Case Consolidation Lawsuit

9.25.2019 -
NALC reports: U.S. District Court Judge James E. Boasberg heard arguments today

UPU endorses compromise to let US set prices for incoming foreign mail

9.25.2019 -
Linn's Stamp News reports: "The day after the Universal Postal Union rejected a Trump administration plan for
dealing with a flood of mostly Chinese packages, it overwhelmingly endorsed a compromise plan that will allow the United
States -- not the UPU -- to set the prices for incoming foreign mail. "This is a big deal," declared Peter Navarro, who led
President Trump's assault on the current international mail system." -
NYT: US will remain in treaty after emergency talks

U.S. to remain in the Universal Postal Union

9.25.2019 -
NALC reports: Delegates to a Special Congress of the Universal Postal Union (UPU) reached an agreement on

UPU endorses compromise to let US set prices for incoming foreign mail

9.25.2019 -
Linn's Stamp News reports: "The day after the Universal Postal Union rejected a Trump administration plan for
dealing with a flood of mostly Chinese packages, it overwhelmingly endorsed a compromise plan that will allow the United
States -- not the UPU -- to set the prices for incoming foreign mail. "This is a big deal," declared Peter Navarro, who led
President Trump's assault on the current international mail system." -
NYT: US will remain in treaty after emergency talks

Yet Another Impasse at the Postal Service as Two More Labor Contracts Expire

9.23.2019 -
GovExec reports: "USPS and the National Postal Mail Handlers Union have agreed to extend talks, though the union
said the number of tentative agreements the two sides have so far reached is "relatively limited." The National Association of
Letter Carriers, meanwhile, declared an impasse in its talks."

NALC reaches impasse with the Postal Service in negotiations for a new collective-bargaining agreement

9.20.2019 -
NALC reports: On Sept. 20, 2019, negotiations for a new collective-bargaining agreement between NALC and USPS
came to an impasse. The current collective-bargaining agreement remains in force pending final resolution of the parties’
collective-bargaining dispute.

NALC responds to Tropical Storm Imelda

9.20.2019 -
NALC reports: To our brothers and sisters in the impacted areas that have been affected by Tropical Storm Imelda,
we need your help to make sure that we are notified of the needs of our membership in this area.

NALC and the labor movement fight for human rights

9.18.2019 -
NALC reports: The Solidarity Without Borders initiative will bring labor leaders from around the country to the
border to shine a light on the plight of families seeking asylum or facing deportation and to bring attention to the conditions in
U.S. detention facilities.

Court Rules Postal Service's Largest-Ever Price Increase is Illegal

9.13.2019 -
GovExec reports: "The five-cent increase -- a 10% jump -- was the largest-ever hike for a stamp and the largest by
percentage since 1995. The court, in an opinion written by Circuit Judge Neomi Rao, a Trump appointee who formerly worked
in the White House as director of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, called the hike "remarkable" and lacking in
justification." -
Will prices now drop? - DC Circuit grants postal watchdog's challenge to PRC's approval of rate hike

Letter carrier Mary Granados killed in Odessa, Texas

9.1.2019 -
NALC reports: "We are deeply saddened by the senseless murder of Odessa, TX Branch 3964 letter carrier Mary
Granados," NALC President Fredric Rolando said.

NALC Files Lawsuit on Consolidated Casing Initiative

8.29.2019 -
NALC reports: "NALC today filed a lawsuit against the Postal Service in the federal district court in Washington D.C.
The suit asks the court to issue an injunction stopping the Postal Service from continuing its Consolidated Casing Initiative
until NALC's pending national level grievance is resolved. The grievance over consolidated casing is presently scheduled for
arbitration in December. Further developments will be reported as they occur." -
Shake-Up Alarms Union of Mail Carriers:
Extreme exhaustion, physical pain and mental stress

NALC responds to Hurricane Dorian

8.29.2019 -
NALC reports: We need your help to make sure that we are notified of the needs of our membership

Connecticut letter carrier killed on his route

8.23.2019 -
NALC reports: NALC is deeply saddened to learn that 59-year-old letter carrier Daniel Nacin was killed in a car
accident on his route

USPS Fairness Act reaches bipartisan majority

8.17.2019 -
NALC reports: H.R. 2382 passes 218 co-sponsors, but more work needed to reach 290

NALC Legislative Action Center unveiled

8.15.2019 -
NALC reports: NALC launched the Legislative Action Center today

Rap Session held in Denver

8.13.2019 -
NALC reports: President Rolando led the national Rap Session, Aug. 9-11 in Denver

Seventh COLA set at $624

8.13.2019 -
NALC reports: The seventh contract COLA was finalized at $624

USPS Loses $2.3B in 3rd Quarter Amid Newly Ominous Signs for Its Business

8.10.2019 -
GovExec reports: "It was the first quarterly volume decline for packages in nine years, USPS Chief Financial Office
Joe Corbett said. Companies like Amazon are increasingly establishing their own networks for last-mile delivery, damaging the
Postal Service's Parcel Select business." -
NALC Statement

Statement on Postal Service's 2019 Q3 Financial Report

8.09.2019 -
NALC reports: Statement by President Rolando on the Postal Service's 2019 Quarter 3 financial report

NRLCA-USPS National Agreement Has Been RATIFIED

8.07.2019 -
USPS reports: "Highlights of the agreement include annual general wage increases, a reduction in the employer
share of health premiums, additional operational flexibility to use rural carrier associates, and enhanced health benefits for
eligible non-career rural carrier employees. In addition, the agreement includes a comprehensive memo of understanding on
the implementation of a rural carrier standards study." -

Postal Supervisors Sue for Better Pay

7.29.2019 -
GovExec reports: "The National Association of Postal Supervisors filed its lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for D.C.
on behalf of the 45,000 supervisors, managers, postmasters and technical specialists that make up its members. NAPS is
seeking pay increases that would be mostly retroactive, covering the period from 2016 through 2019." -
NAPS Files Lawsuit

Action needed: Tell your Representative to repeal pre-funding mandate today!

7.23.2019 -
NALC reports: Thousands of letter carriers and postal employees are joining together for a ‘Day of Action’

Letter Carriers’ Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive a resounding success

7.19.2019 -
NALC reports: The Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive, which took place on Saturday, May 11, collected 75.7 million
pounds of food—third-highest total in the drive’s 27 years.

Postal Service Floats Big Cuts to Employee Pay, Leave and Benefits
New postal workers would no longer earn a pension

7.02.2019 -
GovExec reports: "USPS included a hike to the employee contribution level for pensions in a first draft of a 10-year
business plan presented to lawmakers and stakeholders, according to multiple people who were briefed on it, as well as
phasing out pensions altogether for new hires in favor of a defined-contribution system only. The Postal Service is looking to
cut the amount of paid time off employees receive by merging annual and sick leave and pitched a popular proposal with
demonstrated bipartisan backing to require all postal retirees to enroll in Medicare as their primary insurance provider."

NALC, USPS formally open 2019 bargaining talks

6.26.2019 -
NALC reports: The leaders of the National Association of Letter Carriers and the United States Postal Service
formally opened negotiations for a new collective-bargaining agreement today.

Letter Carrier Resource Guide is available online

6.24.2019 -
NALC reports: The Letter Carrier Resource Guide combines the 2016 City Carrier Assistant Resource Guide and the
2014 Letter Carrier’s Guide into one new, improved, and updated publication. Valuable information for all letter carriers at
every stage of their career.

Louisiana letter carrier killed on his route

6.24.2019 -
NALC reports: NALC is deeply saddened to learn that letter carrier Antonio Williams, a Shreveport, LA Branch 197
member, was shot and killed while delivering his route on Saturday, June 22.

Mail Processing Overtime Audit Finds USPS Way Over Plan

6.22.2019 -
The USPS OIG reports: "Specifically, the Postal Service planned for about 18.5 million overtime workhours and
767,000 penalty overtime workhours for FY 2018. The actual overtime workhours used were 26.7 million (44 percent over plan)
and the actual penalty overtime workhours used were 1.7 million (126 percent over plan). This occurred, in part, due to
implementation of the F1 Scheduler at the beginning of FY 2018." -
5 billion less pieces, 5,000 less employees, overtime costs
up $257 million! - GovExec: After dramatic workforce reductions, Postal Service sees spike in overtime hours

Postal Service Wants to Slash Benefits for Postal Workers

6.18.2019 -
HuffPost reports: "The change to pension contributions would amount to a cut in take-home pay for hundreds of
thousands of workers, while saving the agency nearly $7 billion. The change in employee leave policy would combine vacation
with sick days, likely resulting in fewer overall days off for workers. That element is estimated to save the agency more than $5

House resolution supporting door delivery reaches majority of support

6.14.2019 -
NALC reports: A bipartisan majority of the House of Representatives has now cosponsored House Resolution 23,
which expresses the sense that the U.S. Postal Service should take all appropriate measures to ensure the continuation of
door delivery.

2020 NALC Leadership Academy Application period is open

6.12.2019 -
NALC reports: The application period for participation in the Leadership Academy in 2020 is now open. The
application period ends on Aug. 31, 2019.

NRLCA Reaches Tentative Agreement With USPS for Three-Year Contract

5.30.2019 -
NRLCA reports: The Tentative Agreement must be ratified by a majority of the voting membership of the NRLCA to
become effective. The contract includes a 4.2% total compensation increase for the term of the agreement

New Model Mail Truck Catches on Fire in Houston

5.26.2019 -
ABC 13 in Houston, Texas has reported: on a USPS mail truck catching fire in a southwest Houston neighborhood.
Correct us if we're wrong, but that appears to be a new model Dodge Promaster delivery vehicle burning in the video. The
Promaster vehicles have been rushed into service (ahead of a planned Next Generation Delivery Vehicle program) due (in
part) to hundreds of older model LLVs burning in the same fashion.

USPS Reports $2.1 Billion Loss for Second Quarter 2019

5.10.2019 -
USPS reports: "The net loss for the quarter totaled nearly $2.1 billion, an increase of $747 million, compared to a net
loss of $1.3 billion for the same quarter last year, however, the controllable loss for the quarter was $806 million, compared to
a controllable loss of $656 million for the same quarter last year." -
On track to lose $7 billion this year - Postal Woes Continue

Statement on Postal Service’s 2019 Q2 Financial Report

5.10.2019 - NALC reports: Statement by President Rolando on the Postal Service’s 2019 Quarter 2 financial report

Latest News and Updates

Branch Officers Training set for Cleveland, New Orleans

5.07.2019 -
NALC reports: NALC Secretary-Treasurer Nicole Rhine has announced that two Branch Officers Training seminars
will be held later this year. One session of Branch Officers Training is set for Aug. 26-29 in Cleveland, the other for Sept. 16-19
in New Orleans.

Thank a veteran

5.06.2019 -
NALC reports: United Mine Workers of America of America President Cecil Roberts Jr. sent a video message
encouraging NALC members and all Americans to take time to honor the men and women who served their country in the
Vietnam War.

House Committee Hearing on the Financial Condition of the Postal Service

4.30.2019 -
The House Committee on Oversight and Reform reports: "To conserve cash, the Postal Service has defaulted on
more than $40 billion in payments owed to pre-fund retiree health care expenses. However, the Postal Service's liquidity
continues to dwindle and it faces challenges with having enough cash on hand to conduct its essential mission of providing
universal mail service. For all of these reasons, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) has placed the Postal Service's
financial condition on its "high-risk list" since 2009."  -
USPS will be broke by 2024 without reform, PMG says,  - Post Office
Boss Ponders Cutting Mail Delivery to Five Days, Congress Balks - PMG Brennan Chastised by Congressman Meadows For Not
Delivering Business Plan (1:23 mark) - Meadows to Brennan: You've talked to the board of governors, the two of them...

Bipartisan legislation introduced to repeal USPS pre-funding mandate

4.30.2019 -
NALC reports: A bipartisan group of representatives introduced the USPS Fairness Act (H.R. 2382) which would
repeal the mandate that USPS “pre-fund” decades’ worth of health benefits for its future retirees.

NALC files two national level grievances

4.25.2019 -
NALC reports: NALC files two national level grievances on the consolidated casing initiative and USPS non-
compliance with CCA employment

New Mexico carrier killed on his route

4.24.2019 -
NALC reports: Letter carrier Jose Hernandez, an Albuquerque, NM Branch 504 member, was shot and killed on his
route Monday, April 22, after trying to defuse a dispute.

Misdiagnosis: A Review of the Report of the White House Task Force on the Postal Service

4.24.2019 -
NALC reports: NALC analyzes the faulty foundations of the Task Force’s findings, explains the unexamined
consequences of its recommendations and summarizes an alternative reform agenda that will position the Postal Service to
thrive in the 21st Century.

USPS Cuts 10K Positions After Five Years of Job Growth

4.23.2019 - reports: "The U.S. Postal Service shed 10,000 jobs in fiscal 2018, the first time in five years the
mailing agency posted a net reduction in jobs. USPS employed 634,000 people last fiscal year, according to a financial analysis
released by the Postal Regulatory Commission on Monday, its lowest total since fiscal 2015. While the cash-strapped agency
has trended toward a smaller workforce over the last two decades -- it has slashed 300,000 career workers since 1999 -- its
total number of employees has inched up each year since fiscal 2013."

PRC Releases Report on USPS Financial Condition

4.19.2019 - reports: "The Postal Service reported a net loss from operations of $2.1 billion in FY 2018. This loss
was largely due to the continual decline of Market Dominant volume and higher operating expenses, and is nearly $748 million
more than the $1.3 billion operating loss reported in FY 2017."

2018 NALC election results upheld by Department of Labor

4.19.2019 -
NALC reports: The Labor Department has advised that it has completed its investigation of the election complaints
and that the investigation did not provide a basis for any further action to set aside the results of the election. The election
results are now final.

CVS Health joins NALC Stamp Out Hunger® Food Drive as Sponsor

4.12.2019 -
NALC reports: CVS Health is the newest 2019 National Sponsor for the Stamp Out Hunger® Food Drive

APWU Enters Mediation

4.10.2019 -
APWU reports: "In our continuing efforts to get the contract the members deserve, the APWU invoked mediation on
April 3, 2019 - sending a letter to the Acting Director of the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service and to the Postal
Service. The Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service (FMCS) is a federal agency that provides public and private-sector
labor-management mediation, and by law it is responsible for facilitating the APWU's demand for mediation with the Postal

Customer and employee rights when USPS solicits customers to change the mode of mail delivery

3.27.2019 -
NALC reports: NALC is aware of an effort by the Postal Service in different parts of the country to convince
customers to agree to change their mode of mail delivery to cluster box or centralized delivery.

Join Team NALC Rolando for MDA

3.22.2019 -
NALC reports: Join President Rolando on May 18th for the MDA Muscle Walk

NALC responds to Flooding in Midwest

3.21.2019 -
NALC reports: To our brothers and sisters in the areas impacted by the Midwest Flooding, we need your help to
make sure that we are notified of the needs of our membership in your area.

Trump Proposes Cutting Postal Employees' Pay, Benefits in $100B Savings Package

3.18.2019 - reports: "President Trump has once again proposed a slew of changes to the operations of the U.S.
Postal Service and its employees' benefits, with the White House estimating the plan would save $98 billion over the next
decade. In addition to a renewed push for offering postal employees lower pay and benefits, Trump pushed changes proposed
by the task force he created last year. Those include raising prices for mail and packages not deemed "essential," reducing
delivery frequency, outsourcing some mail processing and licensing access to individuals' mailboxes." -
Federal Employees
Would Get Less Leave Under Trump's Budget

Trump's Postal Reform Proposals Met With Criticism From Lawmakers, USPS Management

3.13.2019 - reports: "President Trump's mandated report on overhauling the U.S. Postal Service drew a tepid
response from lawmakers on Tuesday, as the agency's own leadership rejected many of the key proposals. One key area of
disagreement between the administration's recommendations and lawmakers' vision for the agency surrounded the future of
collective bargaining at the mailing agency." -
AUDIO: Hearing on President's Postal Task Force Recommendations

Postal Service Contracts Surge to Nearly $16B in Fiscal 2018

3.08.2019 - Bloomberg Government reports: "The U.S. Postal Service's commercial spending grew to $15.9 billion in fiscal 2018
from $15 billion in fiscal 2017, Bloomberg Government's USPS Contracts Dashboard shows. That's an increase of nearly $1
billion and the highest amount since fiscal 2016, when Bloomberg Government first began publishing the agency data
received through a Freedom of Information Act request."

RI-399 Monetary Settlement Distribution

3.06.2019 -
APWU reports: "The Postal Service agreed that they would pay $14.5 million to each union (APWU and NPMHU) in
consideration of the withdrawal of national level disputes. The settlement agreement calls for the unions to each make their
own determination on how this money would be distributed. After consultation, much discussion, and agreement with the
Clerk Craft Director, the APWU has decided that the money will be distributed in equal amounts to clerk craft employees who
fall into two categories." -
NPMHU Update

Rap session to be held on Aug. 11 in Denver

2.27.2019 -
NALC reports: NALC is making arrangements for the 2019 national conference, or “rap session,” set for Aug. 9-11 at
the Hyatt Regency Denver at the Colorado Convention Center.

Part-time flexible (PTF) letter carriers Q-and-A

1.29.2019 -
NALC reports: Differences between PTF and CCA classifications.

The price of 'Forever' stamps just went up

1.28.2019 -
CNN reports: "It just got more expensive to send mail. The price of a "Forever" stamp has gone up a nickel -- to 55
cents. While not exorbitant, the price increase is part of the biggest price jump on stamps in the United States Postal Service
history. And it's a result of the pressure the agency is facing to dig itself out of a deep financial hole."

USPS expands Wounded Warriors Leave

1.09.2019 -
NALC reports: USPS recently updated the Wound Warriors Leave policy effective January 5, 2019. Eligible military
veterans will be credited with 104 hours of Wounded Warriors Leave each leave year going forward.

The FSS Slows, and the Red Ink Flows

1.06.2019 -
Dead Tree Edition reports: "For the third year in a row, productivity of the U.S. Postal Service's Flats Sequencing
System declined in 2018 - with no end in sight to the money-losing machines' troubles. Hourly throughputs declined 5% during
Fiscal Year 2018 and are 14% below where they were five years ago, the USPS reported recently in its Annual Compliance
Report. Leakage - the proportion of mail that was supposed to be run on FSS machines but wasn't - rose from 20.1% to 21.9%."